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Meet Talia in Las Vegas

People often think a photographer has to somehow fall into a certain category when it comes to photography. Not so! If you love my work, then my style is definitely YOUR style. I've been featured on some of my favourite wedding sites like Green Wedding Shoes, Borrowed and Blue & Bridal Bar. I absolutely LOVE helping tell stories through my lens.

Three Things

  1. Since I'm now a mother, I really cherish the time I get to just DO NOTHING and be 100% present with my amazing kids. I also now take my naps seriously since they're few and far between!
  2. I love wine tasting with friends and a good bottle of Pinot Noir.
  3. Prior to becoming a full time photographer, I was in school for screenwriting and I was also a bartender for a few years! You would think that with those two gigs, I would have come across or invented some interesting characters in my life, but nothing has come close to the real life love stories that I've been so honoured to capture since becoming a photographer.

Favourite Place to Shoot in Las Vegas

There are so many fun places to shoot on The Strip!

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More Information

Pricing starts at $250 USD for a 30-minute vacation shoot

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Customer Love for Talia

"Such a great experience! She made it easy and not awkward like some sessions can be. If we are ever back in Vegas, we will rebook Talia! " - Joanie

"Talia was amazing! This was our first photoshoot but she guided us the whole time. I LOVE how the pictures turned out. " - Stefhany

"Talia was fantastic! She put my family at ease immediately and we had a fun shoot. I'm in love with the pictures! There are a treasure!" - Amy

"Talia was incredible. I had never done a photoshoot before and she knew exactly how to make it seamless. She knew exactly where the best spots were to go, from angles, to variety to energy to overall incredible experience. Thank you so much Talia! " - Catherine

"Talia was amazing not only at navigating through the crowds of Begas and getting us to the right spots but also at making us comfortable and giving us a super fun experience." - Dineka

"Talia was AMAZING!! I can't say enough good things about her. She was super sweet and made all of us feel beautiful. She did a wonderful job with the photos - they turned out awesome!" - Mary-Elizabeth

"Talia was the PERFECT match for us! She really understood what we wanted and our photos turned out SPECTACULAR!" - Diane

"We had so much fun working with Talia! She was fast and efficient which meant we got to take photos with many different backdrops during our shoot. Talia was genuinely interested in our travels and offered some insider tips. We can't say enough good things about our experience with Flytographer!" - Mandy

"Talia was terrific and the photos really captured family excitement and joy! She was very personable yet professional and extremely patient in working with a two-year-old. She was warm and attentive to everyone in the shoot and the venue was lovely!" - Dana

"Very happy with Talia's photos and she was a joy to work with! She treated our moment as if it was just as important to her as it was to us. Could not be happier." - Boomer

"Our photographer, Talia, was truly amazing. I am so incredibly happy with the photos captured from my bachelorette weekend! I'll cherish them forever." - Melanie

"Talia was great! She made our group of ladies feel very comfortable and the photos were amazing!" - Kristina

"Talia - You were on time, you were patient and 'got' us right away. The photographs are perfect and an amazing way to mark our 10th anniversary! I know we'll look back at them over the next decade and remember such an awesome time. Thank you so much!" - LM

"Talia was amazing! We had a lot of fun during the shoot; she was always really nice and helped us creatively." - Jesus

"Amazing experience with Talia; she was superb and made our trip memorable by capturing the moments into unforgettable frames." - AB

"Talia was perfect. She showed up on time and advised me on perfect placement of my standing and was able to get some excellent candid shots during our party. She used the Las Vegas lights amazingly." - Altamann

"Our photographer, Talia, was amazing - super friendly and talented. She knew all the best spots around Disneyland. The moment was captured perfectly and we couldn't be happier." - Adam

"Talia was sweet and very accommodating. She very nice and made us feel extremely comfortable throughout the shoot." - Sona

"Having Talia take our pictures when I proposed to my girlfriend was the best idea. Talia went above and beyond!" - Patrick

"Talia was so welcoming and supportive throughout the process. The pictures were amazing and better than we could have anticipated!" - Brett

"Talia was amazing!  She was sweet, fun to work with, and very talented!  Our location was extremely crowded and she made it look like we were the only ones there.  She helped us feel comfortable and the shoot shows our true colors beautifully." - Andrea

"Talia was on time, patient and 'got' us right away. The photographs are perfect and an amazing way to mark our 10th anniversary - something we hadn't done in 10 years! Thank you so much!" - Chelsea

"Our photographer, Talia, was amazing! She made the shoot so fun, knew all the right places to get good shots, and the photos turned out AMAZING. Totally worth it to have such beautiful, professional photos from our girls trip!" - JW

"It was so fun and Talia was the perfect match for us. We are extremely happy with our experience and the pictures are beautiful! What an incredible memory, with photos to share."  - Natalie

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