Attention photographers! 

Are you a photographer actively looking for more clients? 🙋‍♀️ Perhaps wanting to tap into the tourism industry, grow your portfolio, and easily book clients without the hassle of marketing yourself and your business? Are you looking for a new camera to add to your repertoire? If you’ve said yes to one or more of these questions, you’ve come to the right place! Read on to learn more about the Flytographer community, as well our top picks for the best cameras for photography in 2024! 

Here at Flytographer, we easily connect local photographers with travellers for fun photo shoots and have captured over 4 million memories worldwide as a community. 🌍 Our photo shoots include capturing both the magic of the city and wall-worthy memories for travellers to bring home as priceless souvenirs. We have a dedicated HQ team that supports our community of 600+ photographers with their marketing efforts so they can focus on what they do best – work magic behind the lens! 

Picking the best camera

In terms of cameras and technology, we all know things move forward  at a rapid pace – most of us can hardly keep up! Today we’re going to share a little more about what’s new in the camera world to help you if you’re in the market for some new gear. No matter the system, brand, make, or model, we’re going to dive into some current digital camera options on the best cameras for photography. (For those of you with a focus on vlogging or who may want video camera  capabilities, we won’t delve into that here, but know that most of these cameras have great video specs, too!) 

Most professional full-frame digital cameras are moving from DSLR to mirrorless systems, and most high-end pro cameras come without a lens kit to allow you to buy and use the lenses you prefer. With helpful touchscreens, wi-fi, and even adapters to make your lens swapping easier, you’re certainly not going to get the raw end of the deal. 



  1. Canon – often the market’s top brand contender. 
  2. Sony – market leader in mirrorless technology. 
  3. Nikon – consistently many photographers’ favourite. 
  4. Fujifilm – cool, fun, and trendy for a reason. 
  5. Olympus – Olympus is now OM Digital Solutions, but they brought traditional nostalgia along with them for their new models. 
  6. Lumix – Panasonic’s brand of digital cameras features cutting-edge technology, making it a perfect step up for a photographer wanting something new and different. 

1. Canon 

Canon has long been a leader 🥇 in the professional DSLR camera market, and for good reason. With consistent performance and awesome results, most photographers know the Canon family of cameras well. Canon’s EOS R System of mirrorless cameras range in price from $379 USD all the way up to $4,499 USD. Contrary to popular belief, the higher the model number, the lower the price point. Our favourite, and best camera for photography in this system is the Canon EOS R6 – a beautiful mid-range model in terms of price with no drawbacks in terms of functionality. 😃 

2. Sony 

As the first mirrorless full-frame camera maker, Sony has been a long-time champion in the mirrorless camera market. With consistently high-quality images, particularly in low light 🌅 conditions, Sony’s A model cameras are a fantastic option in the best cameras for photography. Ranging from $1,500 USD to over $5,000 USD for just the bodies, Sony’s a7 III is a fantastic all-around choice for approximately $1,800 USD. One thing we love about Sony is the ability to crank that ISO and still get incredible jpeg image quality and low-light performance. 🖤 

3. Nikon 

A lot of us have made or want to make the move from casual to professional photography, and Nikon is a fantastic option for upgrading equipment while maintaining comfort and familiarity. 📸 Nikon is one brand that carries a solid line of DSLR models along with great mirrorless options. It’s important to remember that, even within the same brand, most camera bodies are typically incompatible with other bodies’ lenses. Nikon’s Z series of full-frame mirrorless cameras start at about $1,300 USD for the Z5, continuing to go up from there. The Z5 is a fantastic all-around option and a sure-fire favourite among Nikon users. 🤗 

4. Fujifilm 

Fujifilm has been a leader in tiny powerhouse cameras and is a top brand for photographers who love shooting on film and street photography (not to mention how many of us have Instax cameras these days?!🤪). Fujifilm’s X series has a strong line of APS-C (cropped sensor) mirrorless cameras, with the X-T5 leading the way as a fan favourite for about $1,700 USD for the body. With stellar photos straight out of the camera and a lightweight body, there’s a reason Fujifilm has had such a strong name for so long and is one of the best cameras for photography. 

5. Olympus (OM) 

“Back in the day,” Olympus was one of the top point-and-shoot cameras, and that portability is something Olympus still prides themselves on. The current Olympus OM line boasts superior image quality, leading technology, and the compact body many expect from this familiar brand. The interchangeable lenses of the OM-D series stacks solidly beside its competitors. 🥳 The OM system features Micro Four Thirds sensors, which are smaller than APS-C sensors, meaning this camera’s lighter, more compact, and less expensive than its competitors. 

6. Lumix 

Panasonic’s Lumix S (full-frame) cameras aren’t the most widely used cameras among professional photographers, but they absolutely deserve a seat at this table! Lumix mirrorless cameras have stacked 5-star reviews ⭐️ praising their image quality and ergonomics, particularly for an entry-level price point compared to other mirrorless models. Panasonic’s digital cameras feature cutting-edge technology, making them a perfect step up for photographers wanting something new. 

Which camera will you choose? 

Whether you’re a gear enthusiast or just looking for a new camera to produce even better images, there are lots of excellent options for the best cameras for photography in 2024. 🙂 For fantastic, high-resolution, full-frame images, shooters listen up: you’ve got incredible options, and you don’t have to buy a wildly expensive camera to get better results. Most modern professional cameras have excellent battery life, image stabilization, and fast, sharp autofocus. Whether you prefer a fixed lens, wide-angle lens, or any other lens, you’ve got choices! 

Be sure to check out individual brand sites, resources on websites such as B&H, and reviews across other platforms (what would we do without Amazon reviews?). Hearing others’ opinions and experiences will help you pick the best camera for you! 

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Happy snapping! 📸