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Meet Conie in Cancun

I'm originally from Argentina, but I like to think I'm from everywhere. I'm constantly rediscovering my style as a photographer and retoucher, and as a person as well! The only thing that is constant is my love for natural light and capturing those small but natural moments in our lives, such as a good kiss, a look, or crazy laugh.

Three Things

  1. I'm a wanderer, passionate about trips and new experiences, music, good food, red wine, photography and natural light.
  2. I like to relax at the beach and I'm obsessed with a few things besides photography, like TV shows, iced coffee, animals, mountains, and music.
  3. I would like to rescue every single stray dog in the world, like.. every - single - one.

Favourite Place to Shoot in Cancun

The beach or colourful, characteristic streets.

Languages Spoken

Spanish & English

More Information

Conie has a minimum booking length of 60 minutes in Cancun.

Conie is also available for Isla Mujeres for minimum 60-minute bookings plus a travel fee of $40 - please inquire.

Pricing starts at $350 USD for a 60-minute vacation shoot

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Customer Love for Conie

"Conie's work is amazing! We have received so many genuine compliments on our photos from friends and family. Conie is proactive, organize, communicative, accommodating and a true pleasure to work with!" - Esther

"Conie was fantastic. Right away she was a calm and collected presence which is appreciated with 5 adults and 2 children 3 years and younger! She had a great eye for candid photos and was helpful with directing backgrounds. She has a very warm personality and was a joy to work with. She did an amazing job capturing some fantastic photos of our family that we will cherish forever! " - Laurel

"Conie was friendly, helpful and did an amazing job of wrangling our large family group of 16. Thank you Conie!" - Jennifer

"Conie was wonderful, and extremely easy to work with. She did such a phenomenal job capturing some very special moments- both candid and posed. The location she selected was absolutely gorgeous, and we will always treasure the beautiful photos she took of us and our triplet daughters!" - Anjali

"Wow! Conie blew us away...she was so sweet and lovely and make us feel very comfortable! Highly recommend her to anyone visiting Tulum. " - Tonya

"Conie was amazing. She is a very talented photographer, who made our family feel comfortable and special on the shoot. The whole experience was remarkable." - Cameron

"Conie was so great to work with! It was our first photoshoot ever and she made it so much fun and effortless. Conie is also very detailed with making sure the little things look good (e.g. hair not in face, straps not falling off, etc...) and has a keen, creative eye. Would definitely recommend Conie for your photography needs!" - Crystal

"Great experience with Conie, definitely recommend!" - Emily

"Our photographer Conie made us feel really comfortable in front of the camera. The beach was still crowded with lots of beach goers but with Conie as our photographer, I felt like we were the only ones there." - See

"Conie was wonderful! Very fun and friendly and she really captured the joy of our family vacation. We were also delighted to see some of the candids we weren’t expecting! We would recommend Conie to anyone!" - Andrew

"Conie was such a pleasure to work with and captured amazing pics of our family vacation. I showed Conie some example photos that I liked and she made sure to capture similar ones and made lots of suggestions incorporating our beautiful beach surroundings. We were very pleased with our pictures." - Jill

"Conie was clearly a veteran! She has honed her craft! We have two kids who don't like to pose so we were a little nervous! She was quick and hit the shots perfectly! When we got the sneak peek photo my husband said ' well if this is the only one that turned out, it was worth every penny!' Fortunately they all turned out better than we could have imagined!" - Jacquelyn

"Conie was so sweet! She had great locations and pose ideas for our family photos! Not to mention she was casually and made us all feel comfortable and our photos turned out just amazing! Thank you Conie!" - Mareina

"We highly recommend Conie! She is so kind and talented and went above and beyond to make our session memorable. We thoroughly enjoyed our experience with her and are absolutely in love with our family photos. She gave the perfect amount of direction while keeping our session feeling fun and natural. Gracias, Conie!!" - Jessie

"Conie was friendly and prompt. The pictures are amazing! Thank you Conie!" - Jessica

"Conie was great with our children, she was very calm and had a good vibe." - Cassia

