Forbes names Flytographer the #1 Gift for Travellers

Mayline in Mauritius for Flytographer

Forbes Magazine named Flytographer the #1 gift for travellers because our local photographers capture beautiful vacation memories around the world! We believe that the best holiday gift to give are life experiences, and our customers couldn't agree more. 


Gonçalo in Paris for Flytographer

"We returned to Paris after 42 years, to the place when we spent our honeymoon. This was a gift from our children and they never know what to get us for Christmas - and this was the perfect gift. What a surprise! We had no idea that this would be so fun. Gonçalo was wonderful! He was so patient as we are far from being professional models. Gonçalo was obviously much younger than us but he made us feel young again. It truly topped off our Paris trip!" - Ingrid


Ana Lúcia in Lisbon for Flytographer

"We were celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary, and I wanted to gift my husband with something special. After we decided to travel to Europe to celebrate, I knew the best gift: photos! We used Flytographer in three locations - Madrid, Lisbon and Rome. All three experiences were uniquely awesome. I felt sure the photos from our three Flytographer sessions would be permanent keepers (and they definitely are), but what I never expected was how much my husband and I would enjoy getting to know our photographers. We met three, in Madrid, Lisbon and Rome. They gave us great tips, shared lots of laughs, gave us rides to our next destination and even shared an evening of tapas with us. 'Blown away' is probably the best description of our experience. I can't sing the praises enough." - Kathryn & Scott  


Liz in Copenhagen for Flytographer

"I booked a session in Copenhagen as a Christmas present for my parents. It should be known that, while he loves quality time with the family, my dad does not love being photographed. Needless to say, he was not extremely excited about the ‘gift’ we had chosen to give him! My mom was thrilled; my dad was concerned. However, in the thirty minutes we spent with Liz, we laughed and enjoyed ourselves more than we could have imagined. It wasn't just a great souvenir, it was fun. Really fun. And at the end of the day, when we were sharing our daily ‘peaks and pits,’ my dad shocked us all by saying, ‘Flytographer was my peak.’" - Jessica 


Bayu and Ivony in Bali for Flytographer

"We received a Flytographer session as a wedding gift and it was a great idea. Going for the first time to Bali, travelling for the first time as husband and wife, we wanted beautiful pictures that could testify our happiness and our honeymoon. Our photographers were very nice, helped us relax and were great company. It was great fun, and our pictures are just amazing!" - Renata 


Ivo and Vanessa in Porto for Flytographer

"As a family travelling with two little ones for our 10th anniversary trip in Portugal, I can't express enough how lovely it was to book this session with Flytographer. Their service was unparalleled and our experience with Ivo & Vanessa in a downpour in Porto was funny and professional all at once. I pass this photo every day in my living room and count it as my favourite souvenir from this trip. And hey, mama's actually in the picture instead of behind her phone!” - Carlee


Roberta in Rome for Flytographer

"Our Flytographer shoot was the five kids' anniversary gift to my parents! We had an absolute blast shooting. These photos are a priceless memory. My dad has them all printed and framed. You certainly have a lifetime customer in me. Not only does this make the best gift, but also the best ‘treat yourself’ idea. I truly look forward to Flytographer shoots to not only capture the moments, but build a relationship with the photographer, all of whom have wonderful suggestions, tips and upbeat personalities." - Jenna


Naomi in Maui for Flytographer

"We were going on our honeymoon for two weeks in Maui and our Flytographer session was a beautiful gift from my sister and brother-in-law. This photo shoot was one of my favorite memories. We laughed and were on cloud nine the whole time. We felt so comfortable, we almost forgot the photographer was there! The experience was amazing and it topped the entire trip." - Kelsey


Mairéad in London for Flytographer

"My husband turned 60 this year and I wanted to make it a special birthday for him, so I gave him London and Paris. His children bought Flytographer to capture the moments. It was his first real vacation out of the country, and he absolutely loved his time in Europe. We had a great time and we won't ever forget it!" - Joan 


Cassie in San Francisco for Flytographer

"As a stage IV breast cancer survivor, our vacation was a gift from the Jack and Jill Foundation, helping parents with terminal cancer build memories with their children. We were treated like royalty in the city of San Francisco.  Our five-star hotel, executive level transportation, and all things touristy were topped off with a photo session arranged by Flytographer. What a great way to capture the love of our family and the joy this trip brought us." - Amy


Chelsea in Honolulu for Flytographer

"We received a Flytographer gift certificate for a 60-minute photo shoot during our honeymoon in Honolulu as a wedding gift from a friend (and fellow Flytographer photographer). We were so excited! Setting up the shoot details was quick and painless. We can be awkward at times, but our photographer made the entire shoot feel normal and natural - she really captured who we are as a couple. I would recommend Flytographer to anyone looking to capture special vacation moments. We're so happy to have such amazing pictures to remember our honeymoon by. We can't thank you enough!" - Kerry

"Our families bought a gift certificate for our parents for Christmas, and as a 'thank you' for our holiday. They took us all to Playa del Carmen, for 10 days, as our Christmas present. Mónica was wonderful with our large family with 5 young children! This was our third Flytographer shoot and it's a wonderful souvenir of our family holiday. We will definitely do it again!" - Steph

"I celebrated my birthday during my 3-month solo-backpacking trip, travelling 22 countries, so my family gifted me a Flytographer session to capture memories of my trip with me in front of the camera, not just behind it! I chose my final destination - Lisbon - for my photoshoot. My photographer was great! Very comfortable and fun. She had great ideas and knowledge of the city. She listened to my suggestions and we covered beautiful and colourful areas of the city, exactly what I had hoped for. She was not rushed and was passionate about her photography. Thank you!" - Rachael

Gonçalo in Paris for Flytographer

"We flew from New York to Paris the day after our wedding to celebrate our honeymoon. Our favourite moments were walking the streets of Paris, stepping into quaint cafés, shopping the local boutiques and taking in all of the beauty Paris has to offer. The beautiful photos captured by Flytographer allow us the gift of being able to unlock and reminisce about our 'Honeymoon in Paris' every day for the rest of our lives." - Taylor