Creative Photography Ideas

Spring is right around the corner, and we have gathered some flower-power inspiration and creative photoshoot ideas for your next creative and colourful photoshoot. 🌼 Although neutrals tend to rule for most shoots, we want to share with you some reasons why you shouldn’t fear colour and how to use colour successfully! πŸ– The next time you plan photos, why not step outside your comfort zone and channel your colour creativity?

Here at Flytographer, we easily connect people with trusted photographers for fun photoshoots and have captured over three million memories worldwide. Today, we’re excited to share with you ten creative photoshoot ideas that will work no matter where you are in the world. 🌎

Photo: Jamie in Palm Springs for Flytographer. Erna and family capture memories in Palm Springs with a family photoshoot at Moorten Botanical Gardens.

1. Find flowers

Let’s start by talking about flowers to get your creative juices flowing! 🌸 As spring approaches, many of us are more than ready to pack up our puffer coats and take a deep breath of fresh spring air (let’s ignore that allergy season is simultaneously approaching). When it comes to floral locales, how about choosing a photo backdrop where flowers are the main attraction? Think Botanical Gardens or tulip fields! What about outside a local flower shop? A greenhouse? Or community garden? Think about where greenery thrives and nature blooms, and let those flowers be your inspo.

Spring is one of the most magical seasons, and a stunning time for unique photos, whether you’re a beginner itching for some floral self-portraits or a pro posing in front of a photographer’s lens. Find flowers and let those flowers grow your imagination. 🌷

Photo: Jodi in London for Flytographer. Rebecca captures memories in London with a photoshoot at Notting Hill.

2. Bring flowers

If you can’t find flowers, bring some as props! 🌻 Utilize blooms that are in season, greenery that stands out, or an overall vibe that allows you to be playful with blooms to-go! It can be a lot of fun to do something different with your hands and play with the use of flowers or other greenery for a whimsical feel, no matter the season. Think outside the box! πŸ’β€β™€οΈ

Bringing flowers can also be fun for indoor shoots. If you’re a fan of still-life photos, bringing flowers for creative portraits is a great idea for unique photos and one of our favourite creative photography ideas. πŸ’‘

Photo: Anna in New York City for Flytographer. Sumika captures memories in New York City with a hometown photoshoot.

3. Wear flowers

Ok, last one: if you can’t find flowers or bring them, why not wear them?! You can go for subtle floral or full-throttle flower power with florals that spring out! Whether it’s a dress, sweater, or accessory, flowers can help you stand out from the crowd at your next photoshoot and is one of our favourite creative photoshoot ideas!Β  πŸ‘—

Photo: Nadine in Cape Town for Flytographer. My-Chau and partner celebrate an anniversary in Cape Town with a photoshoot at Signal Hill.

4. Colourful accessories

If flowers aren’t your thing, but you are digging the idea of more colour, what about diving into colourful accessories? πŸ‘ Imagine a beautiful garden β€” what do you see? πŸ‘€ Whether it’s a variety of shades, a background of green, or glowing light – how can that translate into your vision? Use smaller pops of colour or creative accessories such as hats, scarves, bags, retro glasses, headbands…you name it! πŸ•Ά Get creative and get colourful, and you’re sure to churn out some great photos!

Photo: Sarah in Austin for Flytographer. Tanya and friends capture memories in Austin with a bachelorette photoshoot at South Congress.

5. Complementary colours

Hey there, fashionistas! Are you looking for a creative way to add some colour to your next photoshoot? Look no further than complementary colours! 🎨 Simply start with a favourite colour or piece of clothing and build your outfit around complementary shades. Not only will this brighten up a gloomy day β˜”οΈ, but it’ll also make your photos pop, especially if you’re shooting in a lush green landscape where reds and purples complement the scenery perfectly! For more tips and inspiration, check out our Top 10 Stylish Photoshoot Outfits for Any Occasion post! ↲

Photo: Flytographer in Chicago. Cindy and family capture memories in Chicago with a family photoshoot at Lincoln Park.

