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Meet Amanda in New York City

I specialize in lifestyle and travel lifestyle photography. I not only shoot in and around the streets of the city, but also in apartments, shops, museums, restaurants, parks - anywhere and everywhere my clients FEEL happy, whether they're families, couples, or commercial. Finding places that make people feel happy, as well as creating memories while we shoot, is what makes our time together fun. And that is what makes for great photos!

Three Things

  1. When I'm not taking photos, I love trying to experience and explore every inch of the city by foot, frequently with food destinations as my guide! Usually I'm with my kids, or have girlfriends in tow, which makes it even more fun. The city is so walkable, it feels like the adventures are never-ending!
  2. I can't live without sugar!
  3. My friends tell me I am full of energy, super-sarcastic, an early-riser, and always on the hunt for ice cream and/or carbs. I'm a complete minimalist, a cheapskate, and I'm absolutely terrified of moths.

Favourite Place to Shoot in New York City

Central Park, the Upper West Side and Lincoln Center, and the Flatiron District are some of my favourite areas - I love using food trucks, shops, and even taxis to tell stories about your time in the city!

Languages Spoken

English, American Sign Language

More Information

***Please note: Amanda is currently available for any length shoots in Central Park and above 23rd Street in Manhattan; other areas of the city (including Brooklyn) require a minimum 90-minute booking.

Pricing starts at $250 USD for a 30-minute vacation shoot

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Customer Love for Amanda

"Amanda was amazing! She is fun and so easy to get along with. We loved meeting her and the experience she created for us. " - Mira

"Amanda was so sweet, kind, and enthusiastic she put us right at ease and set a great tone for our shoot and experience! We're so happy with our pictures and so glad to have the special trip captured!" - Rebecca

"We would highly recommend the lovely Amanda, who made us all feel relaxed, comfortable and completely nailed our brief. Thank you so much for our gorgeous momentos." - Erin

"Amanda was AMAZING! I instantly felt relaxed and she always made sure I was getting the shots I wanted. Such a great photographer and an amazing person! " - Carly

"Amanda was incredible! From the planning to the actual proposal, she made the process seamless and the resulting pictures are spectacular. Our trip to NYC and the proposal could not have been any better. Thank you Amanda for making this moment so special and documented so well." - Colin

"Amanda was amazing! So flexible and engaging even in the sub par weather. Highly recommend her!" - Michelle

"Amanda was amazing! We felt comfortable with her immediately, so the shoot was a breeze. She gave great direction, making the shoot super fun and easy. The photos turned out great, loved the how the lighting turned out! " - Lauren

"THANK YOU SO MUCH to Amanda. The proposal couldn't have gone any better if I had tried. We had setup a plan on a call before hand, and everyone went according to our plan. The pictures turned out perfect! She was able to capture all the emotion we experienced and we'll have this for the rest of our lives. She was extremely helpful with the remainder of our shoot after the initial proposal. 100% recommend working with Amanda!" - Jack

"Had an amazing time with Amanda for our proposal shoot! She was a joy to work with and our pictures turned out SO great! We've never had professional photos done before, but Amanda made it so easy and the results were outstanding. Also, she was very helpful with regards to the proposal itself!" - Chance

"Amanda was great, friendly and helpful and she made the photoshoot so fun!" - Matt

"We feel like we absolutely hit the jackpot with Amanda! She was friendly and extremely patient with our non-cooperative two year old and took some fabulous photos (we don’t know how she did it!). We would use her again in a heartbeat!" - Hillarie

"Amanda was absolutely amazing! From raining the entire session to having an uncooperative child to try to get into the shoot, NOTHING phased Amanda. She rolled with the punches and produced incredible pictures---rain and a challenging child not withstanding! I would highly recommend Amanda and her many talents." - Chad

"Amanda was AMAZING!!! I can’t say enough nice things about the entire experience. I’m so happy that I chose Amanda and Flytographer. It was the best decision I’ve made other than proposing!" - Grady

"Amanda was absolutely wonderful! The pictures came out amazing and captured exactly what we wanted." - Jayme

"Amanda was awesome and so fun. My husband and daughter loved their shoot and I loved the photos!" - Lisa

"Amanda is incredible to work with! She is very calm and relaxed. She gives enough direction so that you will end up with beautiful pictures but it is not intrusive. She was so amazing with our kids. She has incredible ideas and a beautiful eye. Our pictures came back and I love them so much. This whole experience has been incredible - I can’t recommend Amanda or Flytographer enough! We are so happy to have these amazing memories. Thank you!" - Joanna

