Happy World Photography Day!

We asked our global photographer community what photography means to them on World Photography Day 2023. With the pull of connection to the people, memories, and feelings we hold so close, photographs can transport us back to a different time and place. 

Here at Flytographer, we easily connect people with trusted photographers for fun photo shoots and have captured over three million memories worldwide. Today, we asked our local photographers to share their perspectives on their abilities to capture moments in time. 📷

Flytographer Darine in Banff & Lake Louise

“Photography means creating and capturing memories. Its important to me because ‘a photo captures 1000 words.’ I love looking back at photos that otherwise that time, memory or experience may have been forgotten or lost. I also feel like it is a great way to express my love for life, nature and the beauty in the world. 

I started photography in high school back in 2012 as a hobby. It started with my love for sunrise, sunset and silhouettes. My favourite thing about being a photographer is capturing so many beautiful, wonderful, amazing subjects! I love being outdoors, behind the lens and the most rewarding thing is the reactions I receive from people who love my work.” – Darine in Banff & Lake Louise

Photo: Darine in Lake Louise for Flytographer

Customer Love: “If I could give Darine a 12 out of 10 I would. I cannot say enough great things about her from her photography skills to her demeanour this photographer is top-notch! She immediately makes you feel comfortable in front of the camera. My wife and I have never loved photos of us more. Thank you Darine for capturing these memories which we will treasure forever!” – Luis

Flytographer Candace in Newport Beach

“I fell in love with photography as a kid actually…..but didn’t realize how important photos truly were until my dad suddenly passed away. You then realize that photos of your loved ones are priceless. And you can never have too many! 

I love working for Flytographer because I love meeting and photographing people on vacation. Everyone is happy on vacation.” – Candace in Newport Beach

Photo: Candace in Newport Beach for Flytographer

Customer Love: “Candace was amazing! This was our first Flytographer experience and it by far exceeded my expectations. Candace set up a custom route to perfectly capture our vacation experience. She was wonderful with my littles, too. I highly recommend Candace and can’t wait for our next Newport Beach vacation so we can get more wonderful pictures!” – Angi

Flytographer Joanna in Amsterdam

“There was a book in my school library that I found when I was 9 years old. It was about cinema and had a couple of chapters about basics in photography. I read it every day until I was obsessed with photography. I found a lot of books and started to analyze the movies, like where the light comes from? Why do they use the light like that? But I didn’t have a camera. It wasn’t until my 28th birthday that I could afford one, study photography, and start travelling the world with my camera. Photography is now my life and I’ve met lots of friends all over the world.” – Joanna in Amsterdam

Photo: Joanna in Amsterdam for Flytographer

Customer Love: “This was our first time in Amsterdam! And the photos that Joanna took was the cherry on top! She was professional and yet still fun. She made us feel comfortable during the shoot and provided a lot of direction for us to follow which I appreciated greatly! I was excited to see how well the pictures came out. I would greatly recommend Joanna to anyone who wants a beautiful experience with a photographer. She also provided a lot of recommendations for restaurants and cafes!! I highly recommend her!!” – LaCole

Flytographer Spyros in Santorini

“At a younger age, I used to capture photographs without any purpose. I collected memories and moments in a way that I couldn’t realize the actual reason I was doing it. When my grandmother passed away in 2012, we moved a lot of stuff from her house in Athens to our village in the Peloponnese peninsula. Books, furniture, and lots of boxes with photographs that my late grandfather had captured during his life. I was quite curious to discover pictures of my family that had the idiosyncratic perspective of my grandfather. We have the same name and I always felt a respectful connection to him. What I found inside these boxes eventually defined me so deeply that I would start learning more about the craft and become a photographer. I feel that I am continuing and evolving his love for photography.” – Spyros in Santorini

Photo: Spyros in Santorini for Flytographer

Customer Love: “Spyros in Santorini, Greece was amazing! We love our engagement photos and meeting this photographer! Thank you to Flytographer for wonderful pictures!” – Adora

Flytographer Claudia in Cancun

“Photography has taught me that life happens and only memories remain.

