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Meet Lauren K. in New York City

I'm a British-born portrait and lifestyle photographer, and love nothing more than documenting life through my lens. I'm fortunate to live in a city where I work full time doing what I love and am constantly inspired by the people and energy surrounding me. My style is to always keep things natural and fuss-free, while using light to experiment in fun and unique ways. I'm then able to focus on my subject, tell their story, and above all, make sure they feel amazing and have the best time being in front of my camera. I've worked with amazing clients like Zanna Rassi, Sarah Seven, and Pret a Manger and my work has been featured in Refinery 29, Rolling Stone, and Mini Magazine.

Three Things

  1. I love to TRAVEL TRAVEL TRAVEL! I'm a big believer that seeing the world feeds and enriches the soul. I've backpacked and lived abroad through Europe, South East Asia, Australia, New Zealand and Canada, and I constantly have itchy feet to see more of the world. Next trips on the list are Japan, India, and Chile.
  2. When I'm not on the road, I love to hike and be outdoors for some peace and reflection while living in a big city. Rock climbing is also something I try and do frequently for a great workout and nature combo.
  3. I used to play lead guitar in a rock band during my late teens. We were called Cherry Hinton and that also led to 'Cherry' becoming my nickname amongst my friends. I like to think that we were good enough to be the next Foo Fighters, but alas, that dream didn't happen! 

Favourite Place to Shoot in New York City

It has to be DUMBO. It offers everything from city skyline views, amazing street art, and plenty of cobbled streets to get lost through. Nearby neighbourhoods like Park Slope are also great for lush, green parks and peaceful tree-lined streets.

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More Information

Pricing starts at $250 USD for a 30-minute vacation shoot

Lauren K travels between NYC and LA - please inquire for dates.

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Customer Love for Lauren K.

"Lauren was absolutely amazing to work with. This was our first time taking photos together professionally and we were worried about feeling awkward or uncomfortable. As soon as we met Lauren and started talking to her, we immediately felt at ease. She gave us great direction but also allowed us to do whatever felt natural for us. She was on time, professional, super sweet and clearly has a great eye. We got our photos back so quickly and we love them. Thank you so much, Lauren!" - Vanessa

"Lauren was so sweet and really made me feel comfortable during the shoot." - Delphine

"Lauren was incredibly warm, professional and a blast to work with. Not only did it feel like a close friend was shooting us (which put us at ease in front of the camera) but her eye for lighting, composition and detail made the whole process so smooth and enjoyable. We'd love to shoot with Lauren again someday and would recommend her to anyone we know looking for a photographer. Such a positive experience. Thanks Lauren!" - Terrie

"Lauren K is an awesome photographer! She is very down to earth and made us feel very comfortable. Absolutely pleasant professional." - Charisse

"Lauren was amazing. Easy going, professional, and extremely nice. The photos were great." - Martin

"Lauren K. was absolutely delightful and so, so good. She was professional, kind, fun, and knowledgeable. She offered the perfect amount of direction without it feeling staged. We had fun and I think the pictures capture the lightheartedness and naturalness that Lauren was able to create." - Samantha

"Lauren went above and beyond to help execute perfectly on the day and produced some of the loveliest photos that I could hope for. An absolutely wonderful and phenomenally well-executed shoot. I can't recommend Lauren K enough. Perfect day." - Jesse

"Lauren K. made me feel the most comfortable I have ever felt in front of the camera. Her incredible personality put me at ease; I felt like I was with an old friend. I really appreciate the tips she gave me along the way, from noticing when a hair was out of place, or my coat would look better unbuttoned, to suggesting some different poses and expressions. She is a photo-goddess!" - Caitlin

"Thank you so so so much to our photographer Lauren. She was so kind, patient and comfortable to work with. I highly recommend Lauren as photographer to everyone visiting NYC!" - Kelsey

"Lauren was amazing to work with! She was nice, fun, super patient with our kids and she had great ideas! We had an awesome time together!" - Amanda

"Had a fabulous time shooting with Lauren! Loved her style, her direction, and how the photos turned out!" - Amy

"Lauren K was amazing. Professionally she communicated well with us prior to the shoot. Answered all of our questions, gave clear and understandable information regarding our shoot location, which for a couple of out-of-towners we really appreciated. Personally she was awesome. We hit it off right away. She was so friendly and relaxed. She asked us about our goals from the session, gave us her professional input as well as lots of ideas. Those first few minutes in front of the camera can always feel awkward, but Lauren was great. She helped take the awkwardness away, gave us plenty of direction, freeing us from the burden of how to pose or where to stand. Not long after that the session hit its natural rhythm, everyone just relaxed and thats when the fun really started. We couldn't be happier with the moments and memories Lauren captured for us from our time in New York." - Karen 

"Best experience of my life! Lauren truly made the moment extra special and I would recommend Lauren K. in a heart beat to anyone! She was incredible and so fun to work with! Thanks again!" -Calvin

"Thank you so much for the great shoot and the amazing photos!! It was a timeless experience for both of us." - Lenny

"We had a great experience the whole time and Lauren was extremely helpful and had great ideas for poses and settings." - Steven

"Spending an hour with our delightful and talented photographer Lauren K was a wonderful way to wrap up our trip. She was relaxed and made the experience fun for Dave and I and the kids. The photos are terrific." - Janice

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