Prague Photo Spots

Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, is the ultimate in fairytale scenery and one of Europe’s most beautiful cities. Famous as the birthplace of Franz Kafka and for its iconic Astronomical Clock, the city boasts outstanding gothic and baroque architecture, delightful cafes, and spectacular viewpoints along the Vltava River. No matter where you go, Praha, as locals call it, offers countless photo opportunities, from major sightseeing spots like the Prague Castle complex to Instagrammable hidden gems like the dancing house and the John Lennon wall. When it comes to snapping your trip, you’ll have plenty of material, and we’re here to sort it out for you. This travel guide doubles as a Prague photography guide with a list of the top 10 places to take photos in Prague. 🇨🇿



  1. Charles Bridge: One of the most famous photography locations in the Czech Republic.
  2. Old Town: Also known as Staré Město, this district is made of cobblestone streets and replete with medieval buildings, churches, and squares.
  3. Prague Castle: The president’s seat and a treasure trove of historical and cultural relics.
  4. Valdstejnska Zahrada Gardens: A hidden gem with unparalleled opportunities for great photos!
  5. Petrinske Sady: The perfect city gateway, a hillside park in the middle of Prague with pathways, gardens, and vantage points.
  6. Mala Strana: A fairytale-like district of cobblestone streets hides excellent eateries and traditional pubs.
  7. Tram station Pohorelec: A 14th-century area filled with picturesque buildings. 
  8. Hradcanske Namesti Square: The last spot on the Royal Route before Prague Castle — and it’s a required stop when visiting Prague!
  9. Letenské sady: One of the largest green patches in Prague and the perfect place for a picnic. 
  10. Mánesův most: With a unique Czech Cubism style, this bridge is considered a piece of art. 

Photo: Eliška in Prague for Flytographer. Tianna captures memories of their solo adventure in Prague at Petrinske Sady on a solo adventure photoshoot.

1. Charles Bridge

Part of the so-called Royal Route and connecting the Old Town to Lesser Town sits Charles Bridge, one of the most famous photography locations in the Czech Republic. Built in the 15th century, this is the oldest bridge over the Vltava River. It is a medieval structure standing on 15 stone pillars and lined with intricate statues, many of which are still original. 

Look for the famous statue of St. John of Nepomuk and rub its nameplate. As legend has it, if this is your first time visiting Prague and you want to return, that’s what you should do. They also say rubbing the plaque will bring you luck. 🍀

Along the bridge, you’ll meet many musicians and artists entertaining visitors. However, if you prefer a calmer experience, try touring in the early morning or evening, when the place is a lot emptier.

On both sides of the bridge, you’ll find the imposing Old Town bridge towers with pointed arch gates. Ascend to the top of the towers for a beautiful view and one of the best places to take photos in Prague. Try to do it at dusk; the golden hues of sunset make the panorama even more breathtaking.

Here’s a curiosity: some people believe that the bridge builders added egg yolks to the mortar to strengthen the structure. Maybe it was a medieval engineering technique…? If this is true, we don’t know, but a rather fun anecdote, isn’t it? 😄

Photo: Eliška in Prague for Flytographer. Bethany and partner capture memories on their honeymoon in Prague at St. Charles Bridge on a couples photoshoot.

2. Old Town

Prague’s Old Town, also known as Staré Město, is the most impressive part of the city, a district made of cobblestone streets and replete with medieval buildings, churches, and squares.

The monumental Powder Tower is one of the original city gates, another gothic structure from the 15th century, named this way for being used to store gunpowder in the past. Take a deep breath, climb the 186 steps to the top of the tower and admire the most fantastic city views. 

At the heart of Old Town is Old Town Square. That’s where you’ll find the Astronomical Clock, Old Town Hall Tower, and Church of Our Lady Before Týn.

The clock shows the relative positions of the Sun, Moon, and Earth. 🌔 🌏 Oh, it also tells the time! Try seeing it during the full hour to catch “The Walk of the Apostles,” when miniatures of 12 apostles move above the piece.

The church, with its spires and towers, was the inspiration for Disney’s Magic Kingdom Castle. See what we mean by saying this city is out of a fairytale? 🏰

The square is also the stage for one of Europe’s most beautiful Christmas markets. If you visit Prague during the holiday season, the best thing to do is grab a cup of mulled wine, take fabulous pictures, and forget all about the cold!

While in Old Town, don’t miss the 13th-century Havel Market, the exuberant Klementinum Library, and the Jewish Quarter. We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: forget Google maps and just get lost in these magical alleyways — that’s the best way to explore.

Photo: Eliška in Prague for Flytographer. James and partner capture engagement photos at St. Charles Bridge & Old Town Square in Prague on a proposal photoshoot.

