When in doubt, ask the professional photographers.

One of the first things people think about after they book a destination photo shoot is, “What on earth should I wear?” And while you shouldn’t put too much pressure on yourselves (this is a photo shoot, not dental surgery—have fun!), there are things you can plan for to make sure you’re feeling awesome and looking good on the big photo day. We asked a few of our photographers from around the globe to share their top tips—here’s what they had to say about what to wear, what to watch out for and what to avoid.

What to Wear in London? Smart Casual vs. Ultra Dressy

“In London, overdressed can be a problem sometimes, as some areas are designated as ‘private properties’ and any commercial shoot will need prior permission (often chargeable). There are examples when couples have turned up in full gowns and dinner suits, and local security interrupted the shoot and we had to move. Smart casual, however, is usually fine. This isn’t always the case, it depends on the location, so best to check with local photographers first if clients want to wear something formal. Oh, and never, ever, wear flip-flops—yes, I’ve seen them.”
—Jimmy, Flytographer in London

What to Wear in Paris? 3 Essential Tips

Opt for bold colours. “Wear colour in Paris, because it can be such a grey city. Pops of red are so beautiful, or wear any other colour you feel beautiful in.” Bring a Frenchy prop. “Many clients have brought berets, macarons, or gorgeous flowers from the local florist.” Carry back-up shoes. “If you decide to wear heels, bring comfortable flat shoes for walking between locations.”
—Krystal, Flytographer in Paris

Watch That Tan Line

“So my biggest suggestion is for those Fitbit and Apple Watch people. Time and time again lovely travellers come to sunny Santorini and when they come to their shoots they’re glowing from being sun kissed by the Greek sun, but have a pale band around their wrist! I love photographing hands, especially if you are recently engaged or married. I have nothing personal against the devices, but watch out for the tan lines!”
—Kimon, Flytographer in Santorini

Don’t Forget the Elastic Bands!

“People with long hair, leave your hair elastics off your wrists! I do my best to scan for details (unzipped fly, uneven collar, awry hair, etc.), but I can sometimes miss spotting that black elastic on your wrist in your photo.”
—Kimon, Flytographer in Santorini

Meet Wind, the Hair Killer

London is a weird place when it comes to weather because we can have four seasons a day. Everything is unpredictable and I have shot in all kinds of weather: sunny, rainy, windy, freezing, you name it. But my worst enemy is always the wind. Rain isn’t a problem usually as it adds a bit of romance and drama into the photos, which my clients love. So it doesn’t need to be sunny all the time, just not windy, because messy hair is something I can’t fix.” Tip: Plan your hairstyle for the weather, and think about hairspray, bobby pins and hats.
—Jimmy, Flytographer in London

Clean Silhouettes and Italian Pastels

“Try to wear clean silhouettes, minimize complicated patterns and try to complement your wardrobe colour with your surroundings (pastel tones are good in Rome).”
—Roberta, Flytographer in Rome


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