There’s something so exciting and romantic about embarking on a new life chapter in a destination you’ve just crossed off your bucket list.

Brian had the right idea when he decided that a trip to Cartagena, Colombia was the perfect time to propose to his long-time girlfriend Megan, and we can’t say that we disagree. It isn’t every day (at least for most of us) that the warm breeze whipping at your hair is coming from the Caribbean coast, so we’re all for fully embracing the moment and putting a ring on it. Read on for how Brian pulled off this epic proposal.


“We met in college during our sophomore year and started dating a year later. We’ve been together ever since, nearly seven years total. She sat in the front row while I cruised in the back of the classroom. I knew from the first day of class that I needed to get to know that girl and, well, things worked out perfectly!”


“We both wanted our engagement to be somewhere new, fun, and exotic, and I thought South America fit the bill. I had heard many great things about Colombia and once I saw photos of Cartagena, I fell in love with the location. It’s genuinely one of the most romantic, picturesque locales in the world.” 

*This specific location is no longer available.  Find out more about our Cartagena routes here.


“Our proposal photographer Juan Felipe pretended to be a tour guide and picked us up from our hotel. He escorted us to a beautiful local cathedral and told us he had VIP access that allowed us onto the roof. Once we were on the roof and looked out at the gorgeous Cartagena seascape and neighbouring rooftops, he got us in position for a quick photo. Before he could snap the shutter, I got down on one knee and popped the question. The photos are gorgeous thanks to the cathedral’s grand dome, the Caribbean Sea, and colourful rooftops filling the background.

“Juan captured a moment that we will remember for the rest of our lives. Megan was always going to be happy after that ring was on her finger, but he made the day far more special. Juan’s care, attention to detail, and wonderful personality made our photos and visit to Cartagena so memorable!” – Brian