3. Prague Castle

Sitting on top of a hill, Prague Castle is not a single building but a large complex of historical buildings, gardens, museums, and churches. In the past, it was the home of kings and royalty; today, it’s the president’s seat and a treasure trove of historical and cultural relics. ✨

The site was listed the world’s largest castle complex by the Guinness World Records. It’ll be hard to miss St. Vitus Cathedral during your visit. This religious piece is quite striking because of its architectural mix of Gothic, Baroque, and Renaissance styles. Tourists flock to the cathedral all year round to admire the famous stained glass windows. Another highlight inside the building is the altar of St. Wenceslas Chapel, encrusted with Bohemian gems and gold.

Another photo-worthy spot in the complex is Golden Lane, a street lined by quaint houses. Built in the 16th century for the castle’s guards, they were later inhabited by goldsmiths, hence the name. In the 1950s, these picturesque buildings were painted in bright colours, which made them lovely photo backgrounds. Don’t miss house number 22, where the sister of Franz Kafka lived. The writer used the residence as a refuge to write on a number of occasions. 🖋️

Nearby, the Royal Garden has manicured laws, stunning flower beds, and the charming Singing Fountain. The most impressive building facing it is Queen Anne’s Summer Palace. With its unique green roof and elaborate arcade, the palace is one reason Prague is such a photogenic city.

Photo: Matěj in Prague for Flytographer. Haley and partner capture memories of their pre-wedding trip at Prague Castle Gardens & Prague Castle on a couples photoshoot.

4. Valdstejnska Zahrada Gardens

Despite being one of the city’s most beautiful gardens and a prime place to take photos in Prague, you can still think of Valdstejnska Zahrada, or Wallenstein Garden, as a hidden gem in the Lesser Town. Almost nobody talks about it.

The garden is part of the Wallenstein Palace, a gracious baroque palace built in the 17th century. The palace’s most notable feature is Sala Terrena, a loggia with magnificent arches and frescoes that serves as a stage for several cultural and musical events during summer.

With a symmetrical design, stunning fountains, and magnificent sculptures, the garden offers unparalleled opportunities for great photos, and it’s also an ideal spot for a picnic. 🧀

There are even some extra-fun idyllic touches! You’ll get to see peacocks roaming the lawn, a koi fish pond, and even an artificial stalactite cave.

The park is only open during summer, from April to October, but it is free to enter, saving you a few czks. 👍

Photo: Natalie in Prague for Flytographer. Kendal and partner capture memories of their vacation in Prague at Valdstejnska Zahrada Gardens & St. Charles Bridge on a couples photoshoot.

5. Petrinske Sady

Also known as Petrin Hill, Petrinske Sady is the perfect city gateway, a hillside park in the middle of Prague with many pathways, gardens, and vantage points. Locals flock here during summer to lie on its lawns and admire the lush surroundings. 🌳

For the romantics, the Rose Garden is a must: a unique spot with several species and a delicate floral aroma in the air. Equally remarkable is the Seminary Garden, where several fruit trees create a mesmerizing display of colours. The garden also has stunning vistas of both Lesser Town and Old Town.

The big star of Petrin Hill, however, is the Petrin Lookout Tower. This former transmission tower from the 19th century takes inspiration from the Eiffel Tower. It is now an observation deck that offers a 360-degree view of the beautiful city of Prague. Undoubtedly, this is one of the best vantage points to marvel at the city’s hundreds of spires. It’s also fun to count them from up there — just know that it might take a while! ⏳

You can reach the top of Petrin Hill by funicular or by hiking. Both are lovely scenic options. Every season brings a unique touch to the area. Autumn, for instance, is buoyant in colours; with snow, the park becomes a winter wonderland. ❄️

Photo: Natalie in Prague for Flytographer. Carol captures memories of their trip to Prague at Petrinske Sady with a solo adventure photoshoot.

6. Mala Strana

Across the Vltava River, Mala Strana, also known as Lesser Town or Lesser Quarter, is another hillside areareplete with cultural activities, trendy boutiques, and hidden gems. Besides being home to the one and only Prague Castle, this fairytale-like district of cobblestone streets hides excellent eateries and traditional pubs and, of course, spectacular places to take photos in Prague.

Notable artists have visited the area throughout history. Two of them are Bach and Mozart, who played concerts inside St. Nicholas Church. One of Prague’s most recognizable buildings, the church has an elaborate structure with a bell tower and a green dome. 🔔

Speaking of musical celebrities, Mala Strana is also the site of something unique: the John Lennon wall. Once an ordinary wall, it became a mural for all kinds of tributes after his death in 1980. Fans from all over the world leave their mark there, reproducing Lennon’s iconic face and writing his lyrics and quotes on the wall. 

Near the Lennon wall is the Franz Kafka Museum. Since 2005, this institution has celebrated the life and work of one of the greatest writers of the 20th century. What better spot to get a copy of The Metamorphosis? 🐞

Photo alert: while in Mala Strana, head to the river banks to see Prague’s most beautiful residents, the white swans that live in the river. These elegant creatures will add a magical touch to your photo shoot.

