Does the thought of family photos with teens make your heart lovingly skip a beat and simultaneously make your mind want to run away in terror? 💓 So. Many. Emotions! Ah, the teenage years. It’s such an incredible time of life, but it can also be fickle! 

Do you want to know the reason you need to put a Flytographer family photo session with your teenager at the top of your to-do list? Forced time together. Closeness. Literal bonding. A stranger-turned-friend (also known as one of our professional photographers) inspiring natural smiles and casual interactions, making for memorable and cherished family portraits, and taking the responsibility off your parental shoulders! Most parents quickly sign up for family photos with their little ones (have you seen our posts on photo ideas with babies, toddlers and kids?), but that energy peters out when kids grow. We can’t stress this enough: don’t forget to capture the in-between teen years, as well. 📸

Have we convinced you yet? Read on for more family photo pose ideas with your teenager…

Don’t have a teenager quite yet? Read our posts on family photo ideas with babies, toddlers, and kids first. 💙

Photo: Olga in Venice for Flytographer. Laura and family capture their family trip together in Venice with a family photoshoot.

Pose Idea #1: Casual Stroll

Perhaps the most obvious pose for family photo ideas with teens, but one of the best ones to lead with: the casual stroll! Do you remember being a teenager? I do. It wasn’t perhaps my most comfortable season in life (although teens have come a long way in terms of comfortability in front of a camera, ahem, thanks to social media). The casual stroll is a great way to get everyone comfortable together. All you have to do is… stroll! It gives teens a chance to walk free with their hands in their pockets, by their sides, or folded across their chests in sweet resignation! The sky’s the limit. Just stroll. Together. Cool and casual. 😎 Let your Flytographer capture the candid moments as they transpire.

Photo: Marie in Maui for Flytographer. Leah and family stroll along the beach together in Maui at Po’olenalena Beach with a Family photoshoot.

Pose Idea #2: Sit and Snuggle

Another favorite pose idea is the sit and snuggle. This one is great because it can be formal, but also easily turn casual depending on how your teen is feeling. Capturing special moments with your teen is enough to make any parent’s heart burst. 💫 

What mom doesn’t long for a snuggle with her baby? Is your baby 2? 13? 17? Great! This is the pose that reminds you why you’re doing this: quality time with your kiddo … who just so happens to not be an infant anymore. This is your opportunity for quality time, so take advantage! Snuggle into your teen any chance you get. 🫂

Photo: Sehee in New York City for Flytographer. Amber and family enjoy a fun day in New York City together at the Brooklyn Bridge and DUMBO with a family photoshoot.

Pose Idea #3: Link Up!

Now, the “Link Up!” 🤝 The great thing about linking up is it keeps everyone in your beautiful family connected and allows for movement from new angles. Holding hands makes for really fun family photo ideas with teens, and works great in crosswalks or when you’re walking along a ledge or other slightly-elevated surfaces. Distancing family members from one another can be tricky, so keeping that connection by linking up is both helpful and flattering. Don’t forget to switch up the order of family members — you can have parents on the outside edges, right in the middle, or stagger them throughout. Changing up the order throughout your shoot also ensures no one gets too sick of each other (#teenagers).

Photo: Madison in Jackson Hole for Flytographer. Lisa and family capture their family trip together in Jackson hole at the Outer Park Road with a family photoshoot.

Pose Idea #4: Power Pockets

Remember back during pose idea #1 when we mentioned hands in pockets? Let’s go back to that because pockets are a teen’s best friend. Oftentimes teens want a little space, and a little less contact, and that’s fine! Allowing your teen to regain a little space after all the closeness usually recharges them to power through the remainder of your family photo shoot. 

If your teen is looking a little angsty, try having your family members line up side by side with each other, stretch out arms to create some distance, and then have everyone settle their hands into their pockets. No pockets? You can play with an accessory, fluff hair, or just swing your hands/arms around free however they feel comfortable. Pro tip: oftentimes our male friends have a tendency to feel awkward with their hands and arms, so just remind them to find their pockets and slouch a little! That simple gesture makes a world of a difference in terms of comfortability.

Photo: Vito in Venice for Flytographer. Alison and family celebrate their family trip together in the Castello area of Venice with a family photoshoot.

Pose Idea #5: The Look Back

Sometimes teens just don’t want the attention that family pictures warrant. In that case, give them a break, and let them literally walk away. ✌️ Bonus points if they do it willingly and as a whole family as opposed to just… running away. 😉 While everyone is walking away, take turns returning your gaze to your Flytographer! This gives a chance for those who are feeling camera-ready to show their beautiful smile, while others who may need a minute to take a breather to do just that!

Photo: Rachel in Paris for Flytographer. Amanda and daughter enjoy a beautiful day together in Paris at the Champ de Mars and Eiffel Tower with a family photoshoot.

Best Time of Day 

The best time of day is one when there’s natural light, and just as important, when your family is in the best mood possible. Does your teen loathe getting up early? Even though the light may be awesome, don’t schedule an early morning shoot — aim for a golden hour shoot later in the day! Keeping moods happy is the best way to start your shoot on a positive note, so take into consideration the timing of your shoot based on what works best for your family. Take a look at our local Flytographer’s recommendations in terms of locations/routes to choose one that works best. With hundreds of incredible photographers around the world, you’re sure to find a great match for your family photos! 🥳

Photo: Martina in Barcelona for Flytographer. Martin and family capture their family trip in Barcelona at The Gothic Quarter with a family photoshoot.

How to Use the Photos 

As parents we know time is fleeting. Capturing the faces and attributes of growing kiddos and teens is the only way we can cherish this time long after kids grow, so don’t miss the opportunity to capture your family vacation memories. Photos not only can decorate your walls, but also be perfect gifts for grandparents and family members, posts on social media, family Christmas cards and/or holiday cards, and more! 💌 Having great photos (group photos!) of your entire family during this season in life is priceless. 

Photo: Stathis and Christina in Santorini for Flytographer. Dacia and family celebrate their family trip in Oia Village of Santorini with a family photoshoot.

Location & Activity Ideas 

Having teenagers means hearing all the opinions, so why not use those opinions to your advantage? Take a look at your destination page and let your teen help choose your Flytographer and route! It’s a great way to include and get everyone excited together. While you’re at it, make tentative plans for what to do after your family photoshoot as well. 🍽 Flytographer shoots aren’t your typical family portrait session, so try and let go of some of the pressure for perfection and start the conversation off on the right foot! 💃

Photo: Samantha in Kona for Flytographer. Amber and family celebrate a birthday together in Kona at A Bays Beach with a family photoshoot.

Family Photo Ideas with Teens

Whether there’s just a couple of you travelling, or if you have a large family, don’t miss the chance to get family photos with your teen. Hiring a family photographer and passing off the stress you may feel to capture your crew gives you the chance to savour the moment and cherish this season in life.

There is nothing quite like being a parent to a teen — that magical space sandwiched between childhood and adulthood where your child is becoming a peer. It’s truly, truly incredible. Don’t forget to timestamp this season forever with family photos. ❣️

Cheers to family photos, travel, and teens … and keep following along for more tips and pose ideas!🥂