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Take Your Weekend Party to New Orleans

Hey there, I’m just on my way to visit my good friend, New Orleans … have you met? Oh, you haven’t yet had the pleasure? Let me introduce you, because she’s a ton of fun and I know you’ll really love her.

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10 Trips You Need to Hire a Vacation Photographer For

For those exceptional vacations that celebrate a new chapter in your life, or the ones that bring friends and family together from all around the world, a selfie isn’t exactly the souvenir you’ll treasure fondly 20 years from now. Honour your travels with stunning photos you’ll cherish for years to come by hiring a vacation photographer to capture your memories on one of these must-remember vacations.

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A Miami Beach Bachelorette Party

Michelle gathered ten of her closest friends and off they went to Miami to celebrate her bachelorette with a fun and relaxing weekend away. Read on for all the fun details.

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