Flytographer is not only a bunch of photographers capturing moments, it is a family in every corner of the globe.” – Claudia in Cancun 

Photo: Claudia in Cancun for Flytographer

Customer Love: “Never having done a professional shoot, we were a little apprehensive. Claudia instantly made us feel comfortable, and we knew we were in great hands. She had great ideas, locations, and directions for us. The pictures turned out better than we expected!” – Alexis

Flytographer Krystal in Paris

“I fell in love with photography through my mother. My whole life my mother had a camera in my face — I think every second of my life was documented which annoyed me like crazy as a child, but as I grew older, I found myself carrying a camera everywhere documenting outings with friends and that grew into something bigger: my career. What I like most about photography is the fact that it freezes time. I have always had a bad memory and photography takes me back to a time I may have forgotten, it brings emotions back just like a song may or a smell.

“Flytographer has brought all the joy of a photographer tribe to my life. All my closest friends have come from this company and I adore Flytographer for that. I can’t thank Flytographer enough for helping me to do what I love while surrounded by my closest friends.”  – Krystal in Paris

Photo: Krystal in Paris for Flytographer

Customer Love: “Krystal is amazing!  She is very professional and prompt.  Krystal is also very personable and has a great eye.  My husband and I felt very comfortable with Krystal and enjoyed spending time with her.  I am so thankful we chose her to be our photographer.” – Cedric

Flytographer Fernanda in Cabo San Lucas

“Photography has been my passion since I can remember. It gives me the opportunity to meet amazing new places I’ve never imagined before, but my favourite part is the fabulous people I’ve met around the globe, and being able to capture so much magic the universe offers us in every moment we are alive.

Flytographer is not my ‘job’ — I truly believe it is my family, and I have a lot of brothers and sisters around the world and we all share this passion for life!!!” – Fernanda in Cabo San Lucas

Photo: Fernanda in Cabo San Lucas for Flytographer

Customer Love: “How can I even say anything about Fernanda without going superlative? Fernanda is simply one of the best and an incredible photographer! Fernanda is a master at capturing the best candid moments and knows exactly how to naturally bring out the best interactions between people. Fernanda is an absolute blast to be with, and we completely enjoyed every minute spent with her!” – Brad & Garrett

Flytographer Andrea in Provence

“I’ve always been involved with art but it was after my daughter’s birth that I found photography and I haven’t stop ever since. I’m very romantic so knowing that in one ‘click’ I’ll be immortalizing a precious moment makes my heart skip a bit. It’s like a time machine! My favourite story involving photography goes back to 05/01/2013, the day I was photographing a wedding and the same day I met the man who is now my husband.

I love my Flytographer family because of its unconditional support, innovation, awesome ideas and amazing meetups!” – Andrea in Provence

Photo: Andrea in Provence for Flytographer

Customer Love: “Andrea and Cyril were simply amazing. They were true professionals and went above & beyond for our engagement. I had hired a string quartet for the occasion and she offered to coordinate the entire event. Everything went perfectly. I could not recommend them enough.” – Samuel

Flytographer Aly in Victoria

“I wouldn’t have pursued my career in photography if it wasn’t for Flytographer. I started working with this amazing company in May of 2018, as a member of the Customer Experience Team. I had the pleasure of seeing stunning galleries from around the world every day. If that doesn’t inspire a passion for photography, nothing will! I got to see firsthand the emotion that floods forth when clients receive their stunning galleries from Flytographer. It was inspiring to hear and see their thrilled reactions, and I realized that I just wanted to be around that true, unreserved joy all the time. 

