Flytographer: Trevor in Honolulu

As expert photographers with countless shoots under their belts, our Flytographers know a thing or two about creating genuine, fun moments for the camera. Here, they share some of their best tips to help you get the most out of capturing your own vacation memories.

“To get authentic shots, try to think of a scenario that ‘puts you in the mood.’ Whether it’s a fun family shoot or romantic couple shoot, drawing upon past situations often helps to create an atmosphere … and that’s what we love to capture!” – Akemi in Dubai

“Always shoot three (or more) different perspectives and choose the best one. Get high, get low, shoot from an angle. Get creative. Most times you’ll be pleasantly surprised.” – Kimon in Santorini

“The best way to look good is to wear clothes that make you feel good. I always tell clients who need clothing advice to wear something they feel comfortable in. That could mean heels and a dress or jeans and a tee depending on the person!” – Dana in Budapest

“Don’t be afraid to move – walk, run, spin, or dance! Movement can offer so many more options for natural, fun moments to capture, especially if you’re not a fan of traditional poses. And bonus! Incorporating movement into photos with the kiddos always makes them more comfortable and genuine in front of the camera.” – Natalie in Prague

“Look into each other’s eyes! It feels weird to stare at each other from very close and everybody just starts laughing because it is so awkward  – and then I shoot rapid fire.” – Lidiya in Dubai

“Don’t stress about whether or not your little kids will ‘behave.’ They will pick up on your stress. Just roll with it and be prepared for some fun candids!” – Annelise in Scottsdale

“Have fun! After all, you are on holiday. No matter what you are doing the photos for, the most important thing is to enjoy it. It shows in your eyes and expression if you are actually having fun, and that always makes great photographs. A smile is not only from your lips, but from your whole body.” – Jimie in Bali

“Just like you would check the times that a museum or monument was open, checking the daylight hours can help you plan the best time for photographs. If you shoot during ‘Golden Hour’ (within the 2 hours after sunrise or 2 hours before sunset), your photos will be better lit.” – Dawn in Houston

“Ask your photographer if you can see one of the shots of yourself from the back of their camera early on during your photo shoot. This is a quick and easy way for you to see how you look and for the photographer to help you make any changes that are needed so that you love the way you look in the photos. ” – Alison in Tampa

“Wear soft and light colors within a simple and comfy outfit. You don’t want to compete with your vibrant colourful background. And your skin tone will look great if your outfit is in a soft colour.” – Gusmank in Bali

“Tips for ladies: put your weight on your back leg and never be flat-footed. Bending at the elbow and knee is more flattering than having them straight. For men: stand up straight and relax, chin down not up, hands in your pocket or embracing a loved one around the back toward the waist. And let your significant other know if their hair is in their face!” – Alvin in Anaheim

“Take pictures for yourself, not the camera. It is your interaction with one another or the environment that tells the story, rather than looking straight at the camera. Do what you do!” – Natascha in Vienna

“Don’t be afraid to communicate with your photographer. Share your thoughts, ideas, opinions, etc. As much as you would like your photographer to capture photos that you will love, your photographer would also like to know he/she is on the right track. Two-way communication helps build trust, confidence, and a wonderfully enjoyable day for everyone!” – Brandon in Singapore