Everything you need for a trip around Santorini

With so many incredible sights and experiences waiting to be discovered in Santorini, packing for it all can be a daunting task. Whether you’re a maximalist with a big suitcase or a minimalist with just a backpack, we’ve got all of the essentials you can’t forget to bring along. From hiking to dancing to just navigating the many stairs and alleys, there are a few must-haves to take your trip to Santorini a step above the rest.

Photo ready outfits, of course

It should come as no surprise that a picture perfect outfit is at the top of our list. Santorini is world-famous for its awe-inspiring views, and with such amazing beauty around every corner, we suggest an equally stunning outfit that truly captures the magic of your adventure. Long, flowy dresses that catch the ocean breeze bring movement to the photos, and choose vibrant jewel tones that will pop against the array of white houses. Alternatively, light pastel colours will complement the colourful blue-topped church domes, and wearing airy cotton or linen will keep you cool.

Daily essentials around the island

With beautiful Greek weather brings the intense Greek sun, so be sure to pack some eco-friendly sunscreen. Flytographer Kimon always brings along a fashionable bandana or two to both complete his outfit and wipe away the sweat that comes with exploring and climbing for the best views. We recommend bringing along two pairs of sunnies, too: a cute pair for exploring the villages and a less-expensive pair for the beach!

From the ground up

As you roam across the island, wearing the right kinds of shoes can make or break your day (because nothing is worse than a pinched toe or blister while climbing all those stairs!). Bring sandals for a full day of wandering the many winding streets of Santorini’s famous villages. Cascading cliffside views lead to lots of stairs, so it’s worth investing in a pair that’s both cute and supportive. For those of you who always explore off the beaten path, hiking shoes or sneakers are a must. Santorini is more than just its villages, and famous hikes like the one from Fira to Oia are world famous. If hiking isn’t on your bucket-list, rent an ATV and make stops along the way for breathtaking views.

Easy, breezy beach days

If you need a break from climbing, head down to one of Santorini’s incredible beaches. Splashing in the cool ocean water and watching the sailboats pass by is the best way to refuel and rest up. Pack a light tote bag for your towels, snacks and water, and a floppy hat will protect your face from the sun while making a statement! We love the look of a classic one-piece and patterned sarong or wrap to take your beach look straight from the sand to a patio dinner at sunset.

Capture every moment

Most importantly, bring a camera with you to capture your incredible adventures and breathtaking views. There are more options than ever, from large DSLRs to Polaroids to your phone, but the best choice is the one you’ll carry with you! These are the photos you’ll reminisce on for years to come, and investing in these memories is always worth it. If you’re tired of passing your camera off to strangers or want more than tightly-copped selfies that hide the views, book a vacation shoot with one of our amazing local photographers. They have insider tips on the best hidden spots, and they’re ready to capture stunning photos of both you and your destination!