There’s a special corner of the memory bank reserved for family trips.

As the family grows up, it can be hard to get everyone in one place. If it’s not sports team practices, camps and school commitments, it’s work conferences, events and meetings. When the whole family comes together for a dinner, let alone a vacation, that time is precious, that time is fleeting, that time is not to be squandered. Here are 10 of our favourite family trip photos we saw come in at Flytographer HQ that remind us of how important it is to make memories together when you can.

Emil and his family in Tokyo

Favourite Memory: “Sitting at the Skytree Cafe on the Tembo Deck as the clouds broke, revealing the Tokyo skyline in all its glory…all while enjoying a glass of wine (or three)…then popping down to the 5th floor so the kids could play in the Kodomo-no-Yu, a ball pit that looks just like a traditional onsen.”

Julie and her family in Porto

Favourite Memory: “The Flytographer shoot was definitely very memorable, but it is hard to choose a favourite. We started in the islands and went right to the bottom, so we covered a lot of ground!”

Inspiration: “My husband’s family is from Portugal so we were so excited to bring our boys on an adventure in Portugal to learn about their heritage.”

Michael and his family in New York City

Favourite Memory: “The birth of our son and finally seeing New York City in all its glory.”

Inspiration: “We had travelled to the U.S. from Australia for the birth of our son thanks to an American surrogate. Our two-year-old daughter, my parents, my brother and my best mate and his partner all met us in New York City which was a very special moment for us.”

Jennifer and her family in Paris

Favourite Memory: “Hmm…I can’t pick just one! Eating macarons in the Jardin des Tuileries, watching the Eiffel Tower sparkle on our river cruise, or riding bikes along the Seine.”

Inspiration: “My oldest daughter turned 12 and we wanted to celebrate with a special trip!”

Coalie and her family in New York City

Favourite Memory: “Playing around the bridge.”

Inspiration: “Family picture that captures our happiness together!”

Karissa and her family in Amsterdam

Favourite Memory: “One of my favourite ‘touristy’ things we did while in Amsterdam was take a canal cruise. We got to see a lot of the city from a different perspective and learn some interesting facts about the city.”

Inspiration: “My husband and I have been fortunate enough to travel to Europe a lot together. When we got pregnant we did not want those experiences to end. We knew travelling would be more difficult once we had our baby, but we wanted to try to go as much as we could. This trip was our daughter Isley’s first trip to Europe. She is seven months old and already an international traveller. We actually hadn’t had any professional pictures taken yet as a family and we thought, what could be more fitting? Our travels didn’t have to end, we now just have a little stowaway to bring with us!”

Jermaine and his family in Paris

Favourite Memory: “Our daughter turned 12 during our trip and because it doesn’t get dark here until around 10:30 p.m., we found ourselves after a long day of exploring at the top of the Eiffel Tower until it closed! Upon leaving, we counted down to midnight, singing ‘Happy Birthday’ to her. And at that exact moment, the Eiffel Tower began to sparkle as it does at the top of every hour. The perfect moment in a perfect place… a birthday she’ll never forget!”

Inspiration: “We’re a family of five travelling around the world so France was country #19 in a 30-plus country itinerary. And it did not disappoint!”

Meike and her family in Cape Town

“My husband and I are both self-employed and after giving birth in January 2017 I had no time off. One year later it was time to have some special time just for the three of us and we went to Cape Town. My husband and I had been here two years ago and this city is so deeply kept in our hearts that we had to come back with our little girl.”

Olivia and her family in London

“My family HATES doing family pictures and (our Flytographer Hector) made it easy. He was patient, gave good direction, and we have beautiful pictures to go with our travel memories.”

Suzanne and her family in Rome

Favourite Memory: “My favourite memory was visiting the Colosseum and the Vatican. It felt surreal being there and you cannot fathom how spectacular it is until you see it in person.”

Inspiration: “We always love to travel as a family. It brings us closer together so we try to go as often as possible. During March is our son, Connor’s, birthday and spring break. We have always wanted to go to Rome. Our son loves museums and seeing different types of architecture. He started appreciating different types of culture since our last visit to Florence and Venice. We thought going to Rome would be the perfect way to celebrate his 8th birthday.”