"Amanda was amazing...full of energy and very easy-going." - Maryse

"Amanda was incredible to work with. Once we met her she was so personable, really tried to get to know us and our kids snd made us feel at ease. She had a great ear for our ideas and suggestions and an incredible eye at capturing just the feel we were hoping from our family photos. I can never thank her enough for giving us beautiful photos to remember our trip." - Jennifer

"Amanda was so fun to shoot with and I love my photos! She had GREAT ideas for capturing cool shots in the city!" - Allison

"Amanda was super friendly! Went above and beyond and took great pictures!" - Nick

"Amanda's energy, happiness, and talent totally matches everything about New York City which makes her the perfect photographer! This was my second session with her and I'm simply blown away by the photos. Amanda makes the experience a ton of fun, gives wonderful city suggestions, and makes you feel so comfortable during the shoot. I can't imagine making a trip to NYC and not booking a session with her every time!" - Katherine

"Amanda is nothing short of incredible! She was so enjoyable to work with and did a wonderful job of making us feel comfortable and she captured great shots we'll have for a lifetime!" - Nelson

"Amanda was definitely amazing! She was really nice and even my dad, who is really not that comfortable in front of the camera, had an amazing experience!" - Patrick

"Amanda was wonderful; I definitely made the right choice when I selected a photographer! She was very accommodating and immediately put us at ease. My young daughter was incredibly comfortable with her, talking Amanda's ear off throughout the entire shoot; Amanda was a natural at keeping my daughter engaged and excited during our time together. And, of course, I'm thrilled with the end result. The beautiful photos really capture the wonderful time that we had in New York and will make very special keepsake for years to come. Thank you so much!" - Jody

"Amanda was fabulous. We had an unbelievable experience. She was so personable and friendly. She was wonderful with my son. Highly recommend using her." - Ellen

"Amanda was absolutely amazing for our proposal. She was very professional and friendly. She made me and my (now) fiance feel very comfortable in a very exciting time of our lives where we both kind of didn't know what to do. I would recommend her to anyone!" - Jacob

"Amazing photos by amazing photographer Amanda." - Ghada

"Amanda was such a joy to work with! She captured our special moment perfectly. During our shoot we loved how comfortable she made us feel. She made our whole experience something we will forever cherish. Our photos turned out to be everything we hoped for and better! We couldn't be more thankful that Amanda was our photographer!" - Shaun

"Amanda was so lovely and directed us as needed. she knew exactly where to shoot and her recommendations for a hot drink and some delicious food when we finished our shoot were amazing! We haven't stopped looking at our photos since we received them!" - Annie

"Amanda was fantastic. She made us feel comfortable from the get-go." - Kellee

"I can’t say enough good things about Amanda. She was engaging and friendly but professional, especially with our children, and gave us enough guidance to get amazing photos." - Prue

"Amanda was fantastic. She helped us to feel completely at ease and made our experience so much fun!" - Amber

"Amanda did a fabulous job taking us to all the Home Alone sights (my husband's absolute favourite movie!) and gave us plenty of tips for the rest of our trip! Our photos are beautiful and captured the energy in New York at Christmas time!" - Jenn

"We had so much FUN during our shoot - it was just a great time. Our photos are amazing and we’ll cherish them forever." - Katherine

"Amanda was a fantastic photographer and both of us enjoyed every moment. Couldn't have asked for anything more. Thank you all so much for providing such great photos that we will have with us for the rest of our lives." - Matthew

"We had SO much fun with Amanda! She made us feel right at ease and was an instant friend! She is witty, kind, and very talented. Our photo session ended up being one of the highlights of our trip!" - Nate

"Amanda was a joy to work with and we so enjoyed our time with her. Our shoot with her was very comfortable and fun, and we are thrilled with they way our photos turned out. They capture the exact feeling we were hoping for, and are the perfect souvenir from our trip." - Molly

"We had such a wonderful experience with our photographer Amanda in New York City! She made our three kids feel so comfortable and they absolutely loved her. as did my husband and I. For most of the shoot, she did her own thing with the kids which was so great. She did such an incredible job on the photos and we couldn't be happier with the result." - Marija

"Amanda was fantastic!  I have placed her name on our Christmas cards." - Andrea

"Amanda was absolutely incredible! I cannot express enough how much I appreciated all the work she put into this." - Trever 

"We LOVE the photos Amanda took! She was so lovely to work with and great with the kids." - Anne

"Amanda was awesome! We felt so comfortable with her and she made our shoot extra fun!" - Eileen

"I really can't say enough about Amanda. She made us completely comfortable to the point where we didn't even notice her there. The direction was just enough and I think the results speak for themselves. Incredible pictures that both my fiancée and I adore. Also just the loveliest person." - Brandon

"Our photographer Amanda was simply amazing! She was great with our kids and super fun and energetic! Loved the memories she created for us." - Cathy

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