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Meet Gloria in Munich

First of all, I am a happy person, so being around and meeting happy people is the best I can wish for. I am also quite nostalgic so memories are very important for me, and I could not be happier that my job and passion is to capture these for people. My style is very natural, emotional and warm. It is all about having a good time together and making the sweetest memories.

Three Things

  1. Travelling is my favourite thing to do. It combines meeting people with new experiences. Luckily my job has that too, so consider me a very happy girl!
  2. I couldn't live without laughing ... or Spätzle, which is German noodles - so delicious!
  3. I love musicals, so in dramatic or super-funny moments, it can happen that I am going on full Barbara Streisand, which I think is funny. 

Favourite Place to Shoot in Munich

The city center in the mornings

Languages Spoken

English & German

More Information

Pricing starts at $250 USD for a 30-minute vacation shoot

Customer Love for Gloria

"My husband and I were both jet lagged and sick, and yet didn't feel bad at all the entire time we did our shoot. Gloria made us both forget how sick we were and took us on a fun journey around Munich. My husband said it has been his favorite part of our trip. We never really felt like we were taking photos, it was more like hanging out with a friend. Our photos came out beautifully and I would recommend Gloria to anyone coming to Germany. Pictures really are the best souvenirs! Thank you Gloria for an amazing experience in your beautiful town! " - Megan

"We had a wonderful time with Gloria. She did a great job capturing our first family trip. We enjoyed our afternoon walking around Munich with her, and we will treasure our photos forever. " - Emma

"Gloria was absolutely amazing! She captured the heart of our family perfectly. Not only is she an amazing photographer, but she is so much fun to be around. Gloria's joyous spirit helped us all relax and enjoy the experience!" - Blythe

"Gloria was a blast to shoot with at Oktoberfest! Her energy was contagious and we felt so comfortable with her which was really important since we only had 30 minutes in front of the camera. We loved every minute of it and I think that's just as important as the photos!" - Katherine

"Gloria is amazing! She was so nice and understood exactly what we were looking for. She put us at ease and captured some incredible shots that truly reflect us and highlight the beauty of Munich. She turned the photos around really quickly. We couldn't be happier with the entire experience." - Jenny

"Gloria was amazing! She made us feel at ease while she shared her beautiful city with us and captured beautiful photos of us there. We felt like we got a private walking tour during our shoot and she truly captured the love we share. We are over the moon with our photos!" - Tanya

"Gloria was a fantastic photographer to work with. She put everyone in my family at ease and captured wonderful images we will cherish. Even my in-laws who never smile for the camera were caught grinning!" - Rebecca

"Gloria was excellent; we are very happy with the photos." - Mateas

"Gloria went beyond our expectations and provided a great experience. The pictures she took were exactly what we were looking for and the service she provided was fantastic." - Alex

"Gloria was amazing and put us all at ease. She even helped with some last-minute sightseeing directions." - Suzanne

"Gloria, our photographer, could not have been more warm, joyful and professional. She made us feel relaxed and at ease and we had so many laughs! It will be a happy memory forever." - SL

"Gloria was FANTASTIC. She has such a great personality. Walking with her for 30 minutes and having her take candid shots of us was so pleasant. I would have had dinner with her, she was so much fun! Would definitely use her again in the future if we are ever in Munich!" - Sarah 

"My daughter surprised us with a photo shoot for our 25th Anniversary when we visited her in Munich, Germany. We would have never had treated ourselves to this, but I can say we had so many laughs and it was romantic and a wonderful memory for years to come! Gloria was such a peach - warm, bubbly and so friendly. She put us both at ease right away, and was professional and creative. We loved it and can't thank her enough!!" - Susie

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