"One of the best photographers ever!" - Tram

"Conie is terrific and so easy to work with. We couldn’t be happier with our photos, she did such a lovely job capturing our personalities and the energy we wanted to impart through the photos. Thank you, Conie! We’ll definitely see you next time we’re in Tulum!" - Lucy

"Conie captured some beautiful pictures of my family, which was incredible because none of us like being photographed! It is my favorite vacation purchase ever." - Heidi

"Conie is a fantastic photographer that was very patient, professional and worked hard to ensure all of the photos were captured in the right light during a very windy day at the beach in Tulum." - Jonathan

"Working with Conie was a dream! She was so patient with our boys. I only wish we had more time to enjoy the area of the Tulum Hotel District. We will be back!" - Meagan

"Conie was lovely - we’re veterans to photoshoots, I’ve developed an obsession for family photos over time, and these were favourites! She held our 11-month-old while capturing my husband and I and wrangled the 2 & 5 year old kids to smile and all look at the camera at once! The photos are treasured memories!" - Kimberly

"Conie, We were eagerly awaiting the photos and expected them to be awesome….but WOW!!!! We were truly blown away by how incredible they turned out! Your unique style perfected captured both the beautiful surroundings and the dynamic of our relationship. We’re SO grateful for the generous gift of so many extra photos! We’ll cherish them now and always. Thank you so much again for making the trip so special." - Emily

"Working with Conie was terrific. My daughter and I were instantly at ease. And my images? I’m in love with them. Head over heels!" - Corey

"Conie is wonderful, kind, and easy to work with. She went out of her way to make us all feel comfortable and was very patient with our whole family. I highly recommend working with her and would certainly want to do so again if given the opportunity." - Anne

"Conie was amazing! She made our honeymoon shoot feel so natural and fun. Our pictures came out incredible!" - Emily

"Conie is amazing! We love her style! Not only is she talented, she is such a sweet and easy going person to work with. My girls and I had such a blast shooting in Tulum and Conie was able to guide us through to get the best shots. Thanks again for everything Conie!" - Daphne

"Conie was amazing, I could tell that she was extremely passionate about what she does. Her photographs turned out fun and unique, even better than my high expectations!" - Anna

"Conie was so great to work with! She is such an easygoing and engaging photographer, and the hourlong session flew by!" - Brad

"Where do I begin with Conie?! Her artistic eye is INCREDIBLE! I've had a couple of professional sessions done, but this so far has been my absolute favorite hands down. Conie never posed us (6 girls), but allowed us to be in our natural state as possible and captured such organic elements of our friendship. That's such an incredible feat. If you can, do yourself a favour and book with Conie! I wish I can have her with me wherever I go" - Quynh

"Conie was amazing! She was so easy to work with, very fun and easygoing. We loved the experience and the photos turned out perfectly!" - Erica

"Conie was awesome to work with! We did a proposal shoot and planned everything ahead. The whole process from start to finish was so smooth and the shoot was great. We can't thank Conie enough for our beautiful pictures." - Chris

"Conie was a wonderful photographer and made our photoshoot very fun and enjoyable!" - Gina

"We loved our experience with flytographer!  Conie was incredibly easy to work with and her work is really spectacular.  We cannot wait to visit Tulum and Conie again next year and book with flytographer on our next adventure!" -Charlene

"Conie did a beautiful job capturing our first family vacation. These memories will last a lifetime." - Raquel

"Conie was amazing. The kids loved her and she was great with them. The photos turned out great and she captured our personalities perfectly." - Misty

"Conie did an amazing job of capturing the proposal moment for us! I couldn't be happier with how the shoot went and how the pictures turned out!" - Eric

"Conie was amazing! My husband and I were very camera shy, but Conie made us feel comfortable and gave us a lot of much-needed direction. She also asked for our input, which was nice as well. Our photos are beautiful and even my husband (who hates taking pictures), loved them!" - Terria

"Conie was like one of the family! We actually hugged her before she left. She is an amazing photographer and took great care of our memories. We adore her!" - LeAnna

"Conie was professional, helpful and a pleasure to have taking our family photographs." - H&S

"It was such a treat to have such a talented photographer take photos of us together. Conie was delightful to work with, and made us feel so comfortable in front of her camera." - Jackie (see blog post here)

