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Meet Armando in New York City

My style is a combination of free shooting and commercial. My approach is to always seek the best light in surrounding places - always trying to get the best shot!

Three Things

  1. I love to hang with my wife and dog, making delicious food at home or working on the newest photography project.
  2. I can't live without the freedom that allows me to grow and enjoy life to the fullest.
  3. My friends tell me I have a lot of drive and it rubs off on them from time to time!

Favourite Place to Shoot in New York City

NYC is a place where any corner is so unique, but if I had to choose, it would be DUMBO.

Languages Spoken

English & Spanish

More Information

Armando is available around New York for any length shoot, with the exception of Central Park which he requires a minimum 60-minute booking.

Pricing starts at $250 USD for a 30-minute vacation shoot

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Customer Love for Armando

"Armando was spectacular and can't recommend him enough! He is fun, energetic, provides the right level of direction, listened to ALL our requests and was super patient with our young kids. Book with him, you will be so glad you did! " - Ana

"We had an incredible time with Armando! He is so much fun and made us feel super comfortable in front of the camera. I wish I had scheduled a longer photo shoot! I would request Armando again the next time we are in NYC." - Lorna

"Armando is just superb with the camera, and with people! We had such a good time working with him - he is really great with children!! I would highly recommend him to anyone look for superb pictures and a good time" - Tanveer Singh

"Armando was straight to the point and very supportive. He really understood what we were looking for and made it a great experience with very nice pictures that now are decorating our walls. Many thanks!!" - Markus

"Armando really did work magic. The weather forecast looked dreadful -- heavy rain and cold. However, he kept a close eye on weather patterns and when the rain turned light, we were ready. We didn't plan on having photos in the rain, on a cloudy day, however we're thrilled with the results. The lighting, wet ground, and colors look extraordinary. Plus, it looks like we had Central Park to ourselves! Armando is a true talent." - John

"Armando was awesome and patient!!! It was great!!!" - Tanja

"Armando is a wonderfully creative and patient photographer!" - Sam

"Armando was amazing! This was a new experience for us and he was fantastic at capturing exactly what we wanted. He was knowledgable, made us feel so comfortable, and super easy to work with. He was so accommodating, I'd recommend him to everyone!! " - Jordan

"Great Photographer! Really enjoyed the experience!" - Javier

"Armando was was great to work with he made us feel completely relaxed and got some great candid shots. " - Leslie

"Armando was amazing! He made us feel comfortable and excited right from the beginning. During our shoot, he shared his personal experiences and favourite spots within the DUMBO area and the rest of our day was fantastic thanks to his expert recommendations. We are absolutely in love with our photos as Armando captured our visions and our personality perfectly. We can't wait to display these photos in our home and share our story! Thank you, Armando. " - Kayla

"Armando was really great! I loved how he took the time to get to know us and really captured what we were looking for. Was great to explore Brooklyn with. " - Nicole

"It was a very special surprise that my fiance prepared with you guys Flytographer months ago, I was thankful that Armando was there to capture the best moment of our lives. Thank you for the support and for the excellent work that you guys do. Thank you Armando, Thank you Liz you are the best!!!" - Pedro & Eli

"Our photographer Armando was amazing. He went out of his way to make the shoot fun and easy. I would recommend to everyone!" - Kelly

"Thank you Shay and Armando! We loved the photos and the experience, we will definitely be back with you!" - Fabiola y Oswaldo

"Armando was wonderful! He was creative, patient and did a great job capturing exactly what we wanted. We loved our experience!" - Anita

"This was such a great experience. We really enjoyed the photo shoot. The photographer was great and very patient with our kids." - Ahisha

"Armando couldn't have been easier to work with. Very pleased with photos and experience overall." - Duane

"Armando was excellent. His direction and experience really made our photo shoot exceptional. We are very happy and satisfied with the end results. Armando went above and beyond to ensure we were comfortable and enjoyed every moment of our photo shoot." - Esha

"Our photographer was amazing and great to work with and we couldn't be any happier with the final outcome!" - Nav

"Armando was professional, accommodating and over the top amazing with the time he gave us and how much he captured! He knows the city! Fabulous!" - Katelyn

"We had an incredible time with our photographer Armando in New York City. We're happy that we were able to choose the photographer based on his portfolio. We had wonderful photo shoot with Armando and our pictures are amazing!!" - Maureen

"Armando is a very talented and tenacious photographer. He will work hard to make sure you get the shot you love!" - Ana

"Armando did such a great job of showing us the key landmarks in Central Park and making sure we had beautiful photos to capture our time sightseeing. He uses light so beautifully, and I absolutely love our photos." - Danielle

"Great and fun experience! Armando was amazing - the instructions he gave were really helpful to get the shots we dreamed of having! He was very patient with us, and the photos we got are awesome :)" - Ingo

"Armando was amazing!!! He was great to work with! He made our experience unforgettable and extraordinary! It was memorable and we will never forget it!!!" - Terri

"It was a great experience that added to me and my family memories in my beloved city NY, I wish I knew about them before to capture more memories." - Deemah

"It was a stunning shoot! We got so lucky with the snow, and our photographer, Armando, knew all the perfect spots to take us around Central Park." - Patricia

"Our photographer did a wonderful job (especially after we had to reschedule the shoot due to a major winter storm!) The results are stunning and will truly be something we cherish for a long time!" - Bonnie

