Your Vacation Photographer in Los Angeles: Meet Andrea

Meet Andrea

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Andrea is available in Los Angeles and Santa Monica for all shoots, and in Laguna Beach for minimum 60 minutes and Santa Barbara for minimum 2 hours. 

Originally from rural Ohio, I moved to California in 2010 to pursue my education in Photography at Brooks Institute, where I graduated in 2012 with a Bachelors Degree in Film. Since graduating I have started my own production company and have begun working professionally as a wedding, portrait, commercial, and lifestyle fashion photographer and videographer. I have also spent many hours working professionally as a photo editor and retoucher in both the wedding and film industries. Photography is my life, my passion, my love and I enjoy every single minute of it!

Three Things

  1. I want to go to culinary school to become a talented pastry chef. (Of course this is mostly for the purposes of making amazing sweets that I can indulge on!)
  2. I have an adorable, hyper-active teddy bear of a Golden Retriever, Charlie.
  3. Dogs memes are kind of an obsession of mine. I mean, who doesn't love a good dog meme to make you laugh?

Favourite Place to Shoot in LA
My favourite shoots are anywhere in California's great outdoors in all its scenic beauty!

Languages Spoken

Customer Love for Andrea

"Andrea is so down to earth and easy to work with. I love her devotion and enthusiasm she brings to her photo shoots. Not only did she deliver beautiful photos but we had a memorable day together in Hollywood. I very much look forward to working with Andrea again in the future." - Nicole 

"About Andrea, we loved the way she was so patient, and guided us through the whole shooting. She is just the nicest person and took really, really great pictures." - Pedro (see blog post here)

"Andrea was the sweetest photographer! She made my family feel so at ease and by the end of the shoot, she honestly felt like family! So grateful for her amazing talent and even more for her kind spirit." - Tiffanie

"Andrea was so nice and patient and great at guiding me with poses and ideas to produce great photos! This was the BEST and ONLY way for me to capture such an important and momentous occasion in my life. So grateful to have had such a service available to be there for me when no one else could and have Andrea to share in my joy right before receiving a prestigious Best Selling Author Award!" - Tanja

"Andrea was such a treat! She made us feel comfortable and is a true professional...not to mention she takes an amazing photo!" - Mackenzie

"Andrea was such a pleasure to work with and really captured who we are as a couple, along with all of our genuine happiness and love for one another. I can’t say enough good things about her!" - Lauren (see proposal here)