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Meet Waki in Tokyo

I'm a full time photographer based in Tokyo. I capture day-to-day life such as food, travel and portrait photography. I try to capture the beauty of things as they exist naturally. 

Three Things

  1. I cannot live without nature and sunshine.
  2. I love thinking and talking about food. I also love to look at food photography.
  3. I used to be a swimming instructor before I changed my career to become a photographer.

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Languages Spoken

Japanese, English

More Information

Waki cannot book shoots more than one month in advance. ***Please note: Waki is unavailable for bookings from August 22 - September 14, 2019.

Pricing starts at $250 USD for a 30-minute vacation shoot

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Customer Love for Waki

"Waki is really cool and makes you feel comfortable. We shot in a very busy area and she definitely created a calm environment! " - Claire

"We had a fun photoshoot with Waki. The photos of my husband and me with our three children are really lovely. " - Teresa

"Waki made us feel comfortable throughout the shoot but also did suggest good poses that we could make. She did her research of areas to take good before meeting us. We also learned a lot firsthand on Japan on the very first day we landed in the country. Will surely recommend a photoshoot with her if anyone is visiting Tokyo!" - Naveen Prakash

"Waki is so amazing! Not only is she a superior photographer, she also has a warm personality." - Warachal

"Waki was amazing! She made me feel at ease and knew the best locations to get an array of beautiful photos. These memories are amazing and I am so happy I got to work with her!" - Alli

"We were very lucky to have Waki as our photographer! She was very professional and friendly, helping us be at ease for the shoot. The photos came out just absolutely lovely!" - Nicholas

"Waki was AMAZING! We are so grateful to have a knowledgeable photographer; our happiness is glooming in each photo and she has captured our love perfectly." - Tamika

"Waki is a very talented photographer! She was extremely friendly and easy to work with. I had really fun time shooting with her. The photos turned out great!" - Sarah

"Waki was a lovely person to work with and her work far exceeded our expectations. The photos were both natural and dynamic." - Melissa

"Waki is an amazing photographer. She truly listened to what we wanted in our photos and each one of the them captured the immense love we have for our newly adopted daughter." - SF

"We had an amazing experience. From the first moment, Waki made us feel relaxed and comfortable, just like being with a friend, while at the same time she was extremely professional and reliable." - Xavier & Anna

"Waki has been a pleasure to work with and even gave us sake advice!  We'd love to see her again on our next trip!" - Dayle

"It was a great experience! From the outset the service was impeccable and the photographer was very present and talented and spoke English very well." - EH

"We had a great time doing the shoot. Our photographer Waki was very flexible and she easily pinpointed the best locations for our shoot.  Thanks so much for helping us to make our once in a lifetime trip to Japan so memorable." - Teri

"We had a great photo session with Waki. She was fun and easy to work with." - Richard

"Waki was very kind to us. She helped everything to be perfect. We are very happy with the result." - Ivan

"Thank you to Waki for an amazing experience! She is absolutely fantastic and made us feel extremely comfortable." - Victoria

"Waki was an excellent photographer and was fun to work with!" - Nora

"Waki is so wonderful and sweet! She was very helpful in giving us recommendations for our shoot and listened to us very attentively in what we wanted from our pictures. We would recommend Waki to anyone looking to shoot in Tokyo!" - Chelsea 

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