Thoughtful Gift Ideas

As the holidays approach, gift-giving becomes one of the most talked-about (stressed-about?) seasonal topics. While most of us rely on Amazon to save the day (and often at the last minute), coming up with a thoughtful gift idea is what most of us yearn to give, and to receive. Gratitude is at the heart of gift giving, so giving loved ones gifts filled with intention are often the very best ones! This year, let’s kick off the holiday season early and talk about sentimental gift ideas for grandparents. 👵 👴 

When it comes to parents and grandparents, thinking of uncommon goods, gifts that spark nostalgia, and the gift of time make for the perfect gifts. 🎁 Today, we’re going to talk about some of our favourite thoughtful gift ideas—the ones that make the very best gifts. Read on for our gift guide ideas for grandparents (and others) in your life who truly value sentiment whether you are celebrating their anniversary, Christmas or a family reunion.

Photo: Ali in Maui for Flytographer. Juliet and family capture a birthday in Maui at D.T. Fleming Beach with a family photoshoot.

1. Wrap a photo frame

Ok, before we write off Amazon completely, let’s throw this out there right out of the gate: photo frames! 🖼 Grabbing a picture frame online (Etsy, Walmart, or Amazon), from your favourite thrift store, a local or small business, or anywhere else you frequently visit makes this one of the easiest and most universal gifts. 🛍 Your photo frame could show off a favourite Flytographer photo. You could even buy a digital frame like the Skylight Frame to show off all the images from your Flytographer photoshoot, or a whole grouping of images from different times all in one! 👏 If you don’t have fancy photos, don’t forget— some of our favourite photos come from our iPhones! 🤳 Check your camera roll for photos you may have forgotten about— there are sure to be some gems in there that spark happy memories of silly, special times. Giving the gift of a photo frame (whether it holds one photo, or a whole bunch) is a perfect way for kids or adults to present a gift with meaning, and a lasting keepsake for loved ones.

2. Order a custom photo book 

What better way to relive memories than by flipping through a custom photo book? 📚 How about utilising a photo book to show off your Flytographer photoshoot gallery?! Beautiful images displayed in one of our Celebrate Photo Books makes a perfect gift for yourself, your spouse, or any other loved ones (in particular, grandparents)! Bonus: giving your grandparents a gift doesn’t mean you have to put in double the work–when you order your own photo book, add a second one to your cart for your loved ones to also enjoy (double the fun, minus double the work)! ✔ This personalised gift of high-quality photos in tangible book form can’t be beaten. Photo books are special to flip through for years to come and make ideal keepsakes and gifts for grandparents.

3. Gift a family photo shoot

Speaking of photoshoots, why not book a Flytographer shoot or give a Flytographer gift card to your grandparent or loved one? 📸 Photoshoots make amazingly great gifts since they can be used on vacation or in your own hometown! This unique gift is something everyone can enjoy during (and, of course, after) your time with one of our amazingly talented professional photographers! Photos with nana or papa alongside grandbabies, kids, siblings, and each other in every way, are treasures for everyone. Giving the gift of family photos is perfect!

Photo: Johnny in New York for Flytographer. T G and Family capture their time together in New York at the Brooklyn Bridge & DUMBO with a family photoshoot.

4. Plan a family reunion 

Family reunions are a great chance–and often one of the only opportunities–to get the whole family together. Add in long distance being a factor for many of us, and family reunions become even more special. 🛬 Since logistics and planning can be a massive undertaking, accepting this challenge and helping to plan a reunion for your whole family is a gift idea grandparents are sure to love. Gathering your family tree together in one location is something grandparents, parents, siblings, cousins, and the rest of your crew will always remember! While you’re at it, be sure to check out our blog post on family reunion ideas and large group photo tips here! 📷 Might we also recommend taking advantage of this awesome gathering and having one of our amazing Flytographers capture the celebration? (Don’t forget to make that photo book or order that picture frame to make this gift keep giving for future holidays…😜 ) 

Photo: Johnny in Tel Aviv for Flytographer. Wendy and family capture a fun day together in Tel Aviv at the New City Beaches with a family photoshoot.

Look amazing in photos

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5. Create a scrapbook keepsake 

Creating a scrapbook is not only a unique gift, it’s also a stellar forever keepsake. Scrapbooks can be customised for those who love DIY projects and creativity, as well as those who are art-averse and want to keep it simple. Anything goes! What about enlisting the help of others?? Have grandkids help create and customise pages—they can fill in details in writing, decorate, or compose pages to make this personalised gift even more special. 🖌 Another idea is to purchase scrapbook supplies and set up a special time for you, your kids, or other family members to work together with grandparents and build your scrapbook! So many options–all make heartfelt, great gifts for grandparents.

Photo: Taena in Maui for Flytographer. Kirsten and family capture a holiday in Maui at Ulua Beach with a family photoshoot.

6. Make a family home video

Now that we’ve talked a lot about creating tangible memories in the form of gatherings, taking photos, photo books, photo frames, and scrapbooks, let’s talk about videography for a moment. 🎬 Chances are there’s a family member or two (or a lot more than two, let’s be honest), who are wizards when it comes to videography. For those with a flair for videography, we have a gift idea for you. Ask relatives to send home videos of when grandparents were young, and string them together to create a beautiful video montage! What about asking family members to send video clips of favourite memories or stories about their grandparent(s)? 🥰 Incorporate current images, videos, and more to show the beauty of your family line, and just how special everyone is to your loved one.

Photo: Flytographer in Honolulu. LaTanya and family celebrate a day in Honolulu at the Ko Olina Lagoon with a family photoshoot.

Give the gift of memories

Forget the cutting board, weighted blanket, robot vacuum, or “#1!” keychain (or whenever you’re struggling to find gift ideas for grandparents or loved ones) this holiday season—focus on the memories! 💝 Utilising photos, video, and time together just can’t be beaten. Whether it’s a Christmas gift, Mother’s Day, or any other holiday, giving the gift of memories is the best gift your loved one(s) could ask for!