Best friend photoshoot ideas

Dreaming of fun photos in a great location with a killer outfit? If ever there was a perfect photo partner in crime, it’s your BFF. 👯‍♀️ Bringing you right back to those pillow fights at sleepovers and giggly gossip (minus the dating drama 🙈)—quality time filled with smiles and inside jokes is often best shared with your bestie. So, capture it! 📸 We can’t wait to share some of our most fabulous best friend photoshoot ideas with you.

Photo: Flytographer in Los Angeles. Lindsay and best friend capture memories in Los Angeles with a BFF photoshoot.

1. Celebrating special occasions

Special occasions, including birthdays, life milestones, and bachelorette (or bachelor!) parties, are, of course, super special reasons for a photoshoot, but don’t forget other fun activities like road trips, high school reunions, senior pictures, and more! Often these occasions feature your BFF (or BFFs) by your side, so take time to capture these occasions, too! Bust out the confetti and throw caution to the wind as you celebrate with pics. 🥳 Whether for social media or just your special friendship memory bank, photos with your bestie create lasting memories in their own right.

Photo: Raul in San Juan for Flytographer. Elizabet and family celebrate a birthday with a photoshoot in San Juan.

2. Where to have your bestie photoshoot

Travel photos, anyone!? I mean, who doesn’t crave a good girls’ trip? Whether it’s just you and your BFF or you with your core group of friends, why not celebrate your next friend trip with a photoshoot of the occasion?! Reuniting back in your hometown or picking a new and exciting locale is the perfect excuse to skip those selfies and hire one of our amazing professional photographer Flytographers to capture your time together. 🤳 Photoshoots with friends can take place outside special landmarks, in historic locales, in wide-open spaces, or just cozied up and focused on your faces and friendship. Get creative when it comes to your best friend photoshoot location. Girls are known for not packing light, so take advantage of all those cute clothes and immortalize them in pics (don’t worry, we’ll talk more about clothes in a minute). 🙃

Photo: Sehee in New York City for Flytographer. Grace and best friend capture memories with a friends photoshoot in New York City.

Look amazing in photos

Get 50+ insider tips on how to prepare, what to wear, and easy posing ideas for your next photo shoot!

3. Best friend pose ideas

It’s time to share some best friend picture ideas, starting with our top tip: forget about posing! 🤪 Something special happens when you let loose and just be togetherafter all, your being together is what you’re really celebrating anyway! Sincere smiles and at-ease body language can’t be beaten.

Jumping piggyback or together for a mid-air shot are a couple pose ideas that are a ton of fun and super successful for your BFF photoshoot. Need photography tips for a large group? Group hugs, funny faces, staggering spacing, linking arms, walking, running, and Abbey Road road-crossing are some of our group photo favourites! 👏

Dancing, laughing, strutting silly, and letting loose in general will all get the laughs flowing and the energy up. 💃 Remember that you can sound or dance as awkwardly as you want: these are photos, not video, so when all is said and done, you’ll end up with some enjoyable, sassy, and successful shots with your bestie.

Photo: Claudia in Playa del Carmen for Flytographer. Melanie and friends capture memories on a friends photoshoot with Flytographer.

4. What to wear for your BFF pictures

This is where the real fun begins: dressing for your BFF photoshoot! Whether you dress up or dress down, decide to be twinning, or just complement each other with your different styles, choosing clothes can be a lot of fun. Getting on the same page regarding a vibe or aesthetic will help narrow down attire options, so get searching for inspo pics that will help you create a vision for your shoot! 💡 Although everyone is different, getting inspired can also help get you extra excited for your time in front of the camera. Start with a main element—a shoe, colour, accessory, hairstyle, or more, and let the ideas flow! Pinterest, other social media, and historical photos in beautiful locations can set you in the right direction regarding what to wear. 🧐

For a deep dive into even more ideas about what to wear for your photoshoot, check out this post (Top 10 Stylish Photoshoot Outfits for Any Occasion)! 👍

Photo: Karla in New Orleans for Flytographer. Ayauna and friends capture memories with a surprise friends photoshoot in New Orleans.

“My girlfriends and I all met in college & now that we’ve started pursuing our careers, we rarely get to have those “giggly-girly” moments that bonded us so tightly. In order to get them to bring matching clothes without spoiling the surprise, I said that we were going to take an afternoon to do brunch and color coordinate. We all agreed yellow looked great on our skin tones! We actually mixed and matched each other’s clothes before we left so that our colors blended 😂 Looking back, I’m so happy I found Flytographer. I’m reminded of Essence Fest & and the journey New Orleans brought us to. But most importantly, I feel beautiful when I see them. And these are a reminder that I have beautiful, fun women in my circle who give me room to be creative.”


5. Best lighting for the perfect shot

While we love all-natural light here at Flytographer, choosing a more specific time of day that best matches the style of your photos is an excellent tip for your ideal photos! 🌞 We can’t always control whether or not you’ll land a cloudy or sunny day, so lean into timing that will lend itself to happy models and good overall lighting (i.e., if you have a late arrival flight or late evening show, a morning shoot is likely not the best idea). Our photographers can handle all lighting and will know how to make you and your bestie(s) look incredible, so don’t worry! Golden hour—either just after sunrise or before sunset—is a favourite for many. That glow is something that’s unique, no matter the background. 🌟 Be sure to check with your photographer and consider local conditions, including crowds, access, and, of course, overall lighting! Nailing the perfect shot is often about movement, adaptability, creativity, and fun.

Photo: Kathleen in Savannah for Flytographer. Kristi and friends capture memories on a friends photoshoot in Savannah.

Capturing memories with your BFF

BFF photoshoots are some of our very favourite gatherings to commemorate. More than any other shoot, taking photos with friends almost always lends itself to everyone being excited and happy to participate!

Friendships ebb and flow in life, but for almost every season, we all have friends who help get us through the tough times via ice cream, a perfect meme, a shoulder to cry on, or a massive hug. 🍦 Friends know us better than many people in our lives and are often the best ones to celebrate the good times and/or help you make it through the harder times. No one can replace the value of a best friend. Your best friend. Cheers to you!

We can’t wait to help capture your next BFF photoshoot!