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Best Destinations for Cross-Generational Travel

Cross-generational travel gives parents, kids, grandparents, even great-grandparents, a chance to spend quality time with each other, especially if they happen to live in different parts of the world. Face-to-face bonding time (and did we mention hugs?) just can’t be replicated via phone or Facetime. Convinced yet? Read on for the best destinations for cross-generational travel.

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50 Love Stories from Around the World

At Flytographer, we are lucky to get to help capture hundreds of love stories each month. In the spirit of Valentines Day this year, we’ve collected 50 heartwarming stories from couples all around the world to celebrate how much love is all around us. 

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Adventure in the Heart of Hong Kong

“I always wanted Christina to experience some Asian culture, and when a flight deal came up for Hong Kong, I called her at work and asked her if she was game to do it. After being confused for a few seconds, she replied yes!” – Alexandre

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Hong Kong Holiday

“This trip to China and Hong Kong was Michael’s first time in Asia. He was able to meet my grandmother in Beijing and numerous members of my extended family. We also got some amazing sightseeing accomplished – the snow-covered hills at the Great Wall were incredible!” – Cassie

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She Sees the World Part 1

No travel partner? No problem! If there’s one thing we love, it’s travellers who wait not for others to be ready, but make world adventures happen for themselves. In this first post of an ongoing series, we salute four female solo travellers who tackle their travel dreams head first, while offering up a little advice for others on the same path.

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Remembrance of Things Past in Hong Kong

When our 80-year-old dad suggested he visit the place of his roots ‘one last time,’ my twin sister and I jumped at the opportunity to take him back to Hong Kong, a place where he lived prior to his immigration to Vancouver, Canada as a young man. Our dad was a little boy during the second world war and has memories of struggle and poverty. He had never talked much about his childhood (other than to say it was “tough”), but when we arrived in Hong Kong, not only did he start speaking fluent Cantonese, but the stories of his past started flowing. My sister and I couldn’t believe it!” – Jenn  

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Old Home, New Beginnings in Hong Kong

Anna and Rob had a lot to celebrate on their trip to Hong Kong – Anna’s grandmother’s 90th birthday, Rob’s first time to Anna’s home country, and of course, their new marriage! Embracing her rich cultural heritage, Anna donned her traditional Chinese wedding dress that she had worn just months earlier for their hometown wedding. Flytographer Keith was there to capture this celebration of love, life, and new beginnings!

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