Celebrating Black Love Around the World

At Flytographer, we’re lucky to capture magical proposals right in front of our lens; the resulting photographs often render even our most stoic colleagues teary. Break out the tissues because we’re sharing the romance! Every month we’ll be rounding up our favourite proposals, making you smile and inspiring moments of compassion. Read on for a collection of romantic love stories featuring Black customers captured by our local photographers — all around the world.

Photo: Kristina in Miami for Flytographer

Mavric & Mercedes

“Kristina was awesome. She was easy to get in touch with and helped keep the whole thing a secret. Even when I reached out to her months prior to the proposal she was already fully engaged and giving great ideas. She’s very creative and easily led the shoot and since we aren’t models in any way it was comforting being told step by step what to do. She’s truly a magician with her camera and helped make a memorable proposal shoot. Thanks, Kristina!!”

– Mavric

Photo: Raquel in San José for Flytographer

Cremeithius & Jennifer

“Typically, my fiancée and I are ‘big talkers,’ but every time we look at the photos we are at a loss for words. In sum, I love Raquel’s professionalism and quality of work!

My fiancée wanted to go to Costa Rica for her birthday. I thought that this would be a beautiful place to ask her to marry me and create a lifelong memory as well. I chose a beach proposal because she really loves the ocean and various water-related activities such as paddle-boarding. 

The proposal was perfect! Best of all, my fiancée did not expect anything as the photographer played her role perfectly. My fiancée was overwhelmed with joy as we moved along the beach and resort capturing moments that will last a lifetime. I am a bit of a perfectionist, and after the photo-shoot, I was relieved because the proposal was indeed perfect.”

– Cremeithius

Photo: Ana Lucia in Lisbon for Flytographer

Kemet & Victoria

Love Story: “We met our freshmen year of college through a mutual friend. I went to a school in Massachusetts and lived in New York and she went to school in New York and lived in Massachusetts. It was her birthday weekend and she was visiting home to celebrate with her friends, and that’s when I saw her. I knew I couldn’t simply approach her. I did something silly and asked my friend to entertain the mutual friend so I can take her to get some ice cream in the middle of the winter. While walking to the ice cream store I put my arms around her and we hit it off from there.                  

Lisbon had a very significant meaning. My fiancée is Portuguese and she’s never been to mainland Portugal. Her father who just recently passed from cancer said once he’s better that they were going to go to Lisbon to celebrate life and his Portuguese culture. So although it was an emotional trip, she said there was no other place in the world that she wanted to get engaged. 

I said to her ‘People always say everything happens for a reason, and at this moment, love is the reason. From the moment I met you until this day we had unconditional love. Love that’s filled with support, laughter, long car rides lol. Love that will stand the test of time and …’ and she interrupted me laughing asking, ‘Why are you saying all these nice things to me?’ And I laughed and said, ‘Because I love you, silly’ and dropped to one knee and asked her to marry me. It didn’t take long for her to say yes and she laughed and had tears of joy.”

– Kemet

Photo: Tracy in Banff for Flytographer

Melissa & Soibi

“Tracy was absolutely amazing to work with. She helped us pick a beautiful location to shoot and we are so happy with our photos. We would recommend her to anyone in the Banff area!

Our favourite memory was getting engaged!! We met a couple a few years back that told us about Banff and we fell in love with it. Almost three years later and we finally made it!”


Photo: Rachael in Paris for Flytographer

Benedict & Uju

Love Story: “We met on instagram when my beautiful fiancée randomly followed me and I said, ‘Hey, this girl is too beautiful for me not to take my shot.’ So I did and here we are almost 3 years later, engaged! (Read the full story!)

Rachael is absolutely amazing and that is an understatement. From planning to execution, her vision and attention to detail were second to NONE and she truly captured the love and the magic that was the moment with my now-fiancée. I will be forever grateful and indebted.”

– Benedict

Photo: Kimon in Santorini for Flytographer

Brandon & Kaleya

“We met at a meet and greet for my best friend’s wedding. My now fiancée was a guest of the bride’s cousin. On the big day, we were on a family vacation and this was the most beautiful spot on the island in my opinion. Kimon acted like he was struggling taking selfies of himself so he asked my fiancée to take some pics of him. He offered to take some pics of my family to update his portfolio. He then asked to take pics of us and that was my cue to get down and propose.” 

– Brandon

Photo: Olga in Venice for Flytographer

Diego & Jerome

Love Story: “Jerome and I met in Liège (Belgium) a bit more than 2 years ago. I was jogging around his office and he was out on his lunch break. We saw each other and that was love at first sight. Back then nothing seemed possible between us but life took care of the details and here we are! 

What a beautiful memory of a very special day. The day my partner said YES will be forever remembered through the beautiful photos taken by Olga! I would definitely recommend Flytographer.”

– Diego

Photo: Thiebauld in Nice for Flytographer

Lekan & Mariam

Love Story: “After meeting aged 18 on an internship in the City of London and years of friendship, Mariam and I began dating and knew marriage was on the cusp at some point later on in our lives. Through our continual love and growth, with similar interests and perfect team combination, we always knew we were destined to be together forever.

Our first holiday was a trip to France, around five years ago we visited Paris, Nice and Monaco. To reminisce about the beginning of our dating journey, we wanted to return to Nice. Also we enjoy travelling, and my partner likes warm weather, beaches and good hotels. Nice had the perfect balance of those requirements added with the perfect proposal destination: Castle Hill.

I whisked her for a surprise birthday holiday to Nice in the South of France and took her on a romantic evening stroll to Castle Hill, a beautiful garden in the city that overlooks the French Riviera coast. Just before the sun had set, I picked this moment and dropped down to one knee to ask for her hand in marriage.”

– Lekan

Photo: Rachael in Paris for Flytographer

Marcus & Indiara

Love Story: “Indiara and I met in high school in our junior year and started dating our senior year. One day while still in our teens and in high school, I jokingly said, ‘Let’s go to the courthouse and get married.’  I knew she was the one when she looked at me with  those big brown eyes and  replied with ‘Ok, let’s do it.’ After going through a round of ‘Are you serious?’ I told her if we were still together in ten years then we will get married. Fast forward ten years and here we are.

We’d been planning a trip to Paris for a couple of years and I knew I wanted to propose in la ville de l’amour! It would make our trip even more intimate and memorable. Of course, my initial plan was the Eiffel Tower in the background for that iconic shot that everyone loves. I searched and read stories of other proposals and saw a couple of shots in the Tuileries Garden. This location stood out to me because of how the treeline puts a focus on the couple and you get a beautiful shot of the Louvre in the background. Since the Garden leads up to the Louvre it made for a perfect location to get shots there too.”

– Marcus

To be continued…

Proposals are one of the purest acts of love. They signify the proposition of a life spent together. They represent a moment in a relationship when two people walk as one into their future together. We feel so lucky to have captured that moment in time for the couples above and many, many more. Join us next month to see more magical proposal moments and witness the Love Around the World!

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