"We were entirely pleased with our experience and the pics!" - Michael

"Armando gave us really good tips during the shoot on how to be relaxed and natural, and the pictures turned out amazing. Armando took great shots of our group of 8. He has an eye for dramatic backgrounds. I would totally use him again the next time we visit NY!" - Loan

"Armando was absolutely amazing, he was really fun to work with, cared about the outcome and took extra time to make sure we were getting what we wanted.. He told us little bits of history and interesting information about the area we were shooting in! The pictures came out really good!! We will definitely be doing this again!"- Lori

"Our session with Armando was exactly what we were hoping for. He suggested several route options, gave great direction and was an overall pleasure to work with. If we come back to NYC we would definitely book with him again. Big thank you to Armando!" - Mariya

"Armando was simply amazing!! From the second we met his smile did not leave his face. He managed to make us feel super comfortable in front of the camera and made us laugh the entire time. We enjoyed our honeymoon shoot a lot and will definitely tell everyone about the great experience!" - Daniela

"Armando is truly sooooo talented and did a perfect job at capturing our true emotion. We will cherish these photos for years to come as they embody the true feeling NYC provides!" - Brianne

"Armando was so warm and instantly made us feel like we were friends. This shoot was so much fun because he put us at ease." - Marcie

"Armando was wonderful! He made the shoot fun and after recommended some local places for us to visit." - Alina

"Armando was the perfect balance between creativity, professionalism and awesome human. Thoroughly enjoyed our shoot together, what a hallmark memory of our vacation in NYC!" - Jason

"Armando was very in-tune to the Dumbo area we chose for our shoot and recommended wonderful spots to take the pictures. He was so patient with our family, especially our girls, and was careful to include our vision/expectations for what we wanted in the pictures." - Melissa

"Armando was great and very professional. We had a lot of fun with him and he was very easy to work with and patient. We love our pictures." - Stephanie

"Armando was amazing. He was super friendly and despite a very windy day he made photographic magic happen with our family photo shoot. We LOVE every single picture." - Jeni

"Armando is so talented and passionate about his work ... pictures are work of art!!! Just beyond what we expected! Very happy to had such a great photographer." - Coralie

"Armando was great to work with. He quickly put my husband at ease, he was nervous about the whole situation." - Miranda

"Very friendly and welcoming to the city, easy to work with, and very kind! And the photos are top notch!" - Heva

"Armando was absolutely wonderful. He really took the time to get to know us as a couple and that definitely shows in our pictures!" - Kassi

"Armando was great to work with, I came in without much of a plan at all other than the end goal (the proposal), and he and the concierge were able to put together a plan that worked extremely well for us in capturing the moment perfectly." - Tommy

"The proposal ended up going off without a hitch. Armando captured the surprise on her face perfectly!" - Jay

"Armando was amazing. He went out of his way to make the shoot fun and easy. I would recommend to everyone!" - Kelly

"Meeting up with Armando was one of the highlights of our trip! We were so thrilled that he was able to capture photos of our family's visit to New York.  He had wonderful ideas of where to shoot and kept the experience vey casual.  He wasn't phased by working with our infant son and was able to capture photos that show just how happy and loved our little guy is!" - Erin

"Armando was amazing! He was patient with us since there was a lot going on following the proposal. He caught some amazing moments that we will always remember. He spent ample time with us to get multiple settings for the photos and was very professional." - Travis

"Armando was great - so attentive and he got all the right shots." - Marisa

"We are so ecstatic and grateful that Armando was able to beautifully capture our special (proposal) moment. Every time we look at the photos, we can relive that precious moment." - Milena & Brian

"Armando made our session under the Brooklyn Bridge so special, keeping with the romantic theme we wanted and also highlighting my engagement ring. He even supplied us with hot packs to keep us warm, as it was a very cold December day. His direction was fantastic, and it was clear that he knew the DUMBO area very well! We are beyond happy with our photos." - Ashley

"Armando was incredible!  Seriously ... he knows the place better than anyone, he let us be us and made us look darn good at it! His shots are phenomenal and he is so amazing at taking whatever is thrown at him and make it memorable, incredible, and just capturing the moment better than I could have imagined.  Armando, my man, you are filming our wedding, no question. Do not even think about it.... book this guy, he is the best. #TeamArmando" - Stana

"Armando was outstanding and better than I could have hoped for. We had to overcome a few obstacles to get what we wanted with the weather being a factor but Armando kept things extremely positive and was a true professional. The photos are amazing! My fiancée and I are so grateful to have been able to capture such a special moment in our lives." -Vito

"Armando was wonderful! We not only got amazing photographs, we also had so much fun during our shoot.  I am so happy that I was able to capture my girls in the city we love, our pictures turned out amazing!" - Jennifer

"Armando was great to work with. We have been together since we were 15 years old and these are the best pictures we have ever had taken." - Matthew

"As this was our first photo shoot we were a little nervous, but as soon as he arrived Flytographer Armando managed to put us both at ease. We had an amazing time exploring Central Park with a local expert, but the highlight of our photo shoot had to be our row across the lake (Armando's idea!) Armando's photos completely exceeded our expectations and now hang proudly in our home." - Phoebe

"Armando is amazing, the photos were more beautiful and amazing than we could have imagined." - Will

"We had a great experience with Armando in NYC. We couldn't be more thrilled with how out pictures in Central Park turned out - it was the perfect souvenir for our Anniversary trip!" - Paige

"Armando was absolutely wonderful to work with!  It was such a relaxing and fun session as we walked around enjoying the beautiful city scene. Taking our photos with Armando was a highlight of our trip!" - Sherry

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