Grocery shopping, soccer practice and bake sales, oh my! These families broke out of their normal routines to explore new destinations and create unforgettable memories around the world.

These stunning family photos remind us that time is fleeting, so book that trip while you can! There’s no better investment than spending more quality time as a family, and we guarantee that you’ll never forget the time you twirled with your daughter under the Eiffel Tower or raced across Tower Bridge with your son.  Here are 20 top family moments from 2019 that pulled at our heartstrings.

Favourite Memory: “A private boat tour along the canals on a warm sunny day really felt like paradise. People were out on boats, bike and foot alike and we loved taking in the city from the water.”

Inspiration: “This was the first trip to Europe for our four-year-old son, Graham, and we specifically chose Amsterdam for its unique culture and geography to explore with our kiddo. He loved the boats, bikes and simply wandering the streets in search of his next stroopwafel or bitterballen – and we did too!” — Lauren in Amsterdam

Favourite Memory: “One of my favourite memories from our trip was taking pictures with our photographers in Spain.”

Inspiration: “We were fortunate enough to go on a Celebrity Cruise through Europe!” — Kate & Christina in Barcelona

Favourite Memory: “Spending time with my loved ones in my favourite place.”

Inspiration: “Maui is our family’s happy place. We come here to heal and recharge.” — Kash in Maui

Favourite Memory: “The food!”

Inspiration: “Sisters’ trip to celebrate our sister’s college graduation.” — Nakeisha in Venice

Favourite Memory: “Our baby girl said her first word in Venice!”

Inspiration: “My husband had just returned from deployment, so we wanted to take a family trip together!” — Caroline in Venice

Favourite Memory: “The people and food! Just amazing.”

Inspiration: “As a family, we take a vacation to a new country at least once a year. This year we chose to explore Cancun, Mexico. The food, culture and artistry helped make our decision to get to know Mexico. We enjoyed every minute and can’t wait to return!” — RoseMary in Cancun

Inspiration: “My husband and I have vacationed in Cabo before we got married and had a baby. We always wanted to have our wedding here because we fell in love with the town and the wonderful people and of course the gorgeous views. We did not have a destination wedding but we were lucky enough to bring our daughter here for her first vacation out of the country and she did amazing! She is now going to be a world traveller!” — Roseli in Cabo San Lucas

Favourite Memory: “My favourite memory from this trip was introducing my daughter to the traditional public bath. She had so much fun learning the etiquette and soaking in the outdoor bath!”

Inspiration: “Japan has always been our favourite travel destination. We love pretty much everything about Japan, from the food to the animation and everything in between. What made this trip extra-special was that we took our five-year-old daughter to Japan for the first time and successfully made her fall in love with the place too.” — Janice in Toyko

Favourite Memory: “One of our favourite memories of Amsterdam was our kids swimming in the fountain area alongside the Tropenmuseum in the beautiful Oosterpark.”

Inspiration: “My husband and I both have brothers that have recently moved overseas (Amsterdam and Denmark), so we wanted to take our family on an adventure to visit them both. This was the first time our kids have been to Europe and we wanted to document our travels and these sweet memories of our summer in Europe.” — Rebecca in Amsterdam

Inspiration: “When traveling as a solo-parent, it is unfortunately impossible to get decent (non-selfie!) photographs. I knew I would be creating some wonderful memories with my daughter on this vacation, and wanted to be able to capture some of those moments. Flytographer made the process seamless, and we ended up getting paired with Vanessa in Dublin – who was an absolute dream to work with. I will treasure these images forever. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.” — Colleen in Dublin

Favourite Memory: “We loved seeing our boys faces at the ‘real’ Jurassic Park.”

Inspiration: “We wanted to see a gorgeous place and enjoy time with our three active boys. Hawaii had always been a bucket list destination and we decided there was no better time than the present.” — Brittney in Honolulu

Favourite Memory: “Watching the pure joy our son exhibited while travelling around ‘Wing-win’ (or as we’d say it, England).”

Inspiration: “This trip was our first really big trip with our 2-year-old son, Holden, and it had to be to England to visit our friends. It was an incredible experience and he absolutely loved it. We knew it was going to be special, which is why I had to book a photographer to capture our family on this trip.” — Ryan in London

Favourite Memory: “Every day was memorable, but attending ‘World of Color’ at nighttime at California Adventure was a special experience to share with my daughter.”

Inspiration: “My 40th birthday! I let my daughter have a lot of input as far as the destination for the occasion, but the 40-year-old enjoyed Disneyland every bit as much as did the 8-year-old (if not more)!” — Jody in Anaheim

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