Love Around the World

Ever pondered whether someone might be proposing right this moment? With a couple getting hitched every 1.3 seconds around the globe, chances are ten folks have popped the question by the time you get to the end of this sentence. At Flytographer, we’re lucky to capture magical proposals right in front of our lens; the resulting photographs often rendering even our most stoic colleagues teary. Break out the tissue because we’re sharing the romance! Every month we’ll be rounding up our favourite proposals, making you swoon with our new series, “Love around the World.”

Let’s start with New Year’s Eve in Paris…


Paris, France

December 31, 2019

Photos: Maria in Paris for Flytographer 

Ventzislav & Emma

LOVE STORY: “We met while working abroad on a cruise ship in the entertainment department. I’m a musician/singer from the U.S. and she’s a singer/dancer from the U.K. We only really got to know each other during the last month of our contracts.  We weren’t together for 6 months but kept messaging each other. We finally decided to make it official and visit each other on our respective ship. We then decided to do a contract together on the same ship. It was then that I knew that I wanted to marry her.

The proposal was on the morning of New Years Eve at sunrise.  It was perfect! We met our photographer Maria, and she explained what she had in mind for us.  Mind you, my fiancé didn’t know it was a proposal, she just thought it was a photo shoot. 15 minutes into the shoot, we find the perfect spot for the proposal.  Our photographer let me know it was the spot by telling me the secret code! I took my time in making sure that every moment of the proposal was captured! And we couldn’t have been more happy with how the photos turned out!

– Ventzislav


Maui, Hawaii

January 5, 2020

Photos: Rojeena in Maui for Flytographer

Gregory & Cha’Koya

PROPOSAL MOMENT:During the initial photoshoot, I had the ring box in my back pocket and had to mange keeping my body facing forward so that my curious fiancé wouldn’t start asking questions. I can remember a few instances when I had to grab her hand so that she wouldn’t graze the ring box just below my lower back. Once we had taken a few shots by the lifeguard stand and on the edge of the beach, Rojeena signaled to me that the lighting was perfect. As the waves receded back into the ocean I grabbed my fiancé‘s hand and told her “You already know what this is.” Immediately, she was overwhelmed with emotion and I told her how much she had already impacted my life and how much I was looking forward to advancing our relationship for years to come.

Our relationship started more than 3,000 miles apart, she lived in DC while I was in San Francisco. Now just over two years later, we are officially engaged and finally in the same time zone to start our next chapter.”

– Gregory


Kyoto, Japan

December 19, 2019

Photo: Coo and Yurika in Kyoto for Flytographer

Charles & Fiorella

PROPOSAL MOMENT:We woke up super early at 5am to get ready for the photoshoot. We knew that we needed to get to the forest early before the crowds came. We were getting close to the proposal site and that’s when the photographer signaled that it was time to propose. I got down on one knee and started to propose. My girlfriend thought I was playing a prank on her and wouldn’t believe that the proposal was real! I had an epic speech ready but I honestly forgot everything in the moment. At least I was able to remember to ask if she’d marry me!

Fantastic proposal shoot! Coo speaks great English and was able to capture what I wanted. In fact, the photos came out even better than what I imagined. Some of my fiance’s family have never met me before. I made a slideshow video using these videos and their jaws dropped.” 

– Charles

Budapest, Hungary

January 8, 2020

Photos: Meli in Budapest for Flytographer

Trever & Robert

LOVE STORY:  “We met almost a decade ago; we’re high school sweethearts who found our way back to each other after many years. He’s brilliant and handsome and kind; we say the same thing at the same time way too often. He’s always been the person who makes me laugh the hardest and inspires me to be better. It seemed like the most natural thing in the world to spend our lives together.

He was suspicious of the need to wake up so early, so I don’t think it was a total surprise! When I got down on one knee, the look on his face was something I’ll never forget. Everything I’d planned to say went out the window when I saw that face, and I just spoke from the heart (though neither of us remembers what I actually said). It was the special moment I’d imagined, and with Flytographer and Meli it was seamless.

Meli was incredible! She is clearly passionate about her work. She communicated throughout the planning and day of she was early to location. The shoot itself was beyond comfortable and personable; we felt like we’d known her for years. The photos are truly works of art with gorgeous lighting and angles that showcase the Bastion and Buda across the Danube without losing us. Her ability to prompt us and capture genuine emotion made these photos all the more special! Meli is a wonderful artist and surpassed my expectations in every way.”

– Trever


Big Sky , Montana

December 29, 2019

Photos: Alex in Big Sky for Flytographer

Alejandro & Alyssa

PROPOSAL MOMENT: When we arrived at the hotel, I had instructed the front desk to inform us that the room wasn’t ready (even though it was) so I could get her outside. Once outside, I took her to a part of the mountain with beautiful scenery to “take pictures”. Once we arrived, the photographer was there and captured the moment when she said “YES!”

Alex was amazing. She was exactly where she said she would be and she was easy to spot. Her pictures were unbelievable and made the photo shoot afterwards tons of fun!”

– Alejandro

San Diego , California

January 11, 2020

Photo: Jessica in San Diego for Flytographer

Conner & Victoria

PROPOSAL MOMENT:We were in San Diego because my fiancee was interviewing for a job. We took a few extra days to enjoy the city and I knew it was the perfect place to propose. I wasn’t sure where I should propose; but our photographer, Jessica, worked with me to discover beautiful places in San Diego. She was great at offering many options and also provided me with an idea about how proposals she has shot in the past went in each place. Jessica’s recommendations allowed me to select the perfect place to propose.

Jessica was absolutely phenomenal! I looked to Flytographer to help capture a surprise proposal, perfect for a sunset photoshoot in La Jolla. Jessica made my Fiancee and I feel very comfortable in front of the camera and was extremely encouraging. She gave amazing direction for engagement photos but also allowed us the chance to be ourselves. The photos were stunning and delivered in a timely fashion.”

– Conner


To be continued…

Proposals are one of the purest acts of love. They signify the proposition of a life spent together. They represent a moment in a relationship when two people walk as one into their future together. We feel so lucky to have captured that moment in time for the couples above and many, many more. So join us next month to see more magical proposal moments and witness the Love Around the World.

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