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Living 30 Days as a Digital Nomad

“Have you ever felt the need to pick up your life and shake it out a bit? To lift up the rock and see what’s underneath? I decided this was the year I was ready to strip off my day-to-day routine and go skinny-dipping in the unknown.” Read on for our Global Recruiter’s story of leaving daily life behind and moving to Colombia for 30 days.

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The Best Destinations for Easter Travel

What’s more exciting than a basket of chocolate? Booking a ticket to these amazing destinations for Easter weekend! We’ve rounded up the best locations to tempt you to put the coloured eggs aside and hop on the next plane headed for fun.

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Flytographer Launches in Cartagena, Colombia

“Cartagena was so romantic — every street was more beautiful than the last — and we had some of the best food and sangria ever!” Read on for our guide to our newest destination: Cartagena, Colombia!

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Top 10 Reasons to Travel to Colombia

Cartagena, situated on the Caribbean coast of Colombia, is a popular South American destination. It’s easy to see why – beautiful beaches, colonial architecture and world-class restaurants make Cartagena a beautiful vacation choice. Here are our top 10 reasons to visit Colombia.

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50+ Tips On How To Look Amazing in Photos 📸

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