It’s not often that it’s possible to get all the gals together for a dream trip. Sometimes the vacation stars align, however, and make it happen. Caitlin and seven of her best friends headed to Paris (from all over the world) to celebrate her bachelorette party together. Read on for all the fun details and how they left Paris with a new best friend added to the crew.

“Last summer when my friends and I were talking about the magical opportunity to take a gals’ trip in March (all our spring breaks, PTO, and credit card miles aligned just right), we brainstormed all the places we would love to visit together. When it came down to it, Bourdeaux and a few days in Paris were too good to pass up. Little did I know that my then boyfriend, now fiance, was planning a surprise trip to Paris for our engagement in November! That sneak. Paris is my favourite city in the world, so the fact that I got to visit twice in one year with all of my favourite humans makes me so, so grateful.

“My two favourite memories from the trip were our first night in Paris and this photo shoot! The first night in Paris, we ended up finding a drag show at a club on the Seine and stayed until six in the morning, dancing our faces off. The photoshoot with Rachael was the next day. I was able to surprise the gang into thinking we were grabbing coffee before dinner and Rachael was there, a light beam of joy and excitement. She provided such an incredible experience and made sure everyone was having a groovy time. We walked away with fun memories, beautiful photos, and hope to see Rachael the next time we’re in Paris!

“Rachael was more than just our photographer for the day: she was marriage advice, hype girl, director, friend, and party people. She was so amazing in making everyone comfortable, getting better shots than we could have dreamed of, and making sure we were where we needed to be when we needed to be there! We can’t thank her enough for our time and photos in Paris — without a doubt, one of our favourite experiences of the trip.” – Caitlin