"Our experience with Conie was excellent. She met all of expectations and was a pleasure to work with. Extremely professional and very kind. Everyone in our big family group loved her!" - Maria

"Flytographer was the perfect way to surprise our best friend on her Bachelorette Party! We had so much fun and felt so comfortable pretending to be models for Connie. Absolutely love our photos and can't wait for our next excuse to book." - Molly

"Connie is so nice and has amazing taste when it comes to choosing scenes and poses for the shoot. I had a great experience working with her and would recommend her to anyone considering a shoot in Mexico!" -AW

"Thank you, Conie, for capturing some of our best memories from Mexico!  Although the girls were tired and grumpy, you still managed to catch the best of them on film. Thank you for spending time with our family." -Helen

"Conie was fantastic to work with. She was so fun and easy to work with. Our photos are absolutely gorgeous and we couldn't be happier with our choice." -Kirstie

"Conie in Cancun did a phenomenal job with my bachelorette  pictures. She was genuine and detailed with little things, which is what I enjoyed the most. Conie made everything fun, and she made everyone in the group feel very comfortable. I had a great photo-shoot session with her. I would recommend her!" - Christina

"I am absolutely breath-taken by all of our photos! Conie was amazing and so kind. I gave her a hug as soon as I met her, we hit it off so well and she made us feel very comfortable!" - Bianca

"Conie was absolutely amazing! She was so sweet and kind.  We felt very at ease throughout the entire shoot.  My girls really adored her! The weather wasn't perfect and I was really afraid that none of the pictures would turn out, but honestly, I love every single picture that we received.  It was the best decision to have Conie commemorate our family vacation this year." -Connie

"I can't thank Conie with Flytographer enough! My boyfriend was a little shy, but she made us both feel so at ease. She took some fantastic shots." - Bryce

"I really loved Conie because she was easy to work with and understood what kind of pictures we were looking for." - YY

"Our photographer Conie was amazing and her pictures turned out perfect." - Spencer

"We love Conie and her style! A large group can be overwhelming and hectic but she made us feel very comfortable and was very easy to work with." - Monika

"Conie was amazing! She made all of us feel so comfortable in front of the camera and was able to get so many great shots of such a big group. So glad we decided to book a photo shoot with flytographer :)" -AV

"I could not have asked for a better experience! Proposing is a very stressful experience but the shoot coordinator Liss and my photographer Conie made sure everything was perfect." - Kevin

"Working with Conie was amazing. She really let us be ourselves and enjoy the moment. Very easy to work with and gave us some direction to help get a good shot, but not too much where it would have taken away from letting us enjoy having just gotten engaged!" -Matt & Devon

"My family could not of asked for a better experience! We wanted some photographs to help capture our family vacation in a fun way and give us wonderful memories for years to come! Conie and Flytographer did EXACTLY this!! We LOVE our photos and Conie was so fun shoot with, making our pictures that much better!" - Brianne

"I was worried about doing a destination proposal but Connie and Flytographer helped me bring it together so easily. My favourite memory was the photos with Conie but also the proposal moment. It was as perfect as I dreamed it would be. My fiancé and I had an amazing time!" - Jasmine

"Conie was great at directing us and making us feel comfortable. I really appreciated her attention to detail.  Our kids did not want to cooperate for the shoot, so we were surprised and amazed by all the excellent moments she captured." - Andrea

"Conie was amazing! She's very professional, attentive and personable. It was so easy photographing with her. We spoke about the shots we wanted, and she was great about accommodating all of the requests we were a VERY large group, and booked her for 90 min. The time went by quickly, but no one felt their time was rushed. We were so happy to receive our pictures quickly after. We would definitely use Conie again, and Flytographer!" - NP

"Conie was great. She was very nice and directed our family of 9 to great pictures on the beach." - Carlie

"Spending time with Conie for our shoot was one of the best parts of our trip!" - Elizabeth

"We are so happy with our pics! Conie was awesome and now we have even greater memories from our amazing trip!" - Antonio

"We LOVED working with Conie. She made the photo shoot quick and fun, capturing natural, candid moments with my family, without it feeling staged." - Audrey (see blog post here)

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