Your Vacation Photographer in London: Meet Hector

Meet Hector


Hector is available for 60 minute shoots or longer all around London

***Please note: Hector will be unavailable for shoots in London between December 15 - January 5, 2018.

My photography style is all about documenting the real moments, the bits in between and the natural reactions. I am a storyteller and I like to tell these stories with amazing pictures. I am passionate about good and honest imagery. My work has been featured in many blogs such as RocknRollBride, Rock my Wedding & Ruffled Blog.

Three Things

  1. I love playing the guitar & spending quality time with my daughter Olive and wife Charlie. We are explorers and love travelling.
  2. I was a copywriter in an advertising agency in Colombia before I packed my bags and came to London, ten years ago. Photography was a way to push my creative flow when I arrived. 
  3. I can play the spoons and whistle 5 different ways!

Favourite Place to Shoot in London
I love shooting in Shoreditch & East London

Languages Spoken
Spanish & English 

Customer Love for Hector

"Hector was amazing; he made us feel comfortable, provided a good amount of direction, but also let us point out areas we wanted to get pictures, and also sat back and just let us stroll around. It is not a stretch to say that our experience would have been completely different without Hector behind the lens. Thank you!" - Cody (see blog post here)

"Hector is wonderful! I loathe having my photo taken, but he was patient and understanding, and he made it fun! We tend to take the kind of vacation where we need a vacation after our vacation. Hector somehow managed to make us look good even though we'd arrived on a red-eye flight just that morning and hadn't slept for almost 24 hours! He was relaxed and knowledgeable; really fantastic to work with. Thank you, Hector!" - Lauren (see blog post here)

"Hector made me feel more confident and showed me some poses to make it look and feel as natural as possible. He is a real photographer dedicated to his work, not stopping until he gets that perfect shot. He knows the area well and already planned on the locations to get the best backdrop to your photo." - Sarah

"Hector provided our growing family with memories that will last forever. His eye for composition and style are evident in all our photos. He managed to capture our little girls glowing face even though she wasn't in the best of moods. Thanks Hector!" - Eric

"Hector was a great photographer.  He made me feel comfortable, and he understood what it takes to create a terrific shot. I cannot say enough about this terrific experience." - Reghan

"Hector was fantastic! Wonderfully creative and inventive. We felt so comfortable in front of the camera (which is rare for me). The pictures are also incredible." - Jackie

"We love our photos from Hector in London. Although we were uncomfortable in front camera at first, Hector guided us through and our pictures came out natural and beautiful." - Emily

"Our shoot was a great experience even for me who prefers to be behind the camera not in front of it. Hector made me feel comfortable and my mom loved him! The photos are great and Hector even captured me behind the camera in my natural state which is one of my favourites!" - Suzanne

"Hector was so wonderful to work with! Our overall experience was so great. It was freezing outside but you wouldn't know it by our photos. We absolutely loved working with him and our photos are the best keepsakes to have from our trip!" - Courtney