The Best Destinations Around the World to Experience the Beauty of Fall

'Tis the season to throw on your favourite scarf and head outdoors to enjoy the crisp fall air and the sound of crunchy leaves beneath your feet. But most of all, it's time to take advantage of that enchanting window of time when the leaves have changed to rich shades of gold, orange and red. Grab a mug of hot apple cider and check out our top destinations for fall magic. It's not too late to plan your own autumn escape.

1. Berlin

Flytographer: Sarah in Berlin

2. Dublin

Flytographer: Vanessa in Dublin

3. Denver

Flytographer: Vivian in Montréal

5. Vienna

Flytographer: Roland in Vienna

6. Boston

Flytographer: Tania in Amsterdam

8. Seoul

Flytographer: Mankica in Ljubljana

11. Prague

Flytographer: Natalie in Prague

12. Chicago

Flytographer: Armando in NYC

14. Zürich

Flytographer: Veronika in Zürich

15. Kyoto

Flytographer: Coo in Kyoto

16. Paris

Flytographer: Olga in Paris

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Flytographer: Kirill in Paris