Love Around the World

At Flytographer, we’re lucky to capture magical proposals right in front of our lens; the resulting photographs often rendering even our most stoic colleagues teary. Break out the tissue because we’re sharing the romance! Every month we’ll be rounding up our favourite proposals, making you smile and inspiring moments of compassion with our new series, “Love around the World.”


Tampa, Florida

April 11, 2020

Photo: Andrejka in Tampa for Flytographer

Robert & Fatima

“I was originally going to propose in Puerto Rico but had to cancel because of COVID-19. Ended up proposing at an empty hotel along Clearwater Beach. The GM at Opal Sands at Clearwater Beach set everything up. We had the entire back pool and bar area to ourselves overlooking the gulf of Mexico at sunset. He also threw in a free room for the night and we were some of the only guests there that night. Our Flytographer Andrejka was great. She was very easy to work with, open to all of my ideas, and gave great advice. I would highly recommend her.”

– Robert

Some memories from earlier this year… 


Sintra, Portugal

January 22, 2020

Photo: Maria in Sintra for Flytographer

Gaurav & Niti

Love Story: “She’s my best friend. I’ve known her since we were teenagers! We both grew up in the same town and love to travel so I knew I had to do it abroad. One of our favorite hobbies together is hiking. Pena Palace in Sintra was the perfect location to get that high view we both enjoy.”

Proposal Moment: “The proposal went amazing! We were on a private tour of Sintra and the Flytographer Maria was already waiting at the proposal location that was on the itinerary. She pretended to be a friendly tourist and snapped a picture for us. Both the tour guide and Flytographer took us to the the best secluded view spot in the palace where I can pop the question. Instead of posing for the picture, I proceeded to reach in my inside jacket pocket and took out the ring box. My now fiance was so excited she immediately grabbed me before I could kneel. She began to tear up and maybe so did I. I proposed and the rest is history.

Maria is a phenomenal photographer that captures the moment beautifully. I booked her for my surprise proposal in Sintra, Portugal and now my fiancée and I can look back and smile forever. Maria also helped us with a photoshoot after the proposal. She is a natural and captured us in many different elements and backgrounds. We now have ‘save the date’ and future photos that we are happy with as well. 

– Gaurav


San Francisco, California

February 18, 2020

San Francisco Proposal Photographer
San Francisco Proposal Photographer

Photo: Nadia in San Francisco for Flytographer

Danny & Jen 

Love Story: “We met about 7 years ago through mutual friends. It wasn’t a planned date or a planned meetup. It just happened organically. I wasn’t supposed to be there that night but I was and we met. The rest as they say is history. “

Proposal Moment: “We’ve never been to San Francisco. I wanted to have a picture perfect memory attached to the moment. It may seem lame and a touristy for the locals but even they have to admit that they’ll never get tired of staring at that bridge. Every time my fiancé looks at her ring she’ll be reminded of the sand, the waves, the sunset, and the bridge. That’s more than enough for me.

I had planned to meet the photographer (who was posing as a friendly tourist) down at Marshal Beach at around 5:20pm for sunset pictures of me getting down on one knee. Not being from around there (and being very nervous) I made the huge mistake of starting the hike down to the beach way too early. We got there 20-30 minutes early and I had to find a way to stall my girl without being too obvious. I had to hide my nerves from making sure she doesn’t see the ring box bulging out of my pocket, hide my obvious people scanning to find the photographer, hide my general nerves of the moment, etc. The photographer finally came (thankfully very early) and there was no turning back. Nothing can really prepare you for this moment but once it was over I felt the weight of many months of planning and secret keeping lift right off of me. She said yes so I’d say it went pretty well.

Nadia was excellent. We executed the proposal as exactly as planned. Her direction and her photographs came out great but above all was her friendly and happy attitude. She genuinely appeared happy to be there to help us create an everlasting memory.”

– Danny


New York City, New York

March 18, 2020

Photo: Johnny in New York City for Flytographer

Salvatore & Jessica

Love Story: “Jessica and I met like so many these days, on a dating app. Jessica says she knew I was the one when I showed up with a toy for her cat on our first date.” 

Proposal Story: “I chose Central Park amidst the Coronavirus pandemic simply because so many other ideas I had were just not available to me. It ended up being a beautiful location for an amazing day. Jessica and I did some walking around Central Park and eventually stopped at a lake-viewing area, overlooking the iconic San Remo building. I started to read her a letter I had written and that’s when I realized just how nervous I was. Jessica seemed to take a few seconds to realize what was happening and that’s when she burst into tears. I asked her to marry me and she said yes, even though I had opened the ring box upside down!

I live in NY so this service is great for vacations or to find a great photographer where you live. Johnny captured the moment of my proposal perfectly. Then we did a photoshoot around Central Park. Johnny is a great guy and a great Photographer. It means a lot to us to be able to capture that special moment.” 

– Salvatore


Honolulu, Hawaii

March 7, 2020

Photo: Natalie in Honolulu for Flytographer

Mike & Kristin

Review: “Natalie was absolutely incredible! Her pictures turned out amazing and she really captured the moment! I highly recommend her as a photographer for any occasion!”

– Mike


To be continued…

Proposals are one of the purest acts of love. They signify the proposition of a life spent together. They represent a moment in a relationship when two people walk as one into their future together. We feel so lucky to have captured that moment in time for the couples above and many, many more. So join us next month to see more magical proposal moments and witness the Love Around the World.

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