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Meet Meli in Budapest

I am sure about something: that every single person has their own story, and it is a unique story. This is what I am interested in very much: telling stories with my camera. I am often asked what equipment I use and I usually answer that I primarily use my eyes. And my heart, my soul, indeed all the passion I feel for photography.

Three Things

  1. I had been working in a bank before I became a professional photographer. One day I realized I was not on the right track, because I wanted to deal with people instead of numbers. 
  2. My favourite hobby is smiling, but I also love paragliding, rock climbing, and having long conversations about the purpose of life.
  3. My name Meli in Greek means honey, so I'm no doubt your sweetest photographer ever! :)

Favourite Place to Shoot in Budapest

St. Stephen's Basilica and surroundings in the downtown

Languages Spoken

English & Hungarian (and a very little bit of Italian and Spanish)

More Information

Pricing starts at $250 USD for a 30-minute vacation shoot

Meli is also available for shoots in Veszprém and at Lake Balaton - please inquire.

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Customer Love for Meli

"This was a great experience. We had a toddler with lots of energy and wanted to run around like crazy. It was also 95 degree day. Despite this, we received amazing candid and posed pictures. Meli was very patient with us while we got organized. I would definitely use her again. " - Lindsay

"Meli is really an excellent photographer. Some of the photos were so candid that I didn't realise she was actually taking it. She is a perfect photographer that will help you to pose and make you feel comfortable. She is highly recommended. " - Deborah

"My experience with Meli was fantastic, I truly enjoyed my shoot with her! She was kind, and patient, and gave great instructions. She had a vision of shots that she wanted to get and I loved being able to follow her lead. She has great energy and I love my photos." - Renee

"Meli was an amazing photographer! I was very pleased with all the photos that she took of me in Budapest. She made me feel very comfortable in front of the camera and was able to beautiful capture the moments we spent together." - Caitlyn

"Our photographer was awesome! Meli had such a sunny personality that she literally brought the sun out with her during that overcast afternoon. She was able to take a lot of stunning photos." - April

"We really loved the experience and Meli was such a joy to meet and spend time with. My husband and I are not the most comfortable people in front of the camera but we had so much fun with her!" - Josie

"Our very talented and friendly photographer Meli did a wonderful job capturing our happy moments in the beautiful city of Budapest. Meli provided just the right amount of instructions and guidance for the pictures to look professional yet natural. I really can't be happier." - Janice

"Meli, the photos were amazing! What a terrific job. Not only the photos, but our experience during the photo shoot will be a lasting memory. You made us laugh and relaxed and it shows, you even got me to 'smile.'" - Rosemary

"Meli was the best at helping out with planning, rescheduling and executing our proposal photo shoot. She was very prompt with email replies in the days leading up to the surprise.  Photos turned out great, Meli knows Budapest and its lights very well." - SM

"Melinda was helpful, charming and warm. She orchestrated a lovely mix of recognizable Budapest sites and interesting side streets. The photos will be a wonderful memento of this special vacation. Thank you, Melinda! " - Allison

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