Whether you’re bundling up for a wintery holiday getaway or staying cozy at home with the fireplace burning, we’re here to inspire cute winter photoshoot ideas to make the most of the snow flurries and dropping temperatures. ❄️ We’ve rounded up our favourite photography ideas and photography tips perfect for either a hometown holiday photoshoot or a winter wonderland vacation!


Table of contents 

  1. Choose cute & comfortable outfits
  2. Time your winter pictures with the snowfall
  3. Bring practical and fun props
  4. Plan fun winter activities for all
  5. Find a backyard adventure close to home

Photo: Kristin in Breckenridge for Flytographer. Jocelyn and their family capture memories in Breckenridge with a winter photoshoot.

1. Choose cute & comfortable outfits

The best way to spread Christmas cheer? Donning a Christmas sweater! Whether you’re going the ugly sweater route or keeping it fashionable, cozying up in your winter gear ensures you’ll be both warm and cute for your photoshoot. Dress for the temperature you’re given — not the one you want — to ensure noses, fingers and toes stay unfrozen (and morale high)! 🥶

If most of your winter gear is a sensible black, add a pop of colour with your winter accessories. A colourful beanie/toque, scarf and mittens add visual interest, while also keeping you toasty.🧣 If you can’t imagine a photoshoot in anything other than a dress or skirt, we recommend pairing it with warm leggings, wool socks and booties.

Adding texture through fabric is another way to bring personality to your winter outfit without drowning in layers. Velvet fabric in jewel tones, such as dark purple, red or green, feels absolutely luxurious and pops against a snow-white background. 💎 A faux fur jacket is a perfect winter accessory, and earmuffs are a photogenic alternative to a hat.

Photo: Flytographer in Lake Louise. Joanna and their partner celebrate their babymoon in Lake Louise with a winter photoshoot.

2. Time your winter pictures with the snowfall

Timing is everything when it comes to capturing quintessential winter photos with falling snow and snowflakes. 🌨 While the winter months can feel long, there is often a smaller window for classic winter portraits. We recommend researching the average weather and snowfall for your favourite destination when planning your photoshoot in advance. Too early, and you could be met with autumn leaves still waiting to fall. Too late, and your powdery snowfall may have melted to slush! When in doubt, ask your photographer what the best time of year is for the wintertime photoshoot of your dreams. 📸

Photo: Armando in New York City for Flytographer. Terri and their family capture memories in New York on a winter photoshoot.

3. Bring practical and fun props

What to bring to your winter photo session can be divided into two categories: the practical and the fun!

For the practical, we recommend bringing along anything to help keep you warm! Pack hand warmers to slip into your gloves during breaks. 🧤This is the ultimate hack especially if you prefer bare hands in your photos, but like the simple joy of being able to feel your fingers! 😉 Bring blankets to bundle up in (especially for the little ones), and if it’s cute, your blanket can even be a prop during your session.

Photo: Flytographer in Boston. Nicolette & Christopher capture their engagement in Boston with a winter photoshoot.

For the fun, this includes anything that brings a smile to your face. 😄 We love a good thermos of hot chocolate to warm up with during your session — with extra marshmallows, of course! ☕️ If you’re feeling festive, colourful lights (and a battery pack) or tinsel are fun to wrap up in. ✨ Exploring a European Christmas market? Bring your own mug for sipping on mulled wine as you explore the bustling market stalls.

Photo: Gloria in Munich for Flytographer. Rachel and their family capture memories at a Christmas Market in Munich with a winter photoshoot.

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4. Plan fun winter activities for all

We can’t think of a season with more fun activities than winter! Infuse joy into your winter family photos with activities that make the shoot fun for all ages. As a bonus, they’re also the perfect set-up for natural, candid moments, so you can focus on making memories with your loved ones. We have a few winter activities in mind:

  • Pack a bag of supplies to build a snowman. ☃️ Don’t forget a carrot nose and matching scarf!
  • Find a hill and go sledding together! 🛷 Anything from fancy toboggans to simple trash can lids will do.
  • Make snow angels together, because a little snow in your hair never hurts!
  • Are you avid skiers or snowboarders? Bring along your gear as a prop. 🎿
  • End the session with a snowball fight for maximum laughter!

Photo: Peter in Jackson Hole for Flytographer. Tim and their partner capture memories on a ski trip in Grand Teton National Park with a winter photoshoot.

5. Find a backyard adventure close to home

If you live in a snowy destination, your perfect winter landscape could be right in your own hometown! However, if you live in a destination where people travel to flee from the cold, a road trip is in order. 🚙 We love the variety of North American destinations that transform into a winter wonderland practically begging to be photographed! 

We love outdoor photoshoot spots that will make your loved ones question if you actually travelled to the North Pole for your photos. Places like Jackson Hole and Banff are perfect for those who love dramatic, panoramic views, soaring snow-capped mountains and freshly fallen snow as far as the eye can see. 🏔 

For ski-town vibes with twinkle lights, hot cocoa and holiday music drifting from shop windows, Whistler, Breckenridge and Quebec City are a few destinations that will charm your woolen socks off! 🧦

Photo: Alanna in Whistler for Flytographer. Anita and son capture memories on a family trip to Whistler with a winter photoshoot.

Capturing memories in winter

A winter session is a perfect opportunity for a hometown photoshoot to close out the year! 📸 Use your session not only as a time to capture beautiful family portraits but also as a time to reflect on the best parts of your year together. If your family is spread out, a holiday photoshoot is also the best time to capture memories of everyone together once again! 🏠 May your winter photoshoot be extra merry and filled with cheer!