Photo: Eliška in Prague for Flytographer. Alli and partner capture memories of their anniversary on a custom route in Prague with a couples photoshoot.

7. Tram station Pohorelec

To get off the beaten track, jump on a tram and get off at the Pohorelec stop. You’ll find an area from the 14th century filled with picturesque buildings. This suburb is near Prague Castle and a gateway to great attractions. One of them is the Strahov Monastery, a building that’s nearly 900 years old. Its lavishing baroque library has a ceiling covered in frescos and, beyond literary masterpieces, it contains several cabinets of curiosities. You can think of these delightful displays as museums in miniature and can spend hours just looking at the strange artifacts they exhibit.

A stone’s throw away from the monastery sits a pilgrimage site called Loreto, with another baroque church and a cloister. It’s a great idea to explore Pohorelec and stroll its lovely streets before or after visiting the castle complex. 😉

Photo: Eliška in Prague for Flytographer. Melissa and partner celebrate their anniversary at Tram station Pohorelec in Prague with an anniversary photoshoot.

8. Hradcanske Namesti Square

Also known as Hradčanska Square, Hradcanske Namesti Square is the last spot on the Royal Route before Prague Castle — and it’s a required stop if you visit Prague.

Historical buildings that vary in style and colour line the square. The baroque Tuscan Palace is one of the most popular. Like Charles Bridge, the palace’s symmetric façade is decorated with several statues, except they sit on the roof between two towers. Another building worth checking out is the Schwarzenberg Palace. In Renaissance style, the façade displays elegant black-and-white patterns created through a process called sgraffito; the interior holds an extraordinary art collection. 🖼️

Another feature of this square is the ornamented gate that leads to the castle. In this spot, you can see the ceremonial changing of the guard every day at noon. Next to the entrance, there’s a wide-angle viewpoint with more vistas that are a feast for the eyes. 😍

Photo: Matěj in Prague for Flytographer.Molly and partner capture memories of their trip at Hradcanske Namesti Square to The Vrtba Garden in Prague on a couples photoshoot.

9. Letenské sady

Overlooking the Vltava River, Letenské sady, also known as Letna Park, is one of the largest green patches in Prague. Locals flock here to enjoy weekends and holidays, play sports, have picnics on the lawn, and soak in the place’s serenity. 😌

Stroll through its lush pathways, all lined with plane trees, and admire the wide-angle views of the city — they are fascinating in this park since you get to see the many stone bridges crossing the river.

The park’s beer garden offers more open views of the city. Nearby sits the stylish Hanavský Pavilion, a remarkable Art Nouveau structure that is one of the best places to take photos in Prague. 

The star of the park is the 23-meter-tall metronome that counts the hours. This massive kinetic sculpture symbolizes the struggle against Soviet control and the dawning of a new era, ever since it replaced a statue of Josef Stalin. The area next to it is full of family-friendly activities, with locals skating, cycling, and jogging. 🚴

Regardless of time of year, if you want to end your day relaxing and watching a fantastic sunset, this is the place. Try staying a bit after dawn; the night city views from the park are also well worth it, and you can try a long exposure shot to capture the cars crossing the bridges and leaving their light trails behind.

Photo: Eliška in Prague for Flytographer. Terika captures memories of their trip at Letenské Sady in Prague on a solo adventure photoshoot.

10. Mánesův most

Among the several bridges crossing the Vltava, Mánesův most, or Mánes Bridge, is definitely one-of-kind. Not as adorned and intricate as its sisters, it nevertheless is considered a piece of art for exhibiting the unique Czech Cubism style.ore specifically, it’s known for its friezes, all made by leading Czech sculptors, that pay homage to river swimmers. 🏊‍♀️

The bridge is in a prime position, with superb vistas that make it one of the best photo spots in town. Looking at the Lesser Town side, you can see Prague Castle rising majestically above the district from afar. On the other side, you’ll see the Neo-renaissance Rudolfinum, Prague’s most prestigious concert hall, with its exuberant golden façade that glows with sunlight. ☀️

Walking along the bridge is another way to admire the fantastic river views and absorb Prague’s unmatched appeal.

Capturing memories in Prague

While that is already a long list of places to visit, that’s not everything — Prague is like a box of surprises! By strolling its streets, you’ll discover many more fantastic spots throughout the city. 

Here are a few more worth mentioning: the unusual Dancing House, a building designed to resemble a couple dancing, but not just any couple, specifically the dancing partners Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire 💃; the bohemian district of Žižkov is home to the controversial Žižkov Television Tower, a steel structure that rises above the city, contrasting with its traditional skyline; Wenceslas Square is a shopaholic paradise with countless trendy boutiques and is also where you’ll find the grand National Museum. 

One of our longtime Prague native customers has created an incredible guide for travellers who are interested in exploring the less-expected, modern sights of the city. Click here to learn more!

To make your experience even more unique, book one of our local Flytographers and let them capture all the magic of this wonderful city for you. 📸