We caught up with celebrity brand strategist and speaker Phil Pallen, a frequent globe-trotter and digital nomad, and chatted about what motivates him.

Phil offers up advice on how to create a location-independent life and thoughts on his most memorable trips.

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3 Questions with Phil

What do you love most about travel?
I love to learn about how other people live. The inspiration I get by seeing people and places around the world is a vital part of what fuels my work and my ambition.

What’s the most memorable trip that you’ve taken?
I like to think that every trip is memorable for something! I visited London in 2014 and that trip really kicked off my love for travelling the globe. It blew my mind how easy it was to travel to so many cities within Europe. This summer I’ve crossed the Atlantic four times, often using London as my base to explore the rest of Europe and see great friends along the way.

Can you talk a little about what it’s like to be a digital nomad, and the importance you place on documenting your travels? What is your favourite part about getting to travel for work?
I feel blessed to have a career that allows me to work from anywhere. I live my life always having something to look forward to, and that’s usually my next travel destination. I often remind people as part of my work (branding people, companies, and speaking at conferences around the globe) that anyone can create this life. Build a brand that pairs your passion with something others need, and if that allows you to be location-independent, even better.

“I love Flytographer will all my heart and soul.” – Phil

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