‘Tis the season for making lists, checking them twice, and finding the perfect gifts for friends and family. This season, we’re making holiday gift giving a piece of fruit cake (sorry, we couldn’t resist). Our gift cards make it easy to give the ones you love a meaningful gift that will last a whole lot longer than a boring, old gift basket. Read on for 10 reasons Flytographer gift cards are the perfect gift for everyone on your Christmas list this holiday season.

1. Experiences are more memorable than things

After the holiday gifts have been unwrapped and the boxes and wrapping paper have been packed away, it’s easy for the initial excitement over some gifts to fade. Flytographer gift cards are the perfect excuse to have something to look forward to after the holiday season is over. The excitement of an upcoming vacation or special moments spent with friends or family combined with memories you can look back on forever? Pure holiday magic and an experience you’ll be talking about for years to come.

2. Gift cards are a fast fix with endless possibilities

Just because you don’t have tons of free time to spend scouring the stores for the perfect gift this holiday season doesn’t mean you can’t give a gift that wows. Giving a Flytographer gift card to loved ones is just a few clicks away. You can even print your gift card purchases at home for the ultimate no-stress holiday shopping.

3. Perfect for everyone on your list

Flytographer gift cards are as diverse as your loved ones. They’re perfect for use at any occasion, from family travels to romantic getaways, and they’ll delight everyone on your list, from moms and dads to grandmothers and grandfathers, from adventurous solo travellers to globetrotting groups, from the young to the young at heart, and everyone in between.

Mom kissing her young son while the father holds their other son on a family trip together in Washington DC, USA

Flytographer Hannah in Washington D.C.

4. A gift with global reach

Though gift cards ease the worry of picking out the perfect gift, most come with restrictions, such as blackout windows and expiration dates. Flytographer gift cards never expire and are valid the world over!

Your loved ones can find a Flytographer in more than 350 cities worldwide, with perennial travel destinations like New York City and Paris, plus more off-the-beaten path gems like Krakow and Ucluelet.

5. Flytographer captures memories that last a lifetime

Did you know we also offer prints of our gorgeous vacation galleries? Your gift of perfectly frame-able family memories can (and should!) adorn your loved ones’ walls. If you managed to get the family together for an unforgettable photo shoot, consider also gifting prints to everyone so they can fully enjoy the magic of their memories for years to come. (Though Flytographer gift cards cannot be used towards the cost of prints, we know that giving tangible memories will put an even bigger smile on your recipients’ faces.)

Giving a Flytographer voucher is like gifting a gallery of smiles and laughter that stand the test of time, and the ability to relive the magic of travel again and again, long after the plane has landed and the bags are unpacked. After all, a picture isn’t only worth a thousand words — it’s also a lifetime of memories.

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6. Fits a variety of budgets

In addition to giving your friends and family an entire shoot this holiday season, you can now purchase gift cards to be put towards the purchase of a shoot. This means everyone can pitch in to give an amazing group gift or you can let that special someone know you’re thinking of them even if you’re on a budget. Gift cards are available from 30 minute to 3 hour shoots!

7. More than a photo shoot

When you give a Flytographer gift card this holiday season, you’re giving more than a photo shoot. You’re giving time spent with a friendly local (who just so happens to be an amazing photographer, too) who can give local advice, tips, and more than anything, a friendly face to chat with. How’s that for a gift that keeps on giving?

Family holding hands and walking together on a family trip in Vienna, Austria

Flytographer Dana in Vienna

8. Get everyone in the photo

Too often, one person is the designated family photographer and never gets in the photos themselves, or travelling companions have to take turns being the photographer, or risk handing their camera off to a stranger hoping for the best with the resulting photo. When you give a Flytographer gift card, everyone’s smiling face will be captured and remembered for years to come.

Large family walking together in a desert area on a sunny day

9. Flexible delivery options

Even when you can’t be home for the holidays, Flytographer gift cards can reach your loved ones quickly and easily. Sending a handwritten card to let your sister know you’re thinking about her? Print your gift card at home with the gift card inside and send it along. Easy, thoughtful gift giving done in a snap. If you’re hoping to avoid the post office this holiday season, you can simply send the gift card via email directly from us here at Flytographer!

Mother and son standing together in front of a wall covered in pink flowers on a family trip

10. Perfect for last-minute gifts

We get it, it happens. No matter how much we try to plan ahead, the holidays have a pesky way of sneaking up on us quickly. Need a last minute gift? No problem. Flytographer gift cards have same-day delivery via email.

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