Your Vacation Photographer in Seoul: Meet Allen

Meet Allen

A photo to me is a historical document of your life on this Earth. I shoot weddings, babies and their mommas, life-long friendships, the joy of living. I've also shot some pretty famous people here in Korea: K-Pop stars, actors, and models. But I've also taken photos of those who don't have much. Wealthy or not, famous or not, we're all in this life together.

Three Things

  1. I studied philosophy, computer science, linguistics, and multiple languages. Once, I wanted be a writer, and I secretly wished to be a linguistics professor. But it was all over when I met my first camera - the deal was sealed, a match was made, and I never looked back.
  2. When I was in college, I had long, flowing, rock-god hair, and I loved Doc Martens and flannel shirts. 
  3. In my spare time, I practice my dance moves and play the guitar, but not at the same time. Not yet anyway.

Favourite Place to Shoot in Seoul
All over Seoul, Busan & Jeju Island 

Languages Spoken        
English, Korean, Japanese

Customer Love for Allen

"Allen quickly set us at ease and more importantly the experience was so positive that we look forward to booking again."  - Deb (see blog post here)

"Allen is a very friendly, easy-going and professional artist. He texted me the moment I arrived Seoul and made sure I could find the address correctly. He even checked the weather, light and place for us. He didn't only provide us a good shooting memory but also a welcome feeling from this great city, Seoul.  And the pictures are so cool - they are exactly what I wanted!" - Crystal (see blog post here)

"Our photographer Allen was a pleasure to work with! He allowed my boyfriend and me to be ourselves while providing tips here and there. We are glad to have him as part of our journey in Seoul!" - Kerry

"Allen went beyond his duty to guide us to our shooting location. His talent in spotting the shooting spots were well-proven in his work. An amazing experience overall!" - Fletcher

"I can't say enough good things about Allen, our photographer in Seoul. He was a joy and a delight to work with. Will most definitely hire him again and recommend his services to all my friends." - Francine

"Allen made it easy for us. He is a very well-prepared man, he speaks excellent English and made a memorable & enjoyable photoshoot session." - Fairus

"Allen is truly one of the best photographers I have ever met. He is not only a photographer, but also a lovely tour guide and listener! He shared stories of Seoul and brought me to amazing places. The pictures are beautiful!"- Angela

"We would like to express our gratitude to Allen who took time to do some research on interesting places to do the photoshoot according to our requests. Thank you so much for the beautiful photos!" - AT

"We had a very fun experience- a comfortable and laughter-filled photoshoot thanks to Allen! He was very professional and entertaining. We love every bit of our photos, they were candid and natural." - Yvonne

"Allen is such amazing person. He is very nice and helped us to have the best shoot." - Jovita

"Allen, with his sharp photography skills, positioned us at strategic spots and the pictures turned out so well that you would never guess that only a few trees are in full autumn colours. Our girls' outing was full of giggles and silly poses. When I look back at the pictures, I can't stop smiling at those wonderful memories." - Jane