Paris Proposal Photographer

Paris is the most romantic city on the planet, so what better place is there to start the next chapter of your love story? The “city of lights” is jam-packed with picturesque and iconic locations, including the Eiffel Tower, Tuileries Garden, and Moulin Rouge. You’ll find dazzling photo opportunities around every corner. So, let’s dive into our proposal ideas to ensure the day you pop the big question is memorable for all the right reasons! 

We easily connect people with trusted photographers for fun photo shoots and have captured over four million memories worldwide. The Magic of Flytographer is both the experience and the photos. Explore the city with a fun, talented photographer and get wall-worthy photos to relive your trip forever. Today, we asked our Paris proposal photographers to share all the best tips for everything in Paris.



Photo: Olga in Paris for Flytographer. Mary and partner capture memories in Paris with a proposal photoshoot at Trocadéro & the Eiffel Tower.

Proposal Photoshoot Locations in Paris

Strike a pose in front of the Trocadéro & Eiffel Tower, the Bir-Hakeim Bridge & Eiffel Tower, and Sacré Coeur & Montmartre. Paris is full of amazing spots for your big moment. The following locations in Paris are perfect for a surprise marriage proposal. Paris isn’t called the city of love for nothing! ❤️

  1. Trocadéro & Eiffel Tower: The Eiffel Tower is the most iconic structure in the entire world, and it’s right at the top of the list of this Paris proposal guide. One of the best places to see it is at the Trocadéro, a square that runs alongside it and is jam-packed with sculptures, gardens, museums, and incredible opportunities for Paris proposal photos. When night falls, you can watch the spectacular light show, when the Eiffel Tower’s lights dance from warm gold to brilliant purple. You don’t want to miss it! And speaking of not missing out, check out the second floor, where you’ll find gorgeous panoramic views of the city of lights—perfect for more engagement photos. 🌃
  2. Bir-Hakeim Bridge & Eiffel Tower: The Bir-Hakeim Bridge crosses the Seine River and connects the 15th and 16th arrondissements. This bridge features a stunningly unique steel architecture that supports a metro line on the upper level, motor vehicles on the lower level, and a covered walking path that runs along the centre. Not only does it have remarkable views of the Seine, but it’s also an amazing spot to catch more views of the Eiffel Tower. You can also stroll along the riverbanks and bask in the beauty of the river and the city. ✨
  3. Sacré Coeur & Montmartre: In northern Paris, you’ll find the picturesque neighbourhood of Montmartre, which was once home to world-renowned artists like Pablo Picasso, Vincent Van Gogh, and Salvador Dalí. The neighbourhood is beautiful any time of the day and exudes artistic vibes with its cobblestone streets lined with colourful facades. At the summit of Montmartre, you’ll find the unmissable, white-domed Basilica of the Sacré-Coeur, also known as The Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Paris. The intricate stone steps leading to the church create an ideal proposal moment. Plus, the climb provides stunning panoramic views of Paris. It could be the perfect place for a surprise proposal! 🖼️

Check out our Paris photo guide, Top 10 Places to Take Photos in Paris, for more photo location ideas.

Photo: Rachael in Paris for Flytographer. Marcus and partner capture memories in Paris with a proposal photoshoot at the Louvre Grounds & Tuileries Garden.

Photo: Rachael in Paris for Flytographer. Fangyi and partner capture memories in Paris with a proposal photoshoot at the Bir-Hakeim Bridge & the Eiffel Tower.

Photo: Rachael in Paris for Flytographer. Robert and partner capture memories in Paris with a proposal photoshoot in Sacré Coeur & Montmartre.

What to Wear for Your Paris Proposal

Get stylish! Try out Paris Chic, formal, or cute and comfy. Choosing an outfit for your special day is a tough one. How do you want to remember this momentous occasion? 

  1. Paris Chic: When it comes to what to wear for the perfect Paris proposal, it’s hard to beat Paris Chic, also known as “chic décontracté” or casual chic. Paris Chic is about mixing classic and timeless pieces with more sophisticated and formal items, such as jewellery, a designer bag, a scarf, or a fancy pair of shoes. It doesn’t get more Parisian than Paris Chic. 👠
  2. Formal: Take the opportunity to dress up to the nines in your formal wear. Since Paris is très classy, you may want to consider formal attire, such as a dark suit and tie for guys and a long dress for ladies. You’ll cherish your proposal pictures for a lifetime, so why not look your very best? 👗
  3. Cute and comfortable: By contrast, you could go for a cuter and more comfortable look. After all, comfort and confidence are vital to ensuring beautiful photos. If a suit or dress sounds too stuffy, go with something you genuinely like that feels more like you. Choosing an outfit that makes you feel inauthentic will show in your photos, so whatever you choose, make sure you feel excited to wear it. 👒

Photo: Rachael in Paris for Flytographer. Benedict and partner capture memories in Paris with a proposal photoshoot at Trocadéro.

Photo: Rachael in Paris for Flytographer. Lynett and partner capture memories in Paris with a photoshoot at the Bir-Hakeim Bridge & the Eiffel Tower.

Photo: Leo in Paris for Flytographer. Garrett and partner capture memories in Paris with a proposal photoshoot at the Lourve Grounds & Tuileries Garden.

How do I choose a photographer for a proposal in Paris?

Your engagement photos are a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to capture the love you share on camera. Great photos will become a time capsule for you, your loved one, and your current and future family to cherish. 📸

  1. Consider style preferences: When choosing a photographer, ensure they have plenty of experience and you like their style. Every photographer has their unique flair and personality, so be sure to look at plenty of samples before narrowing down the Parisian photographer for you. 
  2. City Experience: However, choosing a top-notch photographer in an unfamiliar city can be challenging. Do they understand the area and know where the best photo spots are? Are they familiar with the local lighting, climate, and possible bad weather?
  3. Comfortability: Do they speak the same language as you, and will they be able to put you at ease during your photoshoot? Personal connection is key to a successful photoshoot!

