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What to Pack For Your Honeymoon Beyond the Essentials

The vows have been declared, the cake’s been cut, and the songs have all been danced — it’s time to leap into the best part: your honeymoon! We want your first holiday together as newlyweds to as be memorable as possible, so we’ve rounded up our ten favourite must-pack items for your honeymoon beyond your passport and bikini.

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An Epic Honeymoon On the Other Side of the World

We absolutely adore hearing that booking a Flytographer session is one of the first things our lovely customers do during the vacation planning process. Read on for how Amanda and Dave spent their amazing honeymoon in Sydney and Auckland and why they’re self-proclaimed Flytographer addicts.

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Discovering the Beauty of Marrakesh

Newlyweds Jackie and Charley decided to head to Marrakesh for their honeymoon to explore its intricate beauty. Read on for what they found there and what they brought back with them to ease the wanderlust.

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How to Honeymoon in Santorini

One of the secrets to a successful relationship is communication, right? Well, these two are such excellent communicators that they invented their own word while honeymooning in Santorini! Read on for how they spent their honeymoon in Greece and what inspired them to invent a new word. 

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A Glamorous Honeymoon Guide to Los Angeles

What better place to live the glam life than in Hollywood? Hila and Dvir spent part of their honeymoon in L.A. and treated themselves while there. Read on for the details, plus Flytographer Dipan’s favourite local picks.

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The Best Way to See Florence

The best way to see Florence? Do as the locals do. We think the best way to see Florence is exactly how Annastasia and John did on their honeymoon. Read on for all the details.

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Flytographer’s Most Romantic Photos Captured on the Amalfi Coast

Every once in a while – ok, all the time – we want to do nothing more than go gaga over our clients’ stunning photos. Without fail, when a new set comes in from the Amalfi Coast, we know it’s going to be epically romantic and have us dreaming of seaside getaways with our loved ones. Here’s all the proof we need that the Amalfi Coast is the most romantic place on Earth.

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A Honeymoon Spent at Home in Chiang Mai

Jasmine was born in Thailand, but hadn’t been back in years. Her honeymoon presented the perfect opportunity to vacation in her gorgeous home country and introduce her new husband to her Thai family members.

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