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6. Colour coordinate props with outfits

Coordinating outfits can be stressful, but why not coordinate props instead? Props can add a unique touch and make for sassy shots that really stand out 😍. Whether it’s something you already have on hand or a fun DIY project, props are a ton of fun to play with. πŸͺ§

Photo: Arief in Bali for Flytographer. Arasp and partner celebrate their engagement in Bali with a proposal photoshoot.

7. Find colourful walls

Are there feature walls at your photo destination? 🟨 Finding statement walls to use as a colourful backdrop can be a really fun way to jazz up an otherwise simple shoot. Often, these walls don’t have to be intentional β€” whether they’re popular on social media or a spot you discover haphazardly, try looking around for inspiration with a fresh set of creative eyes. πŸ‘ Imagine a flat lay, but use the wall as your vertical drawing board!

Selfies aside, creating a bit of distance between your body and the wall (allowing for a shallow depth of field) gives that great portrait photography bokeh that highlights you β€” really making you pop in the final images! ↔️

Whether it’s close-up shots or ones taken from a distance, colourful walls are a great option for creative photoshoot ideas. πŸ™ŒπŸ»

Photography tip: keep timing in mind when you choose to take photos in front of a wall since the light source will vary depending on the time of day. β˜€οΈ Keep an eye on shadows, as golden hour or direct natural light may not be the best option depending on the direction the wall faces.

Photo: Carolin in San Miguel de Allende for Flytographer. Sheron and partner capture memories in San Miguel de Allende with a pre-wedding photoshoot.

8. Find colourful architecture

Walls? Check! Take some time to think about architectural gems you can feature in your next photoshoot, including: doors, windows, building tiles, staircases, and more! These details can be dynamic, unique, and aesthetically pleasing. πŸͺŸ Different angles and perspectives can really be fun to play with when it comes to special or colourful architecture. ↕

No matter your photography skills, finding colourful architecture is a creative grand-slam for anyone.

Photo: Ivo in Porto for Flytographer. Karen and family capture memories in Porto with a vacation photoshoot at Riberia do Porto.

9. Find colourful cultures

Consider the local culture and find colour and inspiration that makes your location extra special. πŸ“ Elevating photos by matching styles and colourful local culture is a perfect way to take your photos to the next level.

For a great example of using local culture as colourful inspiration, look no further than Tokyo! πŸ™ Between the city vibes, dynamic colours, rich history, and tangible energy, bringing photos to life is extra special if you can identify, channel, and highlight what’s local.

Photo: Coo & Yurika in Kyoto for Flytographer. Marxy and partner capture memories in Kyoto with a couples photoshoot at Yasaka Shrine & Gion District.

10. Find colourful murals & street art

Colourful murals and street art can be perfect for your creative photoshoot! Social media is a great tool to find artsy areas in towns you may be less familiar withβ€” utilize location tags and scroll around to source ideas from others! ❣️ Murals and street art have a dynamic range and inherently stand out on their ownβ€” use them to your creative advantage!

You don’t need to be an influencer or professional blogger to feel confident posing in front of colourful murals- remember, hire a professional photographer (like one of our fabulous Flytographers!) who has a great eye (and even a wide-angle lens!) will help bring your creative photoshoot ideas to life.

Photo: Ana Lucia in Lisbon for Flytographer. Roy and partner capture memories in Lisbon with a couples photoshoot.

Get creative!

Great photos come in a million shapes, styles, and shades! Don’t be afraid to get creative no matter where you are in the world. πŸ“Έ Use local cultures, architecture, art, nature, and your individual style to give your photos a boost. πŸ’« Photography is all about experimenting, so… play!

With incredible professional photographers around the world, all of us at Flytographer can’t wait to help bring your creative, colourful vision to life! 🌈