From mom’s film camera, to elaborate photoshoots in stunning destinations, vacation photos have been taken since the dawn of photography. And with Flytographer’s signature easy and fun way to book professional vacation photos around the globe, beautiful memories are just a few clicks away.

Our short, fun, candid photoshoots have received rave reviews from thousands of customers around the world, but if you still have a few leftover concerns, stick with us as we debunk the top myths around booking a vacation shoot for your next getaway.

1. MYTH: It’ll take forever and I don’t want to spend an entire day with a camera in my face
TRUTH: Starting at just 30 minutes, vacation shoots take no time at all out of your trip — and the time definitely does not go to waste! From seeing the city’s most popular and stunning sights to discovering hidden gems only the locals know about, think of it as a short, local tour with amazing photos at the end of the line. Our photographers capture candid moments and beautiful memories that let you enjoy your vacation in the moment, and for years to come.

2. MYTH: I’m not a model — I’m too awkward — My kids/husband won’t cooperate
TRUTH: Not only are all of our Flytographers incredibly talented, they’re also really fun! They’ll help guide you when you need posing tips to help you loosen up, and are happy to capture you as you are — happy and having a blast on vacation. Our Flytographers are seasoned professionals with years of photography experience under their belt, and are pros when it comes to wrangling everyone from overactive kids, to the most resistant of husbands!

3. MYTH: Vacation shoots are too expensive — we don’t need that!
TRUTH: Between flights, hotels, taxis, and tours, $250 to remember an incredible time abroad may boil down to one of the least expensive things you can do on your vacation. And after you’ve checked out of the hotel, the food has been eaten, and the taxi has driven away, all that will be left of your trip are the memories you made — and we’ll do everything we can to make sure they last a lifetime.

4. MYTH: The shoot may be inexpensive, but I probably have to pay a lot to get the photos, right?
TRUTH: While many other vacation photographers price their services this way (one fee for taking the photos, and an additional charge to keep them), Flytographer believes in easy-to-understand, transparent pricing. What you see is what you get! Your fee includes planning your shoot with a dedicated Shoot Concierge, the photoshoot itself, and a guaranteed number of photos for you to keep — all at no extra cost.

5. MYTH: Hiring a photographer on the other side of the world is risky — what if they don’t show up, or don’t send my photos?
TRUTH: Booking your photographer through Flytographer puts all your worries at ease. Based in British Columbia, Canada, our Shoot Concierge team is here to help with any issues that may arise and can help prevent problems before they happen. Our photographers are carefully vetted, reputable professionals and your photos are guaranteed to be delivered through our online gallery.

6. MYTH: People who hire photographers are vain and just want to show off. That’s not me! 
TRUTH: People take vacation photos for the same reason they take vacations — to have an authentic experience, meet new people, and explore cool cities. People celebrating everything from family vacations, honeymoons, graduations, and retirements want to be able to look back on their travels and share their joy with family and friends. Plus, having someone else take the photo means everyone can be in the picture — including mom! — and what could be more special than that?

7. MYTH: Who needs a vacation photographer when I have this awesome selfie stick?!
TRUTH: Aside from being banned at monuments around the world, not to mention the potential dangers of using one, selfie sticks are the opposite of subtle, candid or beautiful — all the things you’re guaranteed with a Flytographer shoot! Capturing flattering photos of everyone in your group and trying to incorporate the gorgeous scenery behind you without photo bombers is difficult with a selfie stick, and let’s be real — those aren’t the photos that you’d keep as an heirloom, hang on your wall, or treasure for a lifetime!

Booking a vacation photo shoot is easy with Flytographer. With expert, local photographers in more than 200 cities around the globe, we have everything you need to capture stunning vacation memories that will stand the test of time.