These are all great questions to ask, and these pain points are why Flytographer exists! ✅

Photo: Rachael in Paris for Flytographer. Stephanie and partner capture memories in Paris with a proposal photoshoot at the Bir-Hakeim Bridge & The Eiffel Tower.

Proposal Photoshoot Posing Tips

So many of us freeze when we get in front of the camera. What do you do with your hands? Do you smile directly at the camera or look away? What’s your most flattering angle? Taking perfect pictures is tough, but fortunately, we have some ideas to help keep your photos as natural and confident as possible. 😎

  1. Twirl in Front of the Tower: You don’t have to stand still and force a smile. Adding movement to your photos brings a palpable playfulness and showcases your outfit. Complete an engagement photo session with a fun twirl! What’s cuter than a little twirl in front of the Eiffel Tower, especially if you wear a dazzling dress or skirt? Remember, relaxing and enjoying yourself makes for the best proposal photography. Trust in your professional photographer. They know how to make your photos pop. Adding some movement might be just the ticket! 💃
  2. Forehead Kiss: A forehead kiss is a perfect proposal photo, as it’s a tender and intimate way to show your forever love. It’s even better when you get the Eiffel Tower or another iconic Parisian landmark in the background to give your photos a wonderful sense of place. 💋
  3. Arm’s Reach: An arm’s reach photo is a delightful way to make eye contact with your partner while capturing the beauty of the city of love in the distance. While you may be physically distant, relatively speaking, your eye contact will say it all. There’s nothing cuter than two people deeply in love gazing into each other’s eyes, so be sure to include this pose in your repertoire! 🤝

Photo: Rachael in Paris for Flytographer. Jamie and partner capture memories in Paris with a photoshoot along Must-See-Paris.

Photo: Krystal in Paris for Flytographer. Giovanni and partner capture memories in Paris with a proposal photoshoot on The Seine.

Photo: Krystal in Paris for Flytographer. Troy and partner capture memories in Paris with a proposal photoshoot along Must-See-Paris.

How to capture engagement photos in Paris

Already popped the question? That doesn’t mean you can’t get stunning photos in Paris! The city of love is the perfect backdrop for your engagement photos. These photos will serve as a lifelong memory for you and your special someone, as well as stunning photos you can use for engagement announcements, engagement party invites, wedding invitations, or wedding websites. 💒

From delectable eats for foodies, like fresh baguettes and sweet macarons, to famous works of art, like the Mona Lisa and The Thinker, to beautiful architecture, both new and old, there’s something for everyone in Paris. If you’re considering taking engagement photos in Paris, look no further than Flytographer. Our talented photographers will take you on an engagement photo tour like no other, including the Eiffel Tower, Jardin du Luxembourg, Trocadéro, and Montmartre. ❤️

Photo: Kirill in Paris for Flytographer. Malini and partner capture memories in Paris with a honeymoon photoshoot at Trocadéro.


How far in advance should you book a photographer for a proposal in Paris?

Our rule of thumb is as soon as possible after booking your trip to Paris. Once you know your travel dates (and that you are planning to propose), scheduling your proposal photoshoot first will make it easier to plan the rest of your travel activities around that. Our photographers book up quickly – especially in the busy summer season – so book well in advance to secure your preferred date!

Are proposal photos worth it?

Hiring a professional proposal photographer to capture this once-in-a-lifetime moment adds to the surprise for both you and your partner. Plus, having beautiful photos to look back on together from when you popped the question in Paris will enable you to relive the moment for years to come.

What time of day is best for proposal photos in Paris?

Since Paris is such a hub for both tourists and locals, all of the major photo spots are usually crowded during the day. This is why the best time of day for proposal photos in Paris is sunrise; right after the sun comes up, for the best light conditions, less or no people in the background of your photos and to get the city all to yourself!

What is the difference between proposal photos and engagement photos?

A proposal photoshoot is oftentimes a surprise and centres around the moment when the proposer plans to get down on one knee and pop the question. Proposal photos take you back to that special moment! An engagement photoshoot, on the other hand, happens after you are already engaged to capture the excitement and share the news with family and friends. 

What should I avoid in engagement photos?

  • Logos & large text: Avoid large logos or t-shirts with images and/or text on them. 
  • All white or black: All-white and/or all-black outfits can be difficult to photograph. 
  • Bags or backpacks: Try not to carry anything that you wouldn’t want in the photos.
  • Jackets & coats: If bringing one is necessary, make sure you’re ok setting it aside.
  • Full pockets: Keep items in your pockets to a minimum to avoid bulges!

Photo: Olga in Paris for Flytographer. Devon and partner capture memories in Paris with a proposal photoshoot at the Louvre Grounds & Tuileries Garden.

Capturing Proposal Memories in Paris

Whether you’re hoping to capture a romantic Parisian engagement, a surprise proposal against the backdrop of the Eiffel Tower, or a dreamy honeymoon in the City of Love, Paris has countless spots to explore. After all, they say, “Paris is always a good idea,” just like your love story, which has been building its magic day by day. ❤️

Flytographer pairs you with professional proposal photographers from all over the world to capture your proposal, no matter the location. We have many photographers in Paris and a long list of other destinations, such as New York City, London, Tokyo, Rome, and so many more. Check our location database for the full list of Flytographer cities. We’ll be with you every step of the way to ensure the memories of your proposal last forever! 📸