One of the secrets to a successful relationship is communication, right? Well, these two are such excellent communicators that they invented their own word while honeymooning in Santorini! Read on for how they spent their honeymoon in Greece and what inspired them to invent a new word. 

“We were inspired to go to Greece for our honeymoon because my husband has Greek roots that we wanted to explore. We traveled all over Greece and fell in love with every corner of the country! A few of our favourite memories from our honeymoon include having wine under the stars in Santorini, exploring the Cretan mountains, and eating fresh fish next to the Aegean Sea nearly every night, and our amazing Flytographer experience!

“We wanted to do something ‘off the beaten path’ while we were in Greece for our honeymoon. My husband found a place called Meteora in northern Greece that had gorgeous monasteries carved into the sides of breathtaking mountains. We ended up enduring a nearly 12-hour train ride to reach this destination just to hop off for two hours to see Meteora and then hop back on the train again! We were sweaty, hungry and tired (and invented the word ‘swhangry’ to describe our feelings). We both agreed it was not our brightest idea!

“Don’t try to shove too much into each day. Some of our favourite days were spent just sitting by the hotel pool or going on a leisurely walk in a neighbourhood. Don’t let the ‘frou-frou’ restaurants pull you in. Your money is best spent at the authentic Greek taverns and restaurants along the waterside – we never had a bad meal at one of those!

Kimon knocked it out of the ballpark. He showed up to our appointment early and spent time getting to know us before we began. It was a miserably hot day, but Kimon smiled the entire time and made everything so wonderful – we barely noticed the awful temperatures! Kimon’s pictures truly captured our honeymoon and we could not be happier.” – Anna

 Flytographer:  Kimon in Santorini

Flytographer: Kimon in Santorini

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