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The Most Colourful Streets in the World

Break free from your dreary daily grind and paint your travels in the pop of colour you’ve been craving. Pack your bags (and your camera!). The world’s most colourful streets are waiting to spice up your life, from the Pacific Northwest to the lively lanes of Morocco.  No filter required.

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The Top Christmas Markets in the World to Visit in 2017

Get into the spirit of the season with a visit to one of the world’s best Christmas markets. From the more traditional to the modern, these Christmas markets have everything from warm mugs of mulled wine, handmade treats, and visits with Santa to roller coasters, live music, and beer gardens.

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Local Travel Tips to Get Off the Beaten Path

Our community of Flytographers are not only the most amazing photographers ready to capture your vacation memories, they also have amazing, local insider tips on what to see and do to get off the beaten path in their cities. Here are some of our favourite suggestions from locals around the world. 

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Sharing the Peaks of Travel As a Family

Spending time together as a family travelling and seeing the world becomes harder and harder as the kids grow up, get married and have busy jobs. But if you can set aside the time to do so, travelling together as a grown family can be a wonderful experience. We love this family’s tradition of sharing their personal “peaks and pits” around the dinner table each evening while travelling together. Read on for more on their Baltic cruise.

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Get Away to Copenhagen

Copenhagen’s incredibly long summer days give travellers plenty of time for exploring this beautiful city of canals and cyclists. Pair that with the city’s exceptional beer scene and you have the perfect destination for a long weekend away.

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