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Meet Kimon in Santorini

I'm an artist, photographer and image-maker. Ask me about my photography, and I'll tell you about nostalgia, identity, relationship, culture and memory. But that could get boring - all you need to know is that, as a photographer, I infuse these themes into my images to capture the intimate and vulnerable moments that are shared between the both of you.

Three Things

  1. I love to cook my parents' traditional recipes, chase light and capture instant pictures with my polaroid camera.
  2. My life has alway been consumed with photography; before my freelance career, I received my BFA in Photography Studies and my MA in Communications and Culture.
  3. I still love to shoot with film! I also collect those plastic cameras that no one knows how to use. 

Favourite Place to Shoot in Santorini


Languages Spoken

Greek & English 

More Information

Kimon will be moving from Santorini and available in Athens for December 2018 and March 2019 and in Paris for January and February 2019. He will back in Santorini by April 2019 until the winter

Pricing starts at $250 USD for a 30-minute vacation shoot

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Customer Love for Kimon

"Kimon is such a gem! We couldn't have asked for a better photographer and impromptu guide than Kimon. He has an amazing eye for where the most romantic shots are and was so easy and fun to work with that it only made our photos that much more touching and memorable. We would recommend him to anyone in a split second. In fact, can we take him everywhere with us?" - Sara

"Kimon is a very skilled and passionate photographer but most importantly he is a good person! I'd fly him over to the US to take photos for my wedding if I could." - Larry

"Kimon is the absolute best. We felt so comfortable with him and are in awe over the amazing photos that he captured for us." - Katelyn

"Kimon was so so much fun to work with. He made us feel so comfortable and relaxed. The pictures turned out even more amazing than I had envisioned. It was truly a great way to commemorate our anniversary and baby! Kimon was truly awesome! If you are in Santorini and want to have lasting memories of your time there, he is your guy!" - Ria

"Kimon was great! He's super personable and knew exactly where to take us to get the best shots. I really enjoyed shooting with him and would book him again!" - Kerry

"Kimon was fantastic to work with! He was very easy to talk to and made us feel extremely comfortable. Very creative with photo ideas. He also gave us wonderful suggestions as far as touring Santorini. We would recommend him over and over again!" - Niyomi

"Kimon was fantastic! He was calm and welcoming and relaxed while also being professional, assertive, and directive. He had the perfect mix of posing us and capturing candids. I adore the photos, every single one is perfection. I usually don't like myself in candids that much but I LOVE the ones he captured. Plus he was a pure joy to be around. The whole experience was wonderful!" - Alisa

"What can I say here? Kimon's snaps were just amazing! I'm totally happy with the shots taken and absolutely love the moments that were captured! Also, Kimon's a great guy and totally recommend him for any future shoots!" - Khushvinderjit

"Kimon Kimon KIMON!!! Seriously, what a photographer. From start to finish he made us feel at ease, especially me as it was a surprise proposal shoot. We really got to know him, before and during the shoot, and he has such a lovable personality. We loved Kimon so much and will be trying our hardest to get him to the UK for our wedding. He truly captured the moment in Santorini, and really surprised us." - Gurjit & Kathryn

"Kimon was so fun to work with and we will treasure these photos forever." - Yvonne

"Amazing product. Our photographer Kimon was so easy to work with and really knew the area we were shooting in." - Sabrina

"Amazing experience and so much fun, thanks so much Kimon." - Mara

"Kimon is really a nice person. He made our photo session enjoyable, especially for our kids.With his talent and Flytographer's help, finally we have our first family picture." - Christian

"Kimon knocked it out of the ballpark. He showed up to our appointment early and spent time getting to know us before we began. It was a miserably hot day, but Kimon smiled the entire time and made everything so wonderful - we barely noticed the awful temperatures! Kimon's pictures truly captured our honeymoon, and we could not be happier. We want to refer EVERYONE to Kimon, he is THE best out there!" - Anna

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