Your Vacation Photographer in Maui: Meet Kevin

Meet Kevin

Your Vacation Photographer in Maui: Meet Kevin

Please note: Kevin is only able to take shoots in Hana (on the east side of Maui).

With my photography, I'm looking to capture honest, authentic moments. Posed shots are lovely; however, photos of candid joy are always my favourite images. Maui is a landscape photographer's dream come true. I get to place people in the island's breath-taking scenes, as I'm focused on portraits, events and weddings.

Three Things

  1. You can usually find me in the mountains or near the water. I love snowboarding (I used to teach it in Lake Tahoe!), camping, paddling, mountain biking and snorkelling. I'm a music lover, dog hugger, knowledge seeker, craft beer drinker and free thinker. 
  2. I couldn't live without my wife's homemade pizza!
  3. People are often surprised to find out that I'm a bit of a DJ.

Favourite Place to Shoot in Maui
All of Hana is gorgeous! You can't go wrong here.

Languages Spoken