Spring break ideas

Spring is approaching quickly! 🌸 Are you looking for great family-friendly destination ideas for spring break? Read on for our best spring break trips and tips for families. 👍

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  • Best spring break destinations: We’re sharing some of our favourite recommendations across the globe, whether you’re wanting warm and beachy or the ski trip of your dreams!
  • Family-friendly experiences: Highlighting adventure activities, parks, and educational experiences, we’re sharing ideas for everyone in your crew.
  • Helpful packing tips: Time for our tried-and-true packing tips, from clothing to essentials to airport prep. Remember to think smarter, not harder!
  • Spring break must-haves: Sharing fun upgrades to your run-of-the-mill vacation essentials.
  • Capturing spring break memories: Capturing your family time together is the most perfect souvenir, and we have the best solution for those beautiful digital photos in print form!

Photo: Sara in Maui for Flytographer. Savannah and family capture memories in Maui with a family photoshoot at Kapalua Ironwoods.

Best spring break destinations

Let’s talk destinations. ✈️ We’ll cover some favourite destinations spanning the globe, whether you want to stay close by or travel far. Day trip, road trip, or international jet-setting — let’s get dreaming about the best Spring Break ideas! 👋 

1. USA

American dreams 🇺🇸 are plentiful in endless locations around the country — some faves? Orlando, Florida (theme parks galore!); New York, New York (sights and shows!); Washington, DC (cherry blossoms!); San Diego, California (the zoo! the beach!); Savannah, Georgia (southern charm!); Denver, Colorado (ski trip, please!); Miami, Florida (white sand beaches!). Warm or cold, beach or mountain, the US has so much to offer in terms of spring break escapes. 🆒

Photo: Michelle in Charleston for Flytographer. Jennifer and family capture memories in Charleston with a family photoshoot at Hampton Park.

2. Mexico, South and Central America, and the Islands of the Caribbean

If you want a sure-bet trip filled with warmth and sunshine, heading south to Mexico, South and Central America, or the Caribbean Islands may be ideal for your family spring break getaway.❣️ Guanacaste, Costa Rica (natural beauty and mountain ziplining!); Playa del Carmen, Mexico (all-inclusive resorts!); Aruba in the Caribbean Islands (unique cultures and dreamy beaches!) — start here and narrow down the ideal sunny spot for your family based on vacation experiences everyone can enjoy. 💘

Photo: Claudia in Cancun for Flytographer. Evelyn and family capture memories in Cancun with a family photoshoot.

3. International

Helloooo, world! 🗺 If you’re feeling like this is the time to tackle an international trip, we completely support this Spring Break idea. Spring break is a great option for international travel as the weather is oftentimes milder, and crowds are less than in the (peak) summer season. Some of our faves? Tokyo, Japan (a visual delight!); Amsterdam, Netherlands (tulips anyone!?); Zurich, Switzerland (don’t miss skiing in the Swiss Alps!); Mauritius, Africa (breathtaking beaches!). Just a few of our favourites here at Flytographer. 📸

Photo: Daniel in Toyko for Flytographer. Jamie and family capture memories in Tokyo with a family photoshoot at Shinjuku Gyoen Park.

Family-friendly experiences

If you’re looking for family-friendly, kid-friendly experiences, spring break excursions are a perfect time to let loose and explore new places in new ways. 🥳

1. Adventure activities

Attention adrenaline junkies, thrill-seekers, and serious explorers! 😀 If you love road trips, water sports, and outdoor activities, these are the adventures your crew will go crazy for during your spring break vacation.

    • Deep dive into nature 🧗‍♀️— whether it’s hiking, horseback riding, kayaking and snorkeling, or exploring a waterfall and/or hot spring — see what natural resources are nearby and how to enjoy them to the max. No matter where you are, nature is close by, so think outside the box when it comes to finding adventure activities! Whether these adventures include natural resources or wildlife, you’re certain to find an adventure activity provided by nature.
    • Polaris Adventures 🏎 is one of our favourite companies for those seeking adventure experiences — with over 250 destinations and 400+ experiences, Polaris Adventures is IT when it comes to adrenaline and scenery. From boats to sports cars to snowmobiles to ATV’s … we could go on and on. 🤘 Family travel jumps to another level when it comes to one of these wild outdoor adventures! Outsourcing your exploration to others who know how to max out adrenaline is a great idea to make the most of your surroundings, particularly for thrill-seekers.

Photo: Karen in Aruba for Flytographer. Tamarah and family capture memories in Aruba with a family photoshoot on the beach.

2. Parks

You knew this was coming! We’re talking amusement parks and water parks, as well as national parks and even botanical gardens. 🎟

    • We would be remiss not to talk about theme parks like Disney World, Legoland, Universal Studios, Six Flags, and more. 🎡 Orlando is one of our favourite spring break destinations because Orlando has it all, and Orlando Vacation is a great resource to build your own vacation package!
    • Viator is a perfect site to visit 👩‍💻 for incredible park experiences throughout the world — visit Viator to prep and to plan your park adventures.
    • Remember that parks don’t necessarily include white-knuckle roller coasters! State Parks and national Parks 🏞 (hello, Grand Canyon!), botanical gardens, and other green spaces can be a wonderful reason to visit an area — both for those wanting thrills and those wanting some connectivity and reflection. ⛲️

Photo: Alvin in Anaheim for Flytographer. Audrey and family capture memories in Anaheim with a family photoshoot around Disneyland Main Street and the Castle.