“I transitioned into Photographer Operations at Flytographer in January of 2019, and it was then that I bought my first professional camera and started to take photos of my family and friends. My sister is probably the most well-documented person in existence (thanks for putting up with all my crazed paparazzi tendencies, Robyn!). I then started to be approached by more people who wanted to book shoots with me, and I couldn’t be more grateful to have had the opportunity to build a career in such a creative and inspiring field. I am affirmed every day that photography is the right path for me because I still can’t help but RUN home after every session to review and edit the images. It’s truly addictive – in the best way! I will always be grateful to Flytographer and its community of talented artists for setting me on this path and continuing to support me as I grow.” Aly in Victoria

Photo: Aly in Victoria for Flytographer

Customer Love: “We had the absolute best time ever with Aly! She was so fun and easy to work with and had a million great ideas for poses and locations. This is my fifth Flytographer shoot and I’ve never felt so totally comfortable and at ease. Absolutely stellar direction that really captured the candid feel we were hoping for. We got all the shots we wanted and more, and she perfectly captured our goofy, loving relationship exactly as it is. I couldn’t recommend working with Aly more – it’s one of the best decisions you’ll ever make! Thank you, Aly, we’re obsessed with our photos and will treasure them forever!!” – Courtney

Flytographer Pierpaolo in Sorrento

“Photography is my music. I was a bass player in various bands before I accidentally met (again) photography that quickly became a passion that has, in a certain way, surpassed my love for music to the point of becoming, as well as my only job, the only thought in my life that also guides all my choices.” – Pierpaolo in Sorrento

Photo: Pierpaolo in Sorrento for Flytographer

Customer Love: “Working with Pierpaolo was great!  He was great with communication leading up to the shoot and even showed up early to make sure everything was ready to go.  He also did a great job of keeping the process simple and fun for us and took an awesome mix of candid and posed photos.  Would highly recommend!” – Andrew

Flytographer Steve in Tahiti

As we grow older, time becomes so precious and photography is able to capture some of it. I think that is the reason why I like photography so much. A picture is usually defined as beautiful when it’s sharp, colourful, or well-composed, but aesthetics aside, even a blurry picture can be more precious than a beautiful one. It can be the lone photo of a lost loved one, a picture of a place that no longer exists, etc. 

“What began as a hobby became a passion, then an obsession. I could easily spend 10 hours a day learning about the different techniques and browsing through hundreds of pictures. Today, the best thing about my photography journey is that I can now help others create long-lasting memories. The best compliment I can get from a client is when they say they will cherish their pictures forever.” – Steve in Tahiti

Photo: Steve in Tahiti for Flytographer

Customer Love: “Steve was absolutely wonderful to work with, easy to shoot with, and made us feel very comfortable! We are in love with our photos and would book him again in a heartbeat!” – Sidrah

Flytographer Natalie in Honolulu

“Joining the Flytographer team gave me an immediate worldwide family. After our 2017 Global Meetup in Lisbon, I was graciously hosted by two different wonderful Flytographer members – Natalia in Barcelona and Shay from HQ while she was living in Edinburgh – over the next month. Despite barely knowing either person before staying at their places while I travelled, we quickly became close friends and bonded over our shared love of photography. It gave me the best local experience and some of my favourite travel memories. I now take time to connect with the local Flytographer(s) in every city I travel to!” – Natalie in Honolulu

Photo: Natalie in Honolulu for Flytographer

Customer Love: “Natalie was absolutely incredible! Her pictures turned out amazing and she really captured the moment! I highly recommend her as a photographer for any occasion!” – Mike

Flytographer Tracy in Amman

“What I love most about photography is the idea that my images will be cherished for years to come by the loved ones of my subjects. Capturing memories of special trips and occasions is a gift to them that can exist forever on their walls and in their newsfeeds. My favourite part about being in the Flytographer family is the constant love and support I get from other photographers around the world. During Covid, we weren’t able to meet up as planned, but we’ve stayed in touch with each other throughout the crisis.” – Tracy in Amman

Flytographer Chris in Hong Kong

“Working with Flytographer has been a wonderful experience! Capturing clients’ vacation in my hometown is probably the most meaningful job ever! More importantly, I can connect with people from all around the world. They tell me the things of the cities they live in and their own stories. Listening to what you have never heard of is simply amazing!” – Chris in Hong Kong

Photo: Chris in Hong Kong for Flytographer 

Customer Love: “Chris is such a friendly and helpful photographer. He listened to visions we had for photographs and made us feel very comfortable! We loved his style and will cherish these photos forever.” – Emily