Pack your bags, Mom! It’s time to make some irreplaceable memories.

So, you’ve got a week or two of free vacation days coming up and, coincidentally, a collection of travel-fund dollars burning a hole in the pocket of your Levi’s 501s. You could call the friend squad for a quick slots-margs-and-Cher Vegas trip—but what about Mom?

Isn’t it about time you finally booked that tasty long weekend in New Orleans, that sunny escape to Cancun for sea turtles and sunshine, or that two-week adventure castle-hunting across the English countryside? Don’t wait, book a getaway with Mom now!
Here are five reasons why you’ll be glad you did:

Get to know your mom in a different way

Vacation mom isn’t worrying about bills and what’s for dinner and retirement funds, she’s present and exploring what makes her happy. She’s free to share her ideas and follow her interests (be it gothic cathedrals or textile museums or Parisian macaron tours). Who is your mom when she’s not momming? Time to find out.

You’ll hear the best stories

The chit-chat you get into over Sunday dinners isn’t even close to the gold you can mine on a vacation with Mom. Like hearing about the time your mother almost got arrested trying to cross the Austrian border with boxed wine she forgot about, or the time she stepped on Burt Reynolds at da club—these are the kinds of deep-history gems you can unearth when you spend days with each other. A train here, a boat tour there—activities jog the brain and pull out the richest anecdotes about your mom’s life, your own childhood and your family’s story.

You feel safe and supported

Mom always has your back, which is a wonderful safety net to have when travelling and exploring new environments. With Mom around, you don’t have to feel scared to try new things, like bungee jumping or a cooking class or travelling to a totally exotic destination with different foods and languages. Mom knows how to push you to take risks outside of your comfort zone and she’s there for you if you fall.

You’ll get closer

It takes conflict and problem-solving to build strong bonds. And what trip comes without hiccups? The train is late, the hotel lost your booking, your flight is cancelled—you can tackle these high-stress situations together, all the while learning more about each other and laughing about it along the way.

You’ll make memories that last forever

The first time you tried zip-lining or tasted barbecued ants, these could be new experiences you share together. Tracing your heritage in Costa Rica, the hotel you stayed at with the haunted pool—everything you do on your trip is a memory between you both, that you can look back on always, and relive those stories for the rest of the siblings at birthdays, dinners and family events.

Why You Love Travelling with Mom:

We asked our Instagram community why taking a trip with Mom is the best thing you can do together.

For me, travelling with my mom is the best because she cultivated my interests and shares my travel priorities.

My mom made me laugh till I cried. We did our Flytographer shoot in Paris with Lucille and loved every day of our vacation, and any picture that reminds me of the wonderful time we had together. Living in different countries made me enjoy every minute with her. —@marianabai

We went on our first flight together to meet my sister for her wedding. She took our whole family to Mexico and we all had the BEST time!! —@dottheiinsta

Because she has the best stories and is willing to just ‘go with the flow’ and be open to adventures that her crazy daughter manifests lol. —@shanni_mua

I love our mother-daughter trips. We recently went to Quebec City and had the best time. We talked, walked, shopped, and just hung out. We are always on the same page and we just get each other. She’s my best travelling partner. —@rochellereierson

Travelling with my mom to Nova Scotia and New Orleans was magical. She gets me out of my comfort zone, makes me feel safe and is really good at navigating. I can’t wait for our photo shoot in Kyoto. —@grrrbaby