From gorgeous Santorini rooftops to the shores of Lake Michigan in Chicago, we went around the world with all the stunning proposals we helped capture in October.

Scroll down for all the heartfelt moments.

1. Robbi and Raijanne in Santorini
Flytographer Kimonas


2. Tyler and Katie in Burgundy
Flytographer Leo


3. Zameel and Andora in Barcelona
Flytographer Orlando


4. Jesse and Carla in Tokyo
Flytographer Nathalie


5. Stephen and Lorraine in Paris
Flytographer Krystal


6. James and Rachel in Victoria
Flytographer Tegan


7. Danson and Daphne in Santorini
Flytographer Kimonas


8. Chase and Lanie in Paris
Flytographer Kirill


9. Lukus and Kaycee in Santorini
Flytographer Kimonas


10. Andrew and Ashley in Paris
Flytographer Krystal


11. Robert and Kristen in Copenhagen
Flytographer Liz


12. Tyler and Celeste in Chicago
Flytographer Michael


13. Kane and Samantha in Los Angeles
Flytographer Dipan


14. Brandon and Jasmine in New York City
Flytographer Amanda


15. Rousseau and Emma in Venice
Flytographer Vito


16. Sam and Coco in Edinburgh
Flytographer Kim


17. Harmeet and Chandni in Chicago
Flytographer Adam


18. Bijohn and Whitney in Kona
Flytographers Caleb and Cece


19. David and Danie in New York City
Flytographer Johnny


20. Matthew and Carolyn in New Orleans
Flytographer Amy


21. Trent and Jennifer in Maui
Flytographer Kevin


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