The (bachelorette) party must go on! 

While the pandemic has changed the way we can come together and celebrate, showering your bride-to-be with love is not cancelled. With a little creativity, optimism and champagne, a memorable bachelorette party with loved ones is possible whether you gather together or apart. Pop the bubbly and let’s party!

PLEASE NOTE: The COVID-19 pandemic is changing rapidly, and some information may be out-of-date. Consult the CDC’s recommendations, as well as your local government, before making any decisions about your party. 

Gather, Apart

A virtual bachelorette party likely isn’t your bride’s dream scenario, so this is the time to really go all out to help her feel extra loved, even from afar. Your virtual gathering isn’t just another Zoom call, so be sure to curate a well-planned event from start to finish! Just because you’re joining the party from the comfort of your couch doesn’t mean you can simply wing it. We’re here to help you create the perfect itinerary for your gals so you can focus on what matters – your bride-to-be! 

TIP: Select an MC for the call to help manage the call, especially for larger groups. Decide which platform will work best and ensure everyone has access, such as Zoom, Google Hangouts, FaceTime, etc.

To transform the call into a special event, have everyone decorate the background of their call with party props, signs and balloons, and dress to the nines (feather boas are highly encouraged) to really feel like a night out. Consider sending a box of goodies ahead of time to each of the attendees, such as champagne to pop together, customized cups, the bride’s favorite snacks, nail polish, matching sashes and more. There are plenty of virtual activities available via video call, such as taking a cooking class, enjoying a wine tasting, dancing through a themed Zumba class or even a cocktail making class! There are plenty of games to play online, such as Houseparty, Let’s Roam, For The Girls, or get creative with your own games! Finally, a distanced bachelorette party doesn’t mean your bride should go without gifts. Have everyone ship their gifts ahead of time for the bride to unwrap together on camera, or host a lingerie shower, where she can guess which friend sent her which piece. 

Once it’s safe for everyone to come together again, plan a “post-ring fling” to celebrate her newlywed status in-person with a girls’ party after the wedding. After months of patience, everyone deserves a night out on the town!

How to have fun at a distance

A girls’ getaway in a pandemic isn’t impossible, as long as you plan with caution! As you begin planning your party, there are a few important questions to ask before the fun begins. Is your destination in an area with a high number of cases? How will the attendees travel to the destination? Are the proper precautions and measures in place to keep your group and anyone you may be in contact with safe? Stay up-to-date with local CDC recommendations, so the party goes off without a hitch!

bachelorette party wearing matching shirts

TIP: As you begin planning your event, be sure all of your vendors offer a full refund or a flexible cancellation policy, should your party be pushed back. This is a great time to support small, local businesses, and remember that everyone is navigating this uncertain time the best way they can!

Planning ahead is key for your bachelorette party. Send out the itinerary ahead of time so guests can decide if they feel comfortable attending in person. Be understanding that some people may decline to attend. If this happens, plan a few fun hybrid events where everyone can join in, either virtually or in-person, such as fun drinking games, watching a comedy show, or toasting the bride with drinks and love! While a night of bar-hopping in Nashville and a rooftop pool party in Miami won’t be in the cards for quite some time, there are still plenty of socially-distanced activities for a bachelorette. Bring the pool party home by renting an AirBnB with all of the bells and whistles. Hire a personal chef to prepare a restaurant-style meal or a bartender to mix drinks all day long – no Uber necessary! If your group likes to stay active, take a virtual dance class in preparation for the wedding dance floor or a morning yoga class with coffee. For the outdoorsy bride, there’s no better socially distanced option than renting a charming cabin in the woods, where you can hike in the afternoons and blast Beyonce as loud as you want in the evenings. If your group wants to stay close to home, embrace the 90’s with an old-fashioned sleepover. Project your favourite moves on an outdoor movie screen, munch on candy and popcorn, roast marshmallows for s’mores, and play drinking games in the garage, just like old times. Wherever you travel, being together is what matters most.

However you choose to celebrate your bride, the true goal of a bachelorette party is to shower your bride with love, friendship, support and confetti! When your girls’ squad can come together again, capture the magic with a bachelorette Flytographer shoot.


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