3. Educational exploration experiences

We’re big on creating lasting memories here at Flytographer (and gifting experiences too!). Here are our suggestions for experiences that will be the perfect addition to a spring break getaway. They can be customized 💡 to individual cities/areas and are perfect to save in your back pocket for inclement weather! ☔️

    • Museums, art galleries, and cultural experiences 🖼 can be found anywhere you go — look for local city web pages to find calendars of events, exhibitions, and more.
    • Experience First is a fantastic resource for educational tours, travel guides, and special experiences around the world. If you want to see new places with people who have put in all the preparation for you, try an experience like this 🆕 and combine fun with learning as you enjoy your spring break vacay!

Photo: Idsara in Phuket for Flytographer. Sheetal and family capture memories in Phuket with a family photoshoot near Surin Beach.

Helpful packing tips

We’re going to share some of our top helpful packing tips to make sure you’re feeling stress-free and not laden with heavy luggage! Remember — think smarter, not harder. 🙃

1. Clothing

  • Layers, layers, layers! 🧥 Pack clothing that works well together, in terms of fit, colour, and style. Lay everything out and try it on — choose to bring clothing that works well with at least a couple of other pieces 👖 to save from bringing home clothes that never saw the light of day.
  • Think of the weather. If rain is in the forecast, remember to bring items that won’t be ruined by gloomy forecasts. If the weather isn’t looking favorable, throw in ponchos and/or an umbrella — even though they aren’t cute, it’ll save you a lot of money bringing them from home 🌂 rather than buying them on vacay! 💸
  • Versatile shoes 👟 will save the day. We promise. Save the new kicks for another time, and make sure what you bring is worn in (emphasis on worn in prior to leaving town), comfortable, and goes well with the other items in your suitcase. Feeling good and looking good are the perfect match.
  • If you’re looking for a few new pieces to enjoy on vacation, we love Kotn. 👕 Known for ethical and sustainable clothes, Kotn makes basic essentials perfect for travel — comfy, cute, and friendly to the environment. ♻️

Photo: Ellie in Florence for Flytographer. Nikki and family capture memories in Florence with a family photoshoot around Must-see Florence.

2. Travel essentials

  • Nothing ruins a vacation quicker than the realization that you’ve forgotten or misplaced your ID 🪪 or passport. Make sure essentials are in a safe place and are accessible quickly in the airport — we love utilizing secret pockets in bags 🎒 and making sure those documents are the only ones in that pocket. It helps ensure they don’t fall out when you’re reaching for other items like snacks or AirPods. Having a separate handy spot for other travel essentials like chargers, a first aid kit, gum, etc. will save you from at least a few headaches. 😅

Photo: Sarah in Mesa for Flytographer. Coley and family capture memories in Mesa with a family photoshoot.

3. Airport preparation

  • Grouping airport items separately from supplies you’ll need later in the day (as in, closer to hotel check-in time) is a huge time and stress saver while you’re navigating airport travel — especially if you have kids! Pack kids’ backpacks with their specific items or use a separate canvas or foldable grocery bag (which can be stored when empty) to hold water bottles (keep them empty until you’re through security), snacks, games/toys (without small pieces), comfort items, and fully charged electronics. Remember that many airports 🛃 still have you take liquids and electronics out of bags, so this is a great time for kids to help with their water bottles and devices in their own bins as you move through security. 

Photo: Sehee in New York City for Flytographer. Lily captures memories in New York City with a vacation photoshoot at JFK.

Spring break must-haves

Our last short list of recommendations is what we classify as some spring break must-haves! These are fun upgrades to your run-of-the-mill vacation essentials.

1. A carry-on suitcase from Monos

We love Monos! 🧳 With mindful, simple, beautiful products, they have the perfect luggage for your spring break getaway.

Photo: Mariana in Guanacaste for Flytographer. Kristen and family capture memories in Guanacaste with a family photoshoot.

2. Salt & Stone products

These high performing products are clean, beautiful, and in harmony with nature. Two of our favourite Salt & Stone products 🧴 are their sunscreen and deodorant.

Photo: Bree in San Diego for Flytographer. Cody and family capture memories in San Diego with a family photoshoot at Windansea Beach in La Jolla.

3. Olive & Piper Jewelry

For timeless, classic jewelry for your trip, we love Olive & Piper. Grab a few new pieces to make you feel beautiful and elevate your look — all while taking up very little real estate 💍 in your luggage!

Photo: Flytographer in Amsterdam. JC and family capture memories in Amsterdam with a family photoshoot at Keukenhof Gardens.

Capturing memories on spring break

We hope we’ve given you some Spring Break ideas your whole family 👩‍👩‍👧 can enjoy for your vacation! Whether you’re more adventurous or laid-back, spring break is the perfect time of year to travel together and create wonderful memories. We also want to remind you that capturing your time together is the most perfect souvenir! Booking a Flytographer shoot is always a good idea, and with pro photographers all over the world, we’ve got your location covered! For even more travel inspo, check out this post about the Top 10 Trending Destinations in 2024. 🛄

Post-spring break travel (and Flytographer shoot😜), don’t forget to do something with those amazing photos! Aside from wall art, we highly recommend printing a photo book 📚 so that you can relive those memories again and again! (More about Flytographer photo books here.)

Happy spring break planning! 🫶