Love Around the World

Ever pondered whether someone might be proposing right this moment? With a couple getting hitched every 1.3 seconds around the globe, chances are ten folks have popped the question by the time you get to the end of this sentence. At Flytographer, we’re lucky to capture magical proposals right in front of our lens; the resulting photographs often rendering even our most stoic colleagues teary. Break out the tissue because we’re sharing the romance! Every month we’ll be rounding up our favourite proposals, making you swoon with our new series, “Love around the World.”


Austin, Texas

January 31, 2020

Photo: Macy in Austin for Flytographer

Denes & Kristen

Love Story:Kristen and I met after I had uprooted my life in Portland Oregon and moved back to Chicago. We met through bumble. On our first date, I met her for lunch after a job interview and we got our fingers messy eating wings! I soon found out we both had a love for food and travel and we hit it off from there! (Little did I know on our first date that Kristen turned out to be a excellent food and travel photographer)

Proposal Story: “I chose to propose in Austin because I had heard it was a fun city with a great food scene and neither of us had spent any time there before so I wanted to make a new memory there. 

The proposal was great! Our photographer Macy was super friendly and communicative, gave me some great ideas and also chose the perfect time for us to get the perfect shots! My fiancée was completely surprised by the proposal, which was the best part.”

– Denes 


Chicago, Illinois

February 2nd, 2020

Photo: Michael in Chicago for Flytographer

Akshay & Anju

Proposal Story:Michael was so helpful in making the most important day of my life look magical. His recommendation of using the North Avenue Beach was perfect. The photos have come out so beautiful. He gave us good recommendation on how we should pose. My fiance and I are absolutely in love with all the photos. Thank you to Rochelle (at Flytographer) and Michael for everything they did to make this moment special and everlasting.

– Akshay 


Honolulu, Hawaii

February 7th, 2020

Photo: Reese in Honolulu for Flytographer

Sunny & Emily

Shoot Story: “Reese was absolutely PHENOMENAL. His attention to detail is UNMATCHED and he was very very professional. I could not have asked for a better photographer to be a part of this moment in my life.

– Sunny 


New York City, New York

February 8th, 2020

Photo: Johnny in New York City for Flytographer

Jason & Lindsay

Love Story:She is simply the most amazing woman in the world. Every day I am with her it is a blessing and the days I am not with her I can’t stop thinking about her. Whether it’s a special date night, a simple evening meal at home or getting through a hard day at work, she makes life amazing.

Proposal Story: Seaport in lower Manhattan is simply majestic. From the stunning cobblestone street to the inviting quaint architecture it is without a doubt one of the most beautiful places in all of NYC. Outside of opening the ring box the wrong way, it went absolutely amazing. The photos need little explanation of the surprise, the emotion, and the love felt during our special day.”

– Jason 


Los Angeles, California

February 14th, 2020

Photo: Dipan in Los Angeles for Flytographer

Noah & Nathali

Love Story:Nathali and I met when she first started at UCLA in 2014 and we got close on a service trip in Jamaica. We remained close for the next 4 years and it wasn’t until we went to my company’s holiday party “as friends” that we realized we wanted to be something more. Every day since then has been better than the last, and I can’t wait to spend forever together.

Proposal Story: The proposal really went better than I could have imagined! I had put together a memory chest of a bunch of nostalgic items from our relationship. Pamphlets from concerts and shows we’ve gone to, rocks from parks we’ve camped in, notes we’ve written to each other, and mementos from too many hilarious nights to count. She had thought that the chest was just a Valentine’s Day gift, but when we got to the end, I pulled out the ring to represent all of the memories we still have to make. As if the sunset backdrop wasn’t enough, there was hardly anyone on the pier and there was a ukulele player cycling through every classic love song in the book. Couldn’t have imagined a better backdrop!

Dipan got amazing shots of our proposal and made the process fun the whole time! He is quick to become your friend during the shoot and uses the perfect balance of providing guidance while also letting you do your own thing. Both the photos that he took while hidden and during the photoshoot afterwards are incredible and I know that we will look back at them for years to come. Thanks for capturing the best day of our lives!

– Noah 


Park City, Utah

February 16th, 2020

Photo: Gabriella in Park City for Flytographer

Anthony & Daniela

Love Story: “We met in high school at 15 years old and we just celebrated our 7 year anniversary!

Proposal Story: We were walking towards a barn, a favorite location we always need to tour. It was about 17 degrees, freezing. A snow storm was occurring and we were there to tour the White Barn at Park City Utah. We took a selfie and continued to walk forward. That’s when I shouted Daniela’s name and when she turned around, Gabriella caught the whole moment!! It was spectacular!!

Gabriella took my breath away. She easily became someone who made me so excited for my engagement pictures. She gave this energy that was so fantastic, besides a blizzard occurring. She made the best of it!! I absolutely adore her and glad she was one of the first people to know about my engagement. Wishing she can follow me to Florida and continue the journey for EVERY photo shoot!!! Definitely an experience I won’t forget.

– Anthony 

To be continued…

Proposals are one of the purest acts of love. They signify the proposition of a life spent together. They represent a moment in a relationship when two people walk as one into their future together. We feel so lucky to have captured that moment in time for the couples above and many, many more. So join us next month to see more magical proposal moments and witness the Love Around the World.

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