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The Best BFF Photos of 2015

Often more than anyone else, your best friends are there for you, through the good times and bad, aways ready to celebrate a win or offer a much-needed hug. Flytographer was born out of the desire to properly document this precious relationship, and it warms our hearts like nothing else to see this celebration of friendship around the world.

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The Best Solo Traveller Photos of 2015

Solo travel can be some of the best travel … you can see, do and eat however and whenever you like! It’s also a great time to capture some photos of yourself surrounded by the beauty of your adventure, and we were delighted to connect with these solo travellers to do just that.

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The Best Family Photos of 2015

From laughter to tears and everything in between, family is the rock that keeps us steady. We were thrilled to capture all kinds of family celebrations in all kinds of places this year, and to witness the absolute joy of spending QT with your very nearest and dearest.

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The Best Honeymoon Photos of 2015

A honeymoon is a welcome reward after the whirlwind of a wedding, and memories made are all the sweeter when discovering a destination together. We love capturing happy couples all around the world, and we’ve rounded up some of our favourite honeymoon shoots from the past 12 months.

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The Best Proposals of 2015

An epic vacation with the perfect partner … what better time to plan a proposal? We feel so fortunate to be a part of our customers’ journey at this very special time, helping them capture memories for a lifetime. Click through for some of our favourite proposals of the year, along with the sweet narratives woven into each story.

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The Top 10 Vacation Photos of 2015

As we look back on all the wonderful stories and beautiful photos of 2015, it proved to be a very difficult task to narrow down our favourites. After much discussion and debate, we did manage to wrestle it down into a series of blog posts, which will feature our very best of the year. Look for a new post each weekday starting tomorrow until New Year’s Day! And in the meantime, here’s a little sneak peek of some of our treasures from 2015 …  

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