Starting to feel the love as Valentine’s Day approaches?

We chatted with our local photographers around the globe to learn about Valentine’s Day traditions in their countries. Dive into a new culture this love season with seven of our destinations around the world. Start swooning and get inspired as we share stories from Jerusalem, Barcelona, Marrakesh and more!

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How is Valentine’s Day celebrated in Jerusalem, Israel?

Love Celebration Name: Tu B’Av 

Date: August 4th-5th, 2020 (15th of the Jewish month of AV)

How do you celebrate love in Israel?

Valentine’s Day (February 14th) is not a big thing here. Our celebration of love in the Hebrew calendar (Tu B’Av), which is in the summer time, is much more celebrated. The origin of Israel’s Tu B’Av can be traced back thousands of years in Jewish history to the times of bible. I usually end up photographing a wedding that day, because it’s the most common day for weddings in Israel. To make it up to my wife, we usually go out for brunch the next morning.  

What level of PDA is acceptable in Israel?

Tel Aviv is one of the most open cities in the world and a top LGBTQ+ destination, so public displays are common and accepted. In very religious areas of the country, it is less common.  

Written by: Flytographer Jonny in Jerusalem

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How is Valentine’s Day celebrated in Barcelona, Spain?

Love Celebration Name: La Diada de Sant Jordi

Date: April 23rd

How do you celebrate love in Barcelona?

The tradition on this day for the Catalonians is to celebrate the day of culture and love with the legend of Saint James, represented by the gift of a book for the gentleman and a rose for the lady.

Do you give gifts?

We personally live days of love every day; something you can always give is love. 

What level of PDA is acceptable in Barcelona?

It is absolutely common. People here are very open-minded and so we live in love expressions!

Written by: Flytographers Ramon and Sonia in Barcelona

Couple in Barcelona Spain
Couple in Barcelona Spain

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How is Valentine’s Day celebrated in San Juan, Puerto Rico?

Love Celebration Name: Día del Amor y la Amistad

Date: February 14th

How do you celebrate love in Puerto Rico?

I spend Día del Amor y la Amistad with my whole family and we share what we love most: good times and food! We love to eat and Valentine’s Day is just another great opportunity to find a great new place where we can sit, chat and enjoy a delicious dish. Since my birthday is on February 13th, I generally celebrate both things. It truly is a day when people feel like love is all that matters and friendships are worth more than anything. ¡Que Viva El Amor! 

Do you give gifts?

We do. We always fill the little Valentine’s Day cards with lots of chocolates and candies. That is definitely a must. Big romantic gestures here in Puerto Rico are serenades. Many people send their loved ones a serenade to work, school or wherever they may be. 

What level of PDA is acceptable in San Juan?

We’re in the Caribbean! We love to hug and kiss and we’re very affectionate. Even when we talk to complete strangers we’ll say: “Si, mi amor” (“Yes, my love”) or “No, corazón” (“No, dear”).

Written by: Flytographer Karlota in San Juan

Couple in San Juan Puerto Rico

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How is Valentine’s Day celebrated in Marrakesh, Morocco?

Love Celebration Name: Valentine’s Day 

Date: February 14th

How do you celebrate love in Morocco?

We traditionally don’t celebrate love on Valentine’s Day, but it has become a holiday influenced from the western world. On Valentine’s Day this year I’ll be working in a daycare, photographing 50 cute little babies, with the theme of “Valentine.” It will be a wonderful day, filled with love (and babies) for sure!

Do you give gifts?

In Marrakesh, we don’t give material gifts, but rather a lot of hugs and kisses.

What level of PDA is acceptable in Marrakesh?

Men kiss each other when saying hello and women do also, but affection between couples in public is not common in Morocco. In my country, people are very reserved and discreet about showing love in public, but in my studio during my family sessions, there is a lot of hugging and kissing is going on …  

Written by: Flytographer Veronique in Marrakesh

Couple in Marrakesh Morocco

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How is Valentine’s Day celebrated in Thessaloniki, Greece?

Love Celebration Name: Στην Ελλάδα [stin E-LA-dha] 

Translation: “The Day of Those Who Are in Love”

Date: February 14th

How do you celebrate love in Greece?

Some common activities on Στην Ελλάδα include going out on a date in the city, exchanging gifts, and sending flowers. There are also many wedding proposals that occur on this day. 

Do you give gifts?

In Greece, a brand of chocolate has an ad that is connected to Στην Ελλάδα with its name. Many people buy this chocolate, write something on the wrapper, and give it to their loved ones. The slogan is that your lover is the sweetest part of your life. 

What level of PDA is acceptable in Thessaloniki?

Holding hands and kissing in public is acceptable. We also like to write little love notes to each other, sing a love song, or just spend time together.

Written by: Flytographers Stathis & Christina

Couple in Thessaloniki Greece

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How is Valentine’s Day celebrated in Mauritius, Eastern Africa?

Love Celebration Name: Valentine’s Day

Date: February 14th

How do you celebrate love in Mauritius?

Mauritius is a beautiful, African island off the East coast of Madagascar. In Mauritius, the big holidays are not very commercially driven, with the exception of Christmas. Valentine’s Day is celebrated more with the kids than the adults. Little kids make cute cards and gifts at school to give to their parents. High school kids give flowers to each other as a fundraising event.

Do you give gifts?

I don’t give gifts, but if we did it would be flowers for a lady and going to a restaurant or making a favourite home-cooked meal for a guy.

What level of PDA is acceptable in Mauritius?

My favourite memory of romance on our island is when we were sitting on the beach and a speed boat pulled up onto the sand, when out jumped a man with a cold bottle of champagne and two glasses to give to a lady sunbathing on the beach.

Written by: Flytographer Natalie in Mauritius

Couple in Mauritius Africa

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How is Valentine’s Day celebrated in London, England?

Love Celebration Name: Valentine’s Day

Date: February 14th

How do you celebrate love in England?

Send Valentine’s cards and messages to friends and give romantic gifts to your partner. 

Do you give gifts?

Yes! Breakfast in bed, surprise notes and a nice dinner in town are common. Typical gifts might include flowers, an evening out, and jewellery – so it’s very similar to North America. Chocolate is really popular too! 

What level of PDA is acceptable in London?

Lots! Everyone on the tube on Valentine’s Day is snogging like there is no tomorrow! More romantic gestures might include sweet, little surprises, such as bouquets of flowers delivered to the workplace.

Written by: Flytographer Jackie in